10 Friend Drops You Need to Make in Your 30s

Friendship is a complicated human equation. It not only evolves with time, it also evolves with you. ...more

Want To Get Published? Don't Be Afraid To Pitch

If you want to write things somewhere other than your own blog, learning to pitch your ideas effectively is key.  ...more

Dear Pet Sitter: I Apologize in Advance for What I Am About to Ask You to Do

Dear "Pet Sitter": I apologize in advance for what you are about to have to do. Sorry, sorry, sorry! But you said “yes,” and now you’ll have to suffer . . . Public Domain Image via Pixabay The dogs need to go outside around 7 a.m. GO OUTSIDE WITH ...more

And For My Next Trick ... Work-Life Balance

It starts at 6 a.m. Every morning, no matter what time I went to sleep the night before, weekday or weekend, it begins. My brain starts up, my eyes pop open, and I'm awake. More than awake, I'm on. It's a persistent stream of ideas; To-Do lists; ...more

6 Lessons You Should Learn Before Starting College

With the back-to-school season in full swing, I wanted to take this time to share some advice with those heading off to college. I’ve only been out of college for two years, so it's still a time in my life I remember well. And I definitely recall ...more

I Was The Queen of Impractical Shoes

I think the general consensus is that teenage girls clomping along like camels in ridiculously high heels look more than a little absurd. They should probably be wearing sneakers, but high heels are a rite of passage—the mark of "growing up." These days the heels get skinnier and higher, and the dresses get shorter and tighter, as you progress from the one-inch heels on your first pair of "fancy shoes" into full-blown teenage fashion. Keeping everything inside the dress while trying not to twist an ankle becomes a tricky balancing act. ...more

11 Things Low-Maintenance Girls Will Understand

This post is for all the low-maintenance ladies, who’s with me?Low -maintenance girls are better. Full stop. We’re easier to handle, more fun and I'd say somewhat rare these days.A girly-girl is something I am definitely not. I actually suck at been a girl. My laziness gets the better of me. I love the idea of looking like a contoured Kardashian but then I remember how much more I love my bed, and it wins, every time....more

I Want To Get Married But He Doesn't

I'm in love with a man who doesn't want to marry me. He's a wonderful person and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He's dedicated to making our relationship work. But marriage? Not so much. ...more

Sanders vs. Trump

Yesterday I met a man who was a Donald Trump fan.I asked why.He said he likes the fact that Trump is a businessman.I said, Trump has bankrupted three companies yet managed to make millions for himself while destroying his employees’ pensions.He said that’s just because laws allow it. ...more

Links I Love V2.7

The Londoner (Link 7) Jesse Eisenberg experiences what it's like to be interviewed as a woman.Find out how much time you're actually spending when you binge watch on Netflix."Demand sexual and economic freedom, and the notion that motherhood should be entered into with the same forethought, the same liberty, that we value in all other pursuits." - My favorite line from this article.This article about trigger warnings is really fascinating.A fascinating interactive map looking at the connection between poverty and school district lines.I got another academic planner from May Designs this year, and it was a wonderful choice.Seriously craving this drink in our hot, and humid LA weather.Another...more

June anticipates her alone time

It's Sunday morning, although technically it's five to 12:00, so "morning" is pushing it. Ned warned me days ago that he is playing golf with his dad today, and that he'd have to be there by 12:30, and my first thought was, "Darn," but to tell you the truth then I kind of started looking forward to an afternoon to myself. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Ned and all ....more

Those Science Fiction Crazies

There has recently been a huge kerfuffle in the science fiction community regarding the Hugo Awards. You don't really need to know much about it and probably don't want to. Suffice it to say that two groups had it out over the past and future direction of science fiction and fantasy, and the meaning of the asterisk.The awards have now been given, but still the blogosphere is full of recriminations, sour grapes, and schadenfreude....more

What Not to Wear?

Packing clothes is the hardest part for me when we go camping. For men/boys, it's relatively easy because they think nothing of wearing the same pair of jeans for 5 days, they just switch it up by alternating between two different t-shirts, KWIM? But I like some variety and I try to plan for whatever Mother Nature throws at us....more

Gift-Giving: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

Giving gifts is an act fraught with significance and anxiety.(1) How much should I spend? Will the person re-gift this? How the hell do I wrap and ship a live goat?(2)Never fear. Here are some tips on what to do, what to avoid, and how to make sure your gift is really special.The Good. My husband, Dan, is the best gift-giver I know. His strategy is to follow me discreetly around a mall or exhibit hall, note what I ooh and ahh over, and sneak back to buy it.(3)...more

Extra 15% Off Site-Wide at Hanna Andersson Today Only

Take an extra 15% off everything at HannaAndersson.com today only. Use code WOWZA at checkout. Backpacks are already 50% off ....more

50% Off Learning Resources Science Bundle Today Only

This Learning Resources science bundle is 50% off today only at Kids Woot. It’s $24.99 and includes Learning Resources Primary Science Color Mixing Set Learning Resources Early Science Explorers Set – Magnifier and Tweezers Learning Resources My First Microscope $5 ships your entire Woot order. ...more

I'll Never Get Tired Of

I saw a post like this on Neely's blog and thought it would be nice to do some personal posts like this one. So here it goes. I'll never get tired of...Smelly dog kissesFalling asleep to a rainstormSunsets in St ....more

33% to 36% Off Graco Car Seats at Amazon [Deal of the Day]

Save 31% to to 36% on ten convertible, booster and all-in-one...more