I Thought My Sister's Death Was a Lie

This spring I dreamt that my sister Bobbie wasn't dead. She hadn't committed suicide after all. She was coming home. It was 1966 again and I was 10 years old. She was 21, just like before, and I sobbed for joy when she came to the door, in her familiar beatnik style, looking somewhat detached and cold, but there. After all, I never saw her body — they said it was too far gone for me to see — so her death really may have been a lie, camouflaged amidst my parents' many other deceits. ...more
I'm so sorry you had to lose your sister.  I hope that in writing this you have come to some ...more

I'd Have Hidden the Body For Her

I met Jo Foxworth on my first job interview after college, when I applied for a position as assistant to the president of a "vest-pocket" ad agency. That morning, I borrowed my cousin's skirt and shoes and took the Lexington Avenue train to midtown Manhattan. When I arrived, Ms. Foxworth’s assistant wondered why I was an hour early. Embarrassed, I went down the street, ordered a cappuccino and killed an hour. ...more

The Day My Daughter Found Out I Have a Dad

For as long as my children have lived, they’ve assumed that I have only one parent: a mom. I didn’t have a dad because I never talked about having a dad. I never talked about having a dad because, in my mind, I don’t have a dad. Or, I did have a dad, but he died in 2008, two years before my oldest was born. So, since he wasn’t living when we conceived my first daughter and he wasn’t living when she was born, he had no meaning, beyond DNA, to their lives. So I didn’t talk about him…ever. ...more

#HeatStrokeKills: Don’t leave your kids alone in cars.

July 31 is National Heat Stroke Prevention Day....more

Shopping for a Nursing Home? Shop for an urn on www.personalizedurns.com

www.sybilsage.comhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/sybil-adelman-sage/shopping-for-a-nursing-ho_b_5631453.html  ...more

How to Re-Write Yourself & Your Life

No more excuses…It’s time to Rewrite Yourself!...more

5 Reasons to Forgive Yourself TODAY

It’s hard to forgive others when you haven’t forgiven yourself. Perhaps it sounds foreign, but the root of forgiveness starts within, and once you learn to forgive yourself, forgiveness in general is much easier to implement. I have personally struggled with self forgiveness in the past, and here are my 5 reasons why you need to forgive yourself today:1. You are not perfect...more

What can we learn from an old window?

How many times did a mama look out this window, waiting for her boy to get back from war? She sees him walk down the dirt road to their hard scrabble farm, struggling to eek out a living on rapidly diminishing wheat prices and a season with too little rain. Did she eventually hang a gold star in the window? A yellow ribbon?...more

Either You Trust Him Or You Don't: Still Finding The New Normal

The weeping seems to be under control for the moment, but I can feel it lurking just under the surface, ready to smack me around if I don't keep vigilant. Actually, I have not wept since last Sunday, and that was because of communion. Communion makes me weep in gratitude for the sacrifice He made for me, so I can't blame loneliness for that....more

Life Flight with Harold the Helicopter

Life Flight with Harold the HelicopterWhoever saves one life, saves the world entire.  ~Thomas Keneally...more

The Next Great Adventure

My father passed away last week and we held his memorial service yesterday morning.  There was a time of open sharing and this is what I wanted to say but, at the time, I just couldn't get the words out.  Since I couldn't share it then, I'm sharing it now. I hope it is good for your spirit....more

Keeping a Pet's Presence Alive After the Animal is Gone

I’m not surprised to be reading that pets have become extremely important to young singles, who find that a dog or cat is less stressful than being with a lover (though in defense of humans, an animal, no matter how devoted, will never pick up the cleaning). There is now the phrase, “pets as partners,” which I guess should take the sting out of hearing a woman referred to as “a dog.” With U.S....more


I don't know what is the matter with me. Ever since I saw that picture, I have been a weeping machine. I wept on the way to get a mammogram. I wept while on hold. I wept on the way to work on crafts for the kids in Uganda to make next month. I wept while mixing two types of cat food so the kittens' tummies wouldn't be upset as I transition them to adult food. I wept during worship at church, and during the baptisms. It's ridiculous....more