Taking Back The Pride March

Lady Bunny once said: "I'm from New York City, where the Pride parade is often viewed as a marketing opportunity for Red Bull and Sprint, who hire straight bodybuilders to dance on their floats. The organizers, Heritage of Pride, have now copyrighted "NYC Pride" and every configuration of it and are suing local promoters who dare to mention Pride on their invites. Copyrighting Pride, which belongs to all of us?"...more

The World's Reaction When Queer White Moms Raise Adopted Black Kids

“Intersectionality” may be a new term, but it isn’t a new idea. It is the very thing Sojourner Truth was getting at in her “Aren’t I a Woman” speech in 1851. Black women in the United States have always known that “woman” was a complicated idea—their own “womanhood” often sacrificed to the “ideal” of white womanhood. ...more
rosemondpc If anything, their own identity questions just grow, don't they?more

Fancy and Handsome: What We're Wearing to #BlogHer15

"Put your tie on, Mommy! It's so handsome!" she yells from her room. Even though I just picked up, there are clothes all over the floor. Again. There are always clothes on the floor. Dresses, skirts that twirl, and there should be one pair of shorts in that pile somewhere, but we can never find that one approved pair of shorts. Her clothes don't look like mine. She's six. She's so fancy....more
Tell Fancy a Meemaw in Kansas hopes we run into each other. :-)more

When I was a Boy

In the 1960s my parents had little money but a sense of history and place, so day trips when they happened, usually included some nearby attraction that would be both inexpensive and educational. One such foray took us to Collingwood, home then of Blue Mountain Pottery and some decent ski hills. But this was late summer, and a free ride up the ski lifts to the mountaintop lead to a path in the woods where all kinds of local legends had been mounted diorama-style along the route....more

I am Cait

I am sure by now you have seen the new show, I am Cait.  It is emotional and stunning and full of hope.  The topic of gender transition is in the spotlight because of her celebrity.But what if the employee is an average Joe needing to become Jane (or vice versa), needing to live as their authentic self?  How does that translate in a work setting?  How can HR support these transitions?...more

The Social Castration of Black Men

I cannot tell you how tired I am of seeing videos, memes and pictures of black men dressed as or imitating black women. I don’t want to see another brother giving a makeup tutorial; I don’t care how good he contours.  And I don’t want to see another black man carrying a purse or twerking with 4 bundles of 24" brazilian hair draping down his back. It aint cute. But it is embarrassing and it hurts. You won’t catch me liking, sharing or even commenting on anything that displays black men imitating black women. I’m not about that life....more

Pity the Gays

Many Christians I know love gay people, but some of them often say things like “we should pity gay people” and “we should find ways to help them.”Despite the innocent intentions, these statements are very, very annoying and they show that many (straight) Christians simply do not understand even more harm they bring to the gay community. I will address both “pity” and “help” that many Christians offer to gay people below....more

That Girl

She stood about hip-deep in the lake, letting the waves nudge her from behind as she stared into a realm only she could see. Her knee-length red satin boy shorts clung uncomfortably and her black band t-shirt was almost too small for her rounded frame. Her chin-length hair half-curled, mostly in her face. Her two companions frolicked a few yards away, all gangly-limbed in first bikinis, curves just starting to appear , full of shrieks and giggles. She had her back to them, quietly lost in her own thoughts....more

Courage To Love

 For 6 years, I co-managed a GLBTQ Bookstore. A straight friend had stumbled into it, told me about it and suggested I check it out. I was fresh out of an 18 month course in massage and reflexology and looking for work while I built my practice. When I went to the address, it was closed. But I tacked my resume to the door in an envelope with a note that said " If you are ever hiring, I am exactly who you are looking for!" It was cheeky but I figured I had nothing to lose, and might at least get a laugh....more


There are lots of people in this world getting braver and healthier by risking authenticity. It's no small thing, and we each come to it in different ways at different junctions over the course of a lifetime. I hope. Heaven knows we are entitled to do so, but even that kind of sunshine can dawn slowly....more

The necklace

I had a pretty normal childhood. I was the kid that snuck around house to find where my mom had hidden all the birthday and Christmas presents....more

Why We Should Stop Focusing on "Gay Marriage"

The Supreme Court recently legalized same-sex marriage in every state and, as to be expected, celebrations broke out around the country marking the momentous occasion. Cheers, tears, and even jeers poured forth as people from all walks of life either heralded or condemned the decision to extend equal marriage rights and protections to same-sex couples. “Gay Marriage” blazed across the headlines and continues to be one of the most talked about issues in the media....more
I have been married once. That marriage lasted all of seven years simply because we married too ...more