How Do You Get a Kid To Stop Kicking Your Seat?

I recently flew from Orlando to Chicago. I love traveling, and hopping on a flight doesn't phase me. I enjoy the time being disconnected and immersed in a good book. ...more

20 Fun Facts About Being 39

I am 39 years old. The big 40 is coming in April and I feel excited, nervous, proud, grateful, and again, nervous. I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do to celebrate the big day. Should I go to Vegas, Key West, Pentwater, Atlantic ...more

Do You Have a Starbucks Boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend. It’s just he doesn’t know we’re an item. Our relationship is special in that we only exist within the walls of Starbucks, where he works as a barista.  ...more

Costco Is a Sport. Are You Ready?

I love sports. I've been involved in them since I was very little. I played for fun, played for college, coached for fun, coached as a profession, but I'm here to talk about a different sport: Costco. ...more

My Unhealthy Relationship With the Crate & Barrel Catalog

Know what I dread, besides deadlines at work, paying rent, first dates, looking at myself naked in bright light and my birthday?Well, yes, come to think of it, all of those things … but what I really, really dread is Crate-&-Barrel-Catalog-In ...more

Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt

If you’re a woman (I’ll give you a minute to go check), you’ve probably been told to be nicer to yourself. Be more accepting of you, don’t beat yourself up. If you’re a man who is not Stuart Smalley, you never have these kinds of conversations, and you should probably consider yourself lucky....more
Being estimable - I love that! And a rudeness to servers is a good indication of someone's lack ...more

5 Gift Ideas for Your Picky Tween (That Aren't a Toy)

I have a ten-year-old, and man, tweens are the worst people to shop for. Are they too old for dolls and toys? Are they too young for technical gizmos and clothes? No kid wants to open a gift card. I've scoured the pitches, the Internet and the catalogs to find these five fun gift ideas for tween girls. ...more
femininecollective You're welcome.more

Who Did My Mother Think She Was? A Strong Woman

My mother used to embarrass me when she'd pick me up from school. I was in the second grade and at 3:30 every day, my heart would pound out of my chest because I knew she'd be walking across the playground any minute. She was impossible to miss, rocking a velvet black turban, golden earrings, her hair combed in two deliberate black swirls of curls plotted on her high cheekbones, and cinema-red lipstick blotted to matte on her lips. I just wanted her to look like the other mothers who stood together waiting for their kids....more
Thank you for sharing. That was beautiful.more

DaySpring Early Black Friday Specials

Markdown Specials set to go live this Monday, November 24th ...more

Being Josh's Mom

My 8 year old son died on July 7, after a 13 day battle with E. coli. This post is adapted from what I read at the celebration of life event we shared with family and friends....more

FitBit and MyFitnessPal

Kail got me a FitBit Flex...more

The Idea of Parent and Child Roles Changing is Affirming

I’m pleased to partner with...more

On being bigger than your body

I was just sitting on my couch, crying.My Tiny Human turns 4 years old tomorrow and her birthday party was today.When I was younger; before I was married or moved away from my home, I dreamed of what I would do with my soul. I always would imagine myself moving across the sea to a country that needed help; I would help raise baby apes, I would be the people on those YouTube videos hugging grateful lions. That is the kind of life I always imagined for myself as a child. I imagined a large life with a large expanse and a large feeling of constant validation....more

Preparing For The Holidays In My 90s Childhood vs What It's Like Now

The Christmas Lights.The 90s: Dad hung the lights while mom yelled at him from the ground while my brother and I gleefully ran around the roof occasionally slipping on a loose shingle or two, chasing each other with the staple gun. And more than likely we weren't wearing coats. We hated wearing coats.By the time the sun would set we'd all been outside untangling lights and trying to find the broken lights for nearly four hours so when my mom would yell at my dad to "Straighten the lights out! ...more

Changing not Exchanging

Dear Friends,What gift will we exchange this year?Give me the gift of your time, that's all I want. We don't need to talk about the crazy people you work with and what you'd really like to say to them or the latest buzz in the entertainment world. Let's talk about our friendship.Let's talk about what we'd like to bring into our lives in the coming months. We have all lost something this year, ...more

Day 23 NaBloPoMo; Fighting the Fear of the Unknown.

From another post you may know that these past two weeks I pretty much gave up being an avid Mac User.  I've been able to upload to CreateSpace by finding work-a-rounds so I can have page numbers in the outside corners and the Book Title in the header on the left page and chapter title on the right but most importantly I need margins so my words don't get caught in the gutter of book binding.  ...more

The 20-something's Guide to Maintaining a Vehicle

First off, let me say that I grew up around cars. My uncle is a mechanic who not only builds cars, but also paints them and finishes them off. My other uncle builds computers, so I'm fairly aware of electronics, and I've used about 4 cars since I was 14. Each one of them had their different quirks, like most cars do, and I'd like to share with you what I learned!...more

Join Me for 7 Days of #GratefulLove Tomorow!

happy sunday! i hope you are having a fabulous weekend! remember my how i ruined christmas once by rushing...more