The river of my youth

When I think back on my childhood, what comes to mind is a river, a wide and deep river that cascades from the mountains to the sea.I grew up along the bank of Tagoloan River in Misamis Oriental, northern Mindanao Philippines which is located beside the back of the Catholic Church many years ago....more

As Seen On TV!

I was just sitting here thinking about how, as depicted on the teevee, doctors and lawyers are always sleep deprived, food deprived, and having sex in closets and copy rooms. Um. Aren't these the people we're trusting with our very lives? Our children's lives? Our most private and confidential biznissss?...more

Summer Cruise Event #Giveaway

Mom ‘N Daughter Savings is so excited to be a part of the Summer Cruise Event #Giveaway!  Wouldn’t you just love to win a cruise? I think we all would!   ...more

KF7 Series Robot Vacuum – Giveaway!

KF7 Series Robot Vacuum – Giveaway! ...more

Bloggers Opp - Giveaway Promote Cash Giveaway (Sign ups open til 5/31)

Beat The Heat Cash Giveaway Event Registration Beat The Heat Cash GiveawayThis is a great Bloggers Opp!...more

#Giveaway Ease Your Pain With Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

#Giveaway Ease Your Pain With Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam SlippersThis giveaway is for a pair of Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers in your choice of color. ...more

Will Dropbox Amaze You? Easy tips on How to Dropbox

Oh my this cloud technology is Amazing! Here's a tool that will help us share files EASILY. Here's steps to help you learn How to Dropbox!

"The Tenderness of the Truth"

May 26, "Tenderness and the Truth", St. Bede Acts 16:11-15 John 15:26-16:4Tendernessw and severity unfold in Scripture and in our lives. To what will we testify?  When we face God of what will be sorry for?  The Scripture is full of violence and severity--ie Paul persecuting the Christians--and in his conversion--much tenderness. ...more

"The World Can't Wait. .

                                           THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT--CLOSE GUANTAMODorothy Day refused to vote and participate in what she called "a dirty rotten system," and I have now taken the same point of view.  Guantamo is an illustration of that "dirty rotten system".  ...more


May 23, "Girolamo Savonarola" "Not Another Day in Guantanamo" "Friendship"  John 15:12-17 'Put your life on the line for your friends." ...more