You Are Here... Not Later

I'm the best planner and forward thinking, event strategizing, to-do list writer you've ever met.  If you want something done in the future, I can make it happen for you; and I do this to a fault....more

March IS "Ask For What You Want" Month

It's a new month in a new year and I am excited to see what March is going to bring! For the past two months, I have been going through the ups and downs of my personal and professional life. I have finally sat down and asked myself "What Do I Really Want?" I had to really look within to see what are the things I have accomplished for January and February and celebrate those accomplishments. I realized that I was not possessing the attitude of gratitude because I didn't appreciate what I have accomplished and pushed myself more....more

Let Faith Lead The Way

Sometimes I think that having faith is almost too easy. I mean if we really trust God at his word, then that means everything is going to be fine no matter what. But what happens when things are not fine? In spite of our best laid plans, the things we desire and work hard for do not happen when or how we envisioned? Husbands and boos start acting crazy, that job we wanted gets passed on to someone else, that debt we have been working to payoff gets doubled by an unexpected expense, we've been living right and minding our own business but still can't catch a break...the list could go on....more

Homemade Chocolate Pudding (for lunch?) A very happy 24th birthday to me!!

Yesterday I turned 24! ...more
Happy birthday! I would like pudding for my birthday. I'm making a note of that for October. Hehmore

When the Fear of Rejection Becomes too Strong…Fight it with Care

It’s so easy to fall into the too-cool-for-school way of living life. And for many people, it’s more than just a teenage phase.In today’s episode of Soultiply TV, we are diving into the nitty-gritty of what it means to care, and how we can boost the amount of passion we feel in our own lives.WANT MORE?!...more

When You Go Back to Work After 12 Years at Home

It’s been 12 years since I have started a new job. I had forgotten how physically and emotionally draining the first few days, weeks and maybe even months can be....more

This is Why I Am Not a Runner

Throughout the course of this horrible, crappy, no good ordeal, I have been getting advice from people to “take care of myself”.I assume this means to get decent amounts of sleep, eat well, take time to de-stress and avoid smoking crack, popping pills, and eating too many cake balls.So, in an effort to “take care of myself”, I decided a good way to do so would be to stay (or in my case, get) active and relieve some of my stress using exercise....more

Donating Outside the Box

Confession. I'm 21 bags into the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge and all I've actually accomplished is the putting of the items in the bags and the moving of the items into my garage.  Okay, I've also found new homes for a number of items via a photo album on Facebook, which is functioning like one large, free, virtual garage sale. ...more

Success, Based on What or Whose Standards?

By the standards of the world, my profession, and my paying work, I would be the model example of failure in my career. I am not attending conferences, hobnobbing with fellow colleagues in the field, and I am not keeping up with current research and publishing.It is time to throw in the towel and call me done. Look up the word 'failure' (to do one's job well) in the dictionary, and my name and photograph will be found in the definition of the term....more

What’s the Plan, Stan? Or are you as woefully unprepared as I am?

Today I subbed in a 5th grade class. Not to be cheeky (OH MY GOODNESS… NEW WORD. I’m totally using that from now on. Seriously, how great is that word?), but they totally loved me. And when I say they “loved” me, I mean they LOOOOOOVED me. As in, “Ms. Evans! Why aren’t you going to be here tomorrow?! Why do we have a different sub tomorrow?! I hate that other sub! If you’re here today, why aren’t you here tomorrow?! UGH!” (Insert all types of adolescent angst here.) It would actually have earned them points if they hadn’t been such turkeys the rest of the day....more