6 Reasons I Want to Be a Massage Therapist

I don't know how others do it, but I can't imagine myself ever working in an office! Maybe it's my age.  ...more

Are You Organizing That Stuff or Just Hoarding It?

I've been buried in my basement for over a week now as part of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, and I still can't see the end in sight.  ...more

Things to Think About If Your Partner Doesn't Want Kids

When folks decide to remain childless, it seems they're open to criticism from everyone from internet trolls to the Pope himself. ...more

Tips I Picked Up From My Cleaning Lady

When I went through a long period of serious illness, we hired a cleaning lady. Some people feel guilty about hiring someone to clean for them, but not me. Cristina was heaven-sent, and I would hire her back in a heartbeat if we could afford it. ...more

I Guess I'm Getting Old

Last week I called a friend of mine and complained I couldn’t get warm. My personal internal thermostat was set on "freeze." Shivers were running through my body, even though I was wrapped in an afghan.“What’s your home thermostat set on?” he ...more

Why It's So Important to "Make Noise" About the Gender Wage Gap

"Make noise. Make people aware of the situation, and don't let up." ~ Theresa Sutton It's hard to talk about the gender wage gap. We might fear getting fired for bringing it up, whether to our managers or on social media. We might not even consider asking for more money, or we might not know how to start. ...more
humbledhome LisaStone divascancook TowandaL TheDoseTweets So happy to have been a part of ...more

POTUS Says Fighting for Family Issues Is Our Responsibility, Too. He's Right.

"Women's rights—whether that's equal pay, whatever the case might be—it's not just for women. When women benefit, everyone benefits." ~ Towanda Long, Queenocracy.com, waiting to participate in #ObamaTownHall...more
We have to continue to attend events like the Town Hall and continue telling our stories. We ...more

Day of Silence: What If Someone Had Stood Up for My Trans Daughter?

"Slurs," my husband told me angrily over the phone."They're commenting on her pictures with slurs."...more
Tracey B. Middle school is TOUGH! I completely agree. We were very fortunate that I work from ...more


Forget polar bears, high adventure, and extreme weather -- in Alaska you can watch ice!  Or at least watch it crack.  Or at least wait around, to watch it, get ready to crack.  Every year hoards of folk pay to guess the exact time and date the frozen Tanana River in Nenana, Alaska, will crack.  There is a clock connected by a cable to a tripod that is anchored in the ice.  When the river ice cracks, the tripod tips, pulls the cable, and stops the clock.  Wa-la!  We have a winner!...more

Until Death Do Us Part

Yesterday I was faced with another one of those big hurdles for us widowed folk – a wedding....more

"Madame Elisabeth of France" by Joseph Ducreux (1770)

Some thoughts from Anna Gibson: This portrait of a young Madame Elisabeth by Joseph Ducreux was painted in 1770, the same year that her new sister-in-law, Marie Antoinette, arrived from Vienna. Elisabeth would have been only 5 or 6 at the time of the sitting. Although like many painted children, her face seems more mature than her years, there is still an element of cherubic youthfulness to her face in this portrait ....more

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

Parisiennes do have a uniform. Look! And note the chic, low heel heights, please ....more

The Power of Checklists

From The Art of Manliness: When you hear the word “checklist” what probably comes to mind is your daily/weekly to-do list. With a to-do list you write out your more urgent tasks, and work your way through them. As you cross some things off, you add new tasks to the list.To-do lists are definitely awesome for getting things done, but there’s another kind of checklist as well – what I call the “routine checklist.” With a routine checklist, you write down all the steps/tasks needed to complete a certain project or process ....more

P is for Piano • #atozchallenge

My childhood past time of choice was ballet. I started lessons with Miss McAlpine at a studio above a Chinese Restaurant in New Plymouth...more

5 FREE Steals When Decorating On A Budget!

5 FREE Steals When Decorating On A Budget!Decorating can seriously burn a hole in your pockets – then before you know it you’re spending hundreds on items you could probably make yourself.  And if you don’t have time to make it yourself  than try being self-efficient in regards to resources around you.  All you have to do is shop your home! Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a hoarder or an Art major to major in frugal DIY. I found that in the process of me decorating, some of the things I would buy, I already have!...more