How to Learn to Love This Stage of Your Life

I feel like I'm an expert at living on a student income. My husband has been in school for the majority of our married life, and for the past four years he attended dental school. ...more
love this.. what a beautiful message!!!more

How to Fix Your Inbox Without Just Deleting Your Email

Every year while I'm preparing for the holiday season, I subscribe to all the things. All the deal sites, all the coupon sites, all the newsletters (hoping for gift guides), all the daily deals. All of it. I want to be in the know....more
cdrdash I didn't realize you could color-code Gmail! You may have just opened up a whole new ...more

Surprising Statistics That Prove Family Leave Is Broken in the United States

Editor's note: On January 15, 2015, President Obama will call upon Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act of 2014. ...more
It's crazy that the US is the worst of all the developed countries when it comes to parental ...more

The Benefits of a Life Coach

What in the world is a life coach? Why would I hire a life coach? Would one really help?...more

5 Simple Techniques to Get Unstuck

It happens to each one of us at one time or another. We become stuck. We enter a state of lethargy. Whether it involves our work or our home life, there are just days (and unfortunately sometimes weeks and months) where we feel stuck. We don’t seem to have the energy to move forward. We feel the need to get things done but can’t find a grain of momentum to make it happen. After a while we know we have to do something, yet we sit on the couch like an immobile brick. Stuck....more

How To Leave In a Fiscally Responsible Manner

I am all about saving for a rainy day.  Too bad that rainstorm was the ending of my marriage.  I don't think anyone ever plans to leave a marriage when they tie the knot...more

The Constant vs. The Variable-- Which One Are You?

I have a weekly call with my grandparents who live down south. And, as always, my grandmother went on and on about how much she would love for my brother to call her. She told me how she prays and thinks of him often. She swooned about how she loves hearing his deep voice say, "Hi, Grand-MAW". She reminisced how my brother loved eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a child. Gag me with a jagged spork! As I hold the phone away from my ear, rolling my eyes, I can feel my blood boil up my back. ...more

When Your Heart's Spoken For

There’s nothing wrong with excitement. Nothing intrinsically bad about giddiness. Well, unless it’s six in the morning, and I haven’t had my tea yet. (Ahem, Dave.)That’s what passion does to us. It ignites. Inspires. Amps. And it should.But, like hope, passion usually consumes. It can’t help it. The investment requires our hearts, and the payoff spurs joy. But with that surrender comes the risk of disappointment and the risk of an equally consuming ache. It’s hard to give everything to something without that including expectations....more

Loving your neighbor..


Savoring Life

Too often, we get wrapped up in the minutiae of every day life.  There are a million little things every day that make life special. The other day, I woke up to a special gift.  As I started my day, I went to turn on my laptop.  Sitting on the keyboard was a bag of cotton candy.  I am a cotton candy addict!  The night before, my son had gone to the store and picked up a bag, just to put a smile on my face.  It worked! This is a little thing that, in reality, was a huge thing....more

Crave Life & Opportunity

Each year, I’ve been focusing in on one word to define the purpose and drive of the year.  A week into 2015 and I’ve finally settled on my word of the year:crave (verb) feel a powerful desireSeeing as this is the year of the #girlboss, it only makes sense that crave is my driving catalyst for all of the amazing plans I have professionally, blog, and lifestyle related. I crave to be successful, influential, an even better friend, achieve goals, and so much more!...more

My Things to Do List

 My friends make fun of me. My husband makes fun of me.Do you know why?Because I make a “Things To Do” list.ALL THE TIME....more

Self Care Saturday | A Space of Your Own

 Do you have a space of your own in your life?Creating a space that is strictly your own can be difficult. The reasons can be many and varied; you live in a small apartment, you've outgrown your house or simply you have too much stuff. Creating a space of your own signifies a place where you can take a deep breath, get away from the chaos of the day and simply feel comfortable....more