10 Tips On How To Avoid The Christmas Hustle - Stress Free

"I hate Christmas!"  Those were the words spoken by a woman who was looking in the show cases in my store this week.  "Pardon me?""I hate Christmas -- well, not really.  I just hate all the stuff I am forced to do."I have not been able to shake that conversation from my psyche....more

Redux II - Piss and Whiz

   The Saga of Piss and Whiz continues, and I'm beginning to  have a profound revision of women's urinary problems. Until  now, the need for females to piss seemingly by the hour, was  simply a snickering joke, much like menopause was for so long (and still is.)I heard an ancedote recently whereby a female executive was forcefully and skillfully conducting a business meeting with eight or ten of her male collegues. She commanded the appropriate respect until she announced she had to use the bathroom.Then she was greeted by a chorus of spontanous laughter....more

This is all I know

The only way I know how to parent is to take the way I was 'raised' and do the extreme complete opposite. Take what advice I'm given bounce it around for a bit and then trash it. I was always told I didn't come with an instruction booklet, therefore, this justified any means with which I was parented.My cover photo on Facebook encapsulates the quote 'Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.'That's all anyone is ever doing anyway. Parenting and beyond....more

Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Blue Bird & Sunny Skies

         Photo: BlueBird by Cattips, Flickr Today, The Bay Area is getting a third round of rain storms. The water is much needed to quench the drought here. Amidst the steady rhythm of the chilled rain, and the occasional bird songs, I was so thankful to have had the chance to take some time out to reflect....more

One of the best life hacks-Admitting to Being Wrong

Spurred by a recent family drama, I'm forced to face a truth that is staring a relative in her face but as it goes, she is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge it. I'm determined to show them what I see. ...more

a journey of a 1,000 miles...

....begins with one step.  now if i can just move one foot forward........more

Find Contentment in Your Life

I love the cover of this issue of the New Yorker because it illustrates a powerful message about contentment. Doesn't the top picture make you feel more relaxed?...more

Don't Invite These Toxic People to Join You in 2015

Everyday, being a mother continues to make me feel more confident. So confident that I find it satisfying to speak my mind regarding the issues that bother me and erase each and every toxic person out of my life. Just like that. It's one issue my girlfriends with children don't know how to quite deal with: cutting all of the toxic people out of their lives. They fear that it will be interpreted as being rude. They say they don't want people to think they're being cruel and mindless....more
Alisha Mustafa Alisha, thank you so much for reading! I agree. It's quite hard to deal with the ...more

Starting Fresh

I can imagine one day walking into past offices that were there to help me. I can see the doctor or counselor open my file. Glancing at it I can see their mind race with thoughts and ideas of what makes up the idea of me. The labels - opinionated diagnoses - a file from here or there... what was said about and observed of me... never the whole me.I can imagine getting out of my seat picking up this file, out of their hands, and placing it into the garbage can. I can imagine starting over - starting fresh.Broken and still beautiful....more