Why Is My Creepy Neighbor Texting Me?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My family is on friendly terms with our next-door neighbors and has been for a few years. However, the husband of the family has recently started sending me texts. Nothing too weird, things like, "How is your day?" and "Love this weather!" but I find it really strange. I don't know if he's hitting on me or what. I feel like if I confront him on it, I might be really embarrassed when he says he's just friendly. However, I would like it to stop. Advice?Signed,Stop Texting Me...more
its weird..ignore the textsmore

The 'Christmas Jammies' Viral Video Family Is Back: Watch The Video!

Viral video sensations the Holderness family are back. Their "Christmas Jammies" video went viral in 2013 and currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube. Wait, what ... you haven't seen it? Watch! I'll wait. ...more

Predictions! 7 Food Trends That Will Be SO HOT in 2015

After reading all the reports predicting the food trends of 2015, I realized what the food world really needs: me. After all, I wrote two whole articles on food blogger trends that should die already. ...more
Dime Bagalongs, love it!! How about cocktails that incorporate cheese? Like cheddar infused ...more

Before I Had My Son He Was the Perfect Child

My son was a lot like the little boy from Jerry Maguire; he wore coke-bottle nerd-glasses, complete with an elastic strap to hold them onto his head. Although he was an introvert, he became a sagacious conversationalist in the presence of those who possessed the patience to wait for him to open up, which was like watching an evening primrose come into bloom: absolutely breath-taking....more

Top 5 reasons that I hate snow days.

Who doesn't love snow days?  As a kid you wait with bated breath..prayed under your covers.."Please God, please God, please God let there be no school".  You'd listen to the radio for school cancellations and when you heard your school's name you'd do a victory lap around the livingroom.  (No?  Just me again?)  BUT.  As an adult with kids?  Not so much.  Here are my top 5 reasons for hating snow days....more

MM - Bouncing back

Oh, how I’ve missed you. I didn’t realize how much until you came back in to my life this week, after years of not having any contact. Something in my heart told me I needed you, but I didn’t listen. Then I finally mustered up the motivation, and went searching for you. I couldn't believe how simple it was to find you. It was an easy decision to bring you home. Now I can’t imagine ever being without you again. You’ve healed pain I’d become so used to, I almost forgot it was there. I love spending these hours with you - yes, you pressure me, but I know it's for my own good....more

Who is REALLY Iron Man?

If you would’ve told me on Friday when I left work that I would have a 29 year old man and a 9 year old boy battling over who is going to be Iron Man, I would’ve thrown some mad side-eye. This was my reality on Saturday afternoon as David, my nephew, and I piled into the car heading to Fair Park for the Marvel Experience Tour....more

Clifford: The Big Red Kidnapping Van

All kids have to be embarrassed by their parents in some way, shape or form during their childhood. It’s a requirement and until it’s accomplished that child isn’t allowed to progress in life. For my family this was tricky because I genuinely like my mom and I don’t think she’s embarrassing so to properly child-shame me she had to dig deep.And oh did she ever accomplish it!...more

Cookie Hustle

Everything I ever needed to know about hustling, pimping and dealing I learned from the Girl Scouts.Now I was a Girl Scout for all of one year, mainly because I hate organized groups and I quit 90% of the things that I start. Also, I’m not a huge fan of peeing outside and the Girl Scouts just love to camp....more

Dear Guy Who Just Got On The Bus

Dear Guy who just got on the bus…I love you...more

I dodged a bullet on bulletproof coffee


What's Really Normal?

Dear OK Google

Dear OK Google,...more