Taking Back The Pride March

Lady Bunny once said: "I'm from New York City, where the Pride parade is often viewed as a marketing opportunity for Red Bull and Sprint, who hire straight bodybuilders to dance on their floats. The organizers, Heritage of Pride, have now copyrighted "NYC Pride" and every configuration of it and are suing local promoters who dare to mention Pride on their invites. Copyrighting Pride, which belongs to all of us?"...more

The World's Reaction When Queer White Moms Raise Adopted Black Kids

“Intersectionality” may be a new term, but it isn’t a new idea. It is the very thing Sojourner Truth was getting at in her “Aren’t I a Woman” speech in 1851. Black women in the United States have always known that “woman” was a complicated idea—their own “womanhood” often sacrificed to the “ideal” of white womanhood. ...more
rosemondpc If anything, their own identity questions just grow, don't they?more

Fancy and Handsome: What We're Wearing to #BlogHer15

"Put your tie on, Mommy! It's so handsome!" she yells from her room. Even though I just picked up, there are clothes all over the floor. Again. There are always clothes on the floor. Dresses, skirts that twirl, and there should be one pair of shorts in that pile somewhere, but we can never find that one approved pair of shorts. Her clothes don't look like mine. She's six. She's so fancy....more
Tell Fancy a Meemaw in Kansas hopes we run into each other. :-)more


There are lots of people in this world getting braver and healthier by risking authenticity. It's no small thing, and we each come to it in different ways at different junctions over the course of a lifetime. I hope. Heaven knows we are entitled to do so, but even that kind of sunshine can dawn slowly....more

The necklace

I had a pretty normal childhood. I was the kid that snuck around house to find where my mom had hidden all the birthday and Christmas presents....more

Why We Should Stop Focusing on "Gay Marriage"

The Supreme Court recently legalized same-sex marriage in every state and, as to be expected, celebrations broke out around the country marking the momentous occasion. Cheers, tears, and even jeers poured forth as people from all walks of life either heralded or condemned the decision to extend equal marriage rights and protections to same-sex couples. “Gay Marriage” blazed across the headlines and continues to be one of the most talked about issues in the media....more
I have been married once. That marriage lasted all of seven years simply because we married too ...more

Is Gay the New Straight?

Is Gay the new Straight? Most people have an idealized view of America, but there are so many different  aspects of our great nation, as well: racial conflict, civil rights, violence, poverty the list goes on. So when the ruling came that the 14th Amendment required states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states caused such controversy I was a little shocked. Should you not be able to marry whomever you love?...more

Same Sex Marriage........Maybe not for me....

OK, so unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard the news that the Supreme Court of the United States, (aka SCOTUS) has struck down the ban on same sex marriage, and it is now legal in every state in the United States to get married if you are a same sex couple.  Interestingly, according to CNN, the US is the 21st country to make marriage legal for ALL citizens.  The Netherlands was the first country to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage in 2001, when their Parliament voted 107-33 to eliminate discrimination from their marriage laws....more

An Open Letter to Haters

 Dear Hater, There is hope for you, but you must want it.The Internet has opened many doors for people around the world. We have been able to make friends with people we might have never met, jobs have been found, and even love has found its way to connect hearts together across great distances. But sadly, in spite of the wonderful things that have come from having this ability to speed around the world virtually and collect vast amounts of knowledge with a few clicks, hate and intolerance has also gone viral. ...more

Same Sex Marriage -Too Late For Some

A melancholy toast to the generations of gays and lesb...more

Marlene and me- What's my deal?

My name is my business, but for today's purpose, you can call me Marlene. I've used this name for various endeavors, mostly sexual in nature, for years. I chose it because I feel somehow kindred with the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, in that she unapologetically embraced her sexuality....more