10 Things You Shouldn't Say at the Thanksgiving Table, and What to Say Instead

Two topics seem to dominate the morning shows during Thanksgiving week: what is the most fattening thing on the table, and how to create the most decadent holiday menu. Is it just me, or does it seem counterproductive to dish on the heart-attack-inducing fat and calories in sausage stuffing while also talking about how to make the very best stuffing?...more
Very nice. One of the reasons I'm glad we live far away from all extended family. Of course, ...more

That Time I Started Playing Dungeons & Dragons for a Blog Post...

I recently went on a deep undercover writing assignment. My goal was to infiltrate a local Dungeons & Dragons group and make them believe I could be one of them, just for one night, so that I could write about the shenanigans that are role playing games. I wanted to try something new, and my boyfriend kept going on and on about Pathfinder (which is an off shoot of Dungeons & Dragons, basically) so I figured hey, I could go for 4 hours and give it a shot, blog about it, and then move on. That was six months ago. The reason I didn’t write the blog post was because I’m still playing it and you know what? It’s really cool. ...more
I am a Dungeon Master, we've been playing for a decade. I still play once a month. D&D 5 is far ...more

How to Write a Funny Post

Stuck on how to make your posts funnier? Here, let me help....more
When not trying, that is when my funny comes out. Funny thing......more

Episode 57: Oh No, Christmas Is Coming!

There’s only 4 weeks until ChristmasAnd I’ve not even started my shopNo presents, no food, and no booze yet I don’t even have any pop!The town is all lit up and sparklingSanta’s grotto has also arrivedThe shops are blaring out musicThe old Christmas favourites revived!...more

Don't worry, be hoppy

Nope, not a typo - I meant hoppy. I promise it will make sense when I'm done. What doesn't make sense (or does it? *grin*) is that I've noticed the blog entries I've written as my alter ego, Catherine Trevor (aka InternetG33k) have garnered more attention than my non-fiction stuff. For the moment, I will continue posting a few of my favorite G33k entries, then I will seriously consider resurrecting my fictional self for future installments.Don’t Worry, Be HoppyPosted by InternetGeek at October 7, 2005 06:16 PM...more

Rant: In the Pantry

Free, unsolicited advice to the makers of various foodstuffs:...more

Alarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Family traditions…everyone has them. Some are sweet and heart-warming - the kind that elicit an “AHHHHH” when you share with friends. And some are…well…just different. The kind you tell ONLY your closest friends in fear of being labeled as crazy or strange. Regardless of the nature of the tradition…it’s something your family holds dear. Ours is one of those DIFFERENT traditions. Prepare yourself…this could get messy! ...more

My First Thanksgiving Turkey Was Picture-Perfect

On Thanksgiving, my memory transports me to my childhood home and the aroma of roasting turkey, sage dressing, candied yams, pumpkin pies and yeast rolls; the busyness of my mother in a warm kitchen; the gathering of family members laughing and enjoying each other's company; and my father's visible delight with the entire event....more

Thanksgiving and Teens

Here's I sit, getting ready for Thanksgiving (and by "getting ready," I mean watching "Friends" on DVD, eating my 2nd Lunchable, and tweaking my blog), I am thinking about what I am thankful for this holiday season.  Some of the things aren't very traditional, but I am thankful for them, nonetheless: (for quick reference:)D - 17 yr old autistic sonC- 16 year old son (junior)A -15 yr old daughter (sophomore)J - 15 yr old daughter (freshman) ...more

Don't Be the Turkey on Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for my loving and generous family, and for my amazing, caring friends. I thank God for my health and for my home and for my jazzy little mini van. For some strange reason, I have been blessed beyond words and I am grateful.Now, with all that being said, let’s talk about the shit that we’re not going to mention on Thanksgiving....more

7 Sexy Songs For Gettin' It On

   Have you ever been doin' it, or trying to set the mood, and wished you had some delightful music to bone to? ...more

Bad Mothering 101: Situation normal

Situation normal. Within about ten minutes of their return from school today, both my kids had cracked the shits with me. One had stormed off muttering. The other was sitting at the dining table staring out the window munching on seventeen slices of sourdough toast and a jug of chicken soup.   Crime Number One...more

Hubby Humor-isms: Mossy Rock

Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at the colorful phrases my husband uses. Well, to be honest, I try to stifle my laughter to avoid encouraging him. Otherwise he would never stop...He thinks he's a comedian and often declares "I'm my own entertainment!" ...more