10 Kinds of People Nobody Likes

As a general rule, I don't like to write about negative things.But sometimes rules were made to be broken. Everyone knows at least one of these people, yet no one likes any of them....more

3 New Panty Options for Your Visiting Aunt Flo

Menstruating ladies, gather around. Do you have special underwear for Aunt Flo?...more
Haha I am definitely in favor of old granny pannies for Aunt Flo. I just bought a ton of new ...more

How Do You Feel About the Dreaded Pop-In?

Just a few weeks ago, I received an unwelcome surprise: At my doorstep appeared the dreaded pop-in. ...more
mrs.uncouth Oh, man, I can relate to that...I had PPD and didn't even know it at the time.  I ...more

Dear My Daughter: I didn’t mean “Honey Boo Boo” when I called you Honey Boo Boo.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei’s personal blog, Moxie-Dude.comIf you know me in real life, you know that I don't watch much TV. If you don’t know me in real life, you know that the only TV I do watch is Criminal Minds. (Apparently I like to keep myself up at night with visions of serial killers hiding in my closet.)...more


Rena McDaniel...more



Home Alone... At Last!

They are GONEshe says as she gives a little happy dance, trying to contain her giddyness until the truck drives away......more

Proof that God Hates Single Women

(This post was originally published on the popular humor blog, "Tracy on the Rocks"http://tracyontherocks.com/proof-that-god-hates-single-women/ I just have to get this off my chest and I don’t even care if it makes me sound like a bitter single person-That’s because – I AM a bitter single person. Single people get SCREWED by society—All. The. Time .Oh you know it’s true so just shut up....more

A Humorous Look On How To Escape Reality

Spa Day.  A Day At The Spa.  Don't you love the way that sounds?  A few months ago I house, dog, cat and sheep sat (try to say that fast) for my daughter Rochelle and her family.  As a thank you, she gifted me with a day at the spa.  In that post, Can a Day at the Spa Remove the Smell of Sheep?   I shared this out-of-the-ordinary spa.  It is the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara, 25,000 squ...more


I have a boyfriend, it’s just he doesn’t know we’re an item.  Our relationship is special in that we only exist within the walls of Starbucks where he works as a barista.  ...more

Bizarre, Outrageous or Unusual Personal Injury Claims

We, of course, all hope that the law will be there to protect us in the times of need, and we hope that it will be firm, just and equal for everybody. However, from time to time, it happens that we hear about some quite unusual cases....more

Steph's House of Hoka Cutting: Come on Down, Clifton! (A Hoka Clifton Running Shoe Review)

Remember when I wrote this post? And I went on and on about how much I LOVE LOVE Hoka trail shoes and how I will never run in anything else? All that is still true but I am about to get a lot more specific. ...more

Don't Call me Darling After all...

You may remember a previous instalment of this wonderful blog wherein yours truly pondered the pet-name, 'darling'. In that post, I came to the conclusion that actually, it was kind of okay to be called darling by a young man with a beautiful accent when on a supermarket shopping trip. It turns out, that there are some very precise and exact conditions under which I am prepared to be refereed to in this way... ...more