When You Go Back to Work After 12 Years at Home

It’s been 12 years since I have started a new job. I had forgotten how physically and emotionally draining the first few days, weeks and maybe even months can be....more

It's Okay If You Don't Want to Be a Parent

“This above all: to thine own self be true”. – William Shakespeare...more
AllAroundDogs  That is horrifying.  Patients need to go on to the next doctor until they find ...more

Can You Quit Your Job as Stuff Manager?

Dear Stuff,I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Stuff Manager for the Townes Household, effective April 15, 2015....more
Thank you giving words to the voices in my head!  I often tell people that if I had known it ...more

Standing naked, putting on armor...

This morning while sitting and reading my bible study (and enjoying the peace of the morning with my steaming mug of Heaven) I read something that spoke to my heart. You see I'm struggling right now....more

Turning It All Off

The other day while mindlessly perusing Facebook, I came across a picture on my timeline that said,“No cellphone, no Facebook, no computer access, no wifi for three months & you get $3 million. Could you do this?”I thought, “Heck YEAH I could do it for $3 million!” and promptly forgot about it. Actually, I guess I didn’t forget about it because it’s been percolating in the back of my mind for days now....more

Courting a family - The childcare interview

Interviews with new clients are nerve wracking. They make you feel like your house, your children, your pets and even your appearance are being judged. You spend hours cleaning and dusting and right before they walk in the door you are shoving the clutter into drawers and cabinets. God forbid a client ever wants to open the door to my pantry. That’s where pretty much everything gets shoved into right before a family shows up to meet. I rationalize it by saying I will take it all back out and put it away when they are gone....more

Have a Month Full of Mondays!

This past Sunday,  as I was mentally preparing for the week, I started to think about why Monday gets such a bad rap. While we celebrate and revel in the nearing of Friday, we move along with drudgery and sadness as we near Monday. In fact, when things go wrong we will blame it on the fact that it is Monday or say things like “This is my Monday”, or “I’m having a month full of Mondays.” Why is that?...more

From the outside ...

From the outside, it appears that I’ve done very little this morning (with the exception of break the microwave, wash three loads of laundry, make two pots of coffee, and eat a banana). But I did a lot of reading this morning, reading that broke my heart wide open....more

Books Will Survive...Again

True confession: in the debate over print books and electronic readers, I am as wishy-washy as an Oklahoma snowstorm. Head south instead of north? Turn to rain or sleet? Punctuate the skies with thunder snow?...more

The hurry-up generation

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Living With Purpose

  Series Introduction...more

Bloggers Don't Have to Pretend to Be Superwoman

This is a story about unfortunate choices made for unfortunate reasons. Both the choices and the reasons matter less than the forces that underlie them. A well-known book blogger took her site offline at the beginning of 2015 after a confrontation over reviews that she had plagiarized from other blogs and media websites. Nearly two months later, she published an apology and attempted to explain her actions. ...more
I read this as a cautionary tale.  I am a new blogger, and sometimes overwhelmed by the enormity ...more

Feeling Gratitude brings the elusive happiness that we all desire directly to us!

Feeling gratitude each and everyday for all that you have; sending that gratitude to everyone in your life is the easiest route to bring happiness into your life. Living with gratitude in this way is a learned habit that takes a little time and effort, but so worth the benefit to your well being. When gratitude radiates through your being-deep in your soul-life is pure bliss and happiness. Feeling gratitude banishes all those negative feelings that have lived for so long within you, creating havoc instead of peace. ...more