What Would You Do If You Had a Whole Day Alone?

What is your perfect day? I can think of a lot of “perfect” days that involve my husband and kids, but by myself? Not so much.  ...more

How To Convince Parents Their Kids Don't Need Formal Preschool Over In-Home Childcare

Childcare providers everywhere have the same issue nowadays: Losing kids over the age of two to a brick building. That’s all it is really, a difference in the building. ...more

10 Friend Drops You Need to Make in Your 30s

Friendship is a complicated human equation. It not only evolves with time, it also evolves with you. ...more

Want To Get Published? Don't Be Afraid To Pitch

If you want to write things somewhere other than your own blog, learning to pitch your ideas effectively is key.  ...more

Dear Pet Sitter: I Apologize in Advance for What I Am About to Ask You to Do

Dear "Pet Sitter": I apologize in advance for what you are about to have to do. Sorry, sorry, sorry! But you said “yes,” and now you’ll have to suffer . . . Public Domain Image via Pixabay The dogs need to go outside around 7 a.m. GO OUTSIDE WITH ...more

In Pursuit of the Perfect Vegan Backpack

“Maybe you’re trying too hard.”...more

Some Men Believe Their Kids Deserve More Than the Kids Of Working Moms

I worked for a man who talked a lot about how hard he had to work to make enough to keep his wife home with their daughters and how important that was to him. I took the job because it offered early morning hours (from 4 am – 12 pm) that allowed with me to be with my kids the majority of the day. After working for the man for more than six months, I put in a written request to leave early three days a year, so I could continue to be a room mother in my kids’ classrooms and volunteer at the Halloween, Holiday and Spring party each year. I was dismissed the next day without explanation....more

How to Survive Living With a Roommate for the First Time

For most of us, going off to college and living in a dorm room is the first time we have a roommate (at least one that isn’t a sibling). It’s a huge adjustment! It was an even bigger adjustment for me because I don’t have a sister, so I wasn’t used to living with another girl (besides my mom). All in all, I loved living in a dorm. I loved bonding with a roommate and having another freshman there who was also brand-new to college and nervous. I loved it even more my sophomore year when I chose my roommate and became really good friends....more

Buy versus Rent

Has anyone seen this awesome calculator from the NY Times that tells you whether its better (financially) to buy or rent? I love all the different variables it takes into consideration when making the determination! Check it out HERE ....more

A Snippet - Does Poor Service Deserve a Good Tip

Scarlet and i have eaten there before. ...more

A Lady in Waiting: My Constipated Life

I don’t mean to boast, but I am the most constipated person in America. I eat bran every morning, I drink prune juice by the gallon, and as I type these words, I have a suppository up my butt. And I still can’t poop to save my life.You may have seen me at the supermarket; I’m the tall, curvy brunette buying the head of lettuce, the giant-sized Metamucil, and several magazines....more

Bumpdate || Week 30

30w4d How far along: 30 weeks - time is flying by! I can't believe we have less than 10 weeks left until my due date!Due Date:...more

Geared Up

I was going to run this morning, woke up with a headache, and after 30 minutes of trying to fight it off, decided to blog about running instead.Hard as it may be to believe, I am still running! And more to the point, I still get regular questions about running gear. And since I'm a runner on even more of a budget than I used to be, I'm here to help with my suggestions for low-price running stuff ....more

How to Stain a Table in 5 steps

I teased you guys on Monday with our easy peasy DIY table redo. Well here it is...I am telling you, SO easy. Supplies: Stain (we used Rustoleum Wood Stain in driftwood) 4" and 2" brushes (we use Blue Hawk and always have good results) Sand paper...more


What if you thought about forgiveness as a way of creating a blank page on which God could paint your heart. That is the message behind this week's song of the week http://inspiritual.biz/inspiritual-song-of-the-week1/Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


How much do you want to enlarge your future? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

50% Off School Uniforms Today Only at Gymboree

Wow! School uniforms are 50% off today only at Gymboree online. And remember, everything (including Halloween items) at Gymbo is 40% off during their Labor Day sale, with clearance totaling up to 70% off ....more

Chocolate Cobbler

Years ago, and I do mean years... like Monroe living years, I made this yummy little cobbler and posted it to the blog....more