Three Things No One Tells You About Backyard Chickens

Seven months ago, we brought home a dozen adorable, fuzzy, sweet little chicks. I had dreams of going into the backyard and grabbing fresh eggs in the morning. I could watch the hens pecking around in the grass, and it'd be a lovely urban farm/backyard oasis right outside my home....more
This was such a fun post! I used to own chickens, but it was for a very brief time. It's cool to ...more

Why Do You Think Women Are Always Late?

Sorry to say, but men simply have no idea what we go through just to get to our car to head off to work in the morning. Therefore, I've compiled two comparative lists, enumerating what we as women need to do to face each morning, compared to the guys. Women 1. Awaken to sudden unexplained weight gain. 2. Notice that feet are somehow larger — do they swell overnight? Mental note to sleep suspended from heels. ...more
Wow, what an offensive stereotype. I've always been obsessively early to everything; it drives ...more

Pantry Labels For People Who Shun Printables (and Organization)

We are moving in a few months … yet again, and it has me wanting to organize and streamline everything in an effort to not have to move as much stuff....more

Mom Math | The Outnumbered Mother Amy Hunter on MomCave LIVE!

Meet  The Outnumbered Mother, Amy Hunter, on this week’s LIVE broadcast. We go live on Thursday 7/23 at 6:30pm EST and talk “mom math.” Don’t worry, there’s no actual math involved. Just a bunch of (probably drunk) moms joking about how they have more children than sense. Tweet us your questions and comments using #MRRMCTV. Our Twitter handles: @MomCaveTV and @OutNumbMother...more

Cooking Dinner Was Not In My Marriage Vows

My husband and I have been together 20 years now (married 19 years this summer). The other night I asked him how he knew I loved him. A simple question, right?His reply: “I know you love me because you make supper every night for our family, even though you hate it.”WORD....more
I dont hate cooking, I just cant come up with different ideas. we both work. and if he cant tell ...more

Faking Facebook–Moms on Social Media | MomCave LIVE w Northern Mommy

Moms on Social MediaAre you a Faeebook Faker? An Instagram Impostor? A Pinterest Pretender? We all do it. We post our most gorgeous, enviable moments to social media and sort of “leave out” the rest. ...more

Home Is Where The Roots Are

I’ve lived in five cities, three states, and at least 6 different apartments and two houses in the past eleven years.   It averages to 2.2 years per city, 3.6 years per state.  I realize it may not be that big of an oddity.  Military families move often, and some people move more regularly than Rihanna change hair styles.  Still, I’ve noticed eyebrows raise when I tell people I’m moving...again.  ...more

You took the spot, now stay in it.

In formation flying, there's an important skill called station keeping. This means staying in the correct position relative to other planes in the group. It's critical for safety as well as the symmetry of the formation....more

Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY FOUR

On the fourth day of Summer(mas), my middle schooler gave to me: four flaming worksheets containing words—————————I will not bitch about teachers....more

Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY ONE

On the first day of Summermas, my middle schooler gave to me: help at the library.-----------------------------------...more

5 Ways to trick your body into managing your insomnia

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.Last night as I was lying in bed, tossing and turning and trying not to pull a muscle, I got to thinking about the many ways I trick my body into falling asleep.Now before you go and accuse me of plotting against my own body, know that I’m of the quasi-belief that my body is my temple. (And by temple I mean well-loved shed.)...more

We Took Lawns Very Seriously Once Upon a Time

Everyone who lived on Hamilton Avenue had children, except for the Markowskis, our next-door neighbors, who owned a series of standard poodles instead, all with the name Claude.The Markowskis weren’t fond of kids playing on their lawn, which is to say the Markowskis weren’t exactly fond of kids. So since there were no fences in those days to show property lines, we just had to be light on our feet during games of Tag or Statue, and we got really good at giving the Markowski’s yard a generous berth, even when running at top speed....more

Does This Address Make My Butt Look Fat?

I moved to Los Angeles under duress.I had some misgivings about LA. For one, I’d thought it was practically mandatory that transplants drop 10 pounds — I worried that I’d need to present a Weight Watchers’ certificate and my out-of-state license to the DMV before they’d issue a valid California ID.But LA was the place to be for the work I wanted to do. My NYC friends recited the mantra, “You’ll love the weather — it’s fantastic!” And I thought, “Hmmph, damned by faint praise.” Plus I was pretty sure I’d have to invest in a lot of lululemon attire....more