The Secret Message From a Stranger at the Philly Airport

I sat with a book to my nose waiting for my dog to arrive from California. My ex’s newly found bachelorhood could not accommodate the attention our Jack Russell required, and my new apartment did not allow pets. I was there to deliver her to her new ...more

What Is It With 'Ma'am'?

Why does being called "ma’am" rub some women the wrong way? Would they prefer “hey, bitch” or “sexy lady” or a loud catcall?  ...more

How Will I Know If I Should Have a Baby?

Sometimes I want a baby and sometimes I don't. ...more

If You Feel Envious, Remember This First

Envy is an ugly word. No one ever wants to admit they feel it. But sometimes it is irresistible, even if we don't talk about it to others. ...more

Why Is Losing a Pet Harder When You're an Adult?

I won't lie -- it's hard for me to find the right words to convey what it's like to lose a beloved pet. Whether you're a child or an adult, it's never easy. ...more

The Journey From "Just a Mother"

I couldn’t look at her. I saw a glimpse of us in her bedroom closet mirror and the image made me doubt everything I just said minutes before. She was crying those type of tears where she had to stop every few seconds and gasp for a deep breath. And I looked broken....more
Been there, felt that :-)more

10 Tested Tips for Time Management

As a mom of two active kids, wife of someone who owns his own business, published author, daughter, sister, aunt and traveling career women, time is at a premium for me, like I’d bet it is for you....more

The Five Best TV Shows of All Time

Like any American kid raised in the middle of last century, I spent a great many hours in front of the TV. I don't know how people such as Benjamin Franklin or Dolley Madison had any fun at all in their childhoods. What was better than ignoring a beautiful day to hunker in a dark TV room with old Bugs Bunny cartoons? Nothing, that's what....more
omg yes! I so wanted her life.more

When You Have a Mother...But you Don't Really

     I was talking to my uncle this week, and I realized something: I've lived longer without my mom in my life than I have with her in it. It was bizarre, yet comforting: if I could make it this long without the support of a mother, I can surely live this out the rest of my life if I have to.  You see, my mom's still alive, but I'm dead to her. Her and I no longer co-habitate the same plane of existence....more


I ran into author Robert Bidinotto while I was having lunch with some friends at a barbecue joint in St. Michaels, MD. We were talking about books and I asked if I could review one of his ....more

I Saw a Deep Sparkle | Sharing your Mindfulness Practice

I started meditating in January and felt the positive effects almost immediately. The moment I knew it was working was in my youngest daughter's room. I was watching her laugh and I saw a deep sparkle in her eye that I had never noticed before. I knew in that moment I was truly present. It brought tears to my eyes....more

still life

Day 26 of NaBloPoMo prompt uses the theme STILL LIFE. When you use your camera to shoot still life, it can include any inanimate, or nonliving object. Still life is one of my favorite subjects, but I also like shots that include a message, whether it is implied, or stated straight out and in your face ....more

Style Hunter: Chic Work and Laptop Bags

My previously coveted brand for laptop bags was always Acme Made because they had such pretty colours and fabrics but I went to their site […] ...more

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I know this isn’t a secret around here…..but I really try to cram a lot into each day. ...more

Silencing Ovid

From Stephanie Mann: Peggy Noonan, in The Wall Street Journal, has some questions and comments for students who are upset by certain aspects of the Western literary canon (Ovid's Metamorphoses in this case) and want works like the Metamorphoses silenced: Well, here are some questions and a few thoughts for all those who have been declaring at all the universities, and on social media, that their feelings have been hurt in the world and that the world had just better straighten up.Why are you so fixated on the idea of personal safety, by which you apparently mean not having uncomfortable or unhappy thoughts and feelings? Is there any chance this preoccupation is unworthy of you? Please say yes.There is no such thing as safety ....more

It Doesn’t All Come At Once

I’m not sure if I had confidence. I think I thought I was smart enough but I also felt knocked down a lot by the smarter people around me. I always felt like I was behind and I didn’t know enough ....more

the broken fundraiser

i'm just starting this to vent.No need to read unless you want to walk down a windy complicated, normal path with me.  Ive been wanting to write for a year, my thoughts that dont make it to a facebook post because im not out there enough, or want to be the oversharing sort-of-a-friend type, even though I am.  If you haven't figure this out yet, this blog is about me. Plain and simple. conceited, self centered, angry, scared, lonely, glad, honest, content, unsettled, happy, thankful, wanting, and-the-list-goes-on self.Not because Im interesting....more