How to Stop Sucking at Being a Host or Guest: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is here and for some reason, people choose this time of year to travel and visit... A lot. They bring their partners, kids, dogs, gluten-free/taste-free snacks and about 900 regurgitated political ideas they want to try out on family members they barely know.Image via Shutterstock...more

Giving Thanks for Spanxs

As most of you know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For those who did not know that, might I suggest a new calendar for Christmas this year? Every year around Thanksgiving I have a hard time deciding on a post. I am passenger #1 on the struggle bus here, folks. Do I post something sweet and meaningful that touches the hearts of the millions few that read this blog? Or do I come up with something short and somewhat slightly and/or entirely hilarious?  ...more
Cute post! Thanks for the giggle first thing this morning! Happy Thanksgiving!more

The Ugly Truth Behind Holiday Birthdays

We've all heard of the poor kids born on Christmas who've never gotten birthday gifts, but had to make do with socks and whatever else their parents could spare from the Christmas pile. I've always felt so sorry for those kids. They didn't get big parties and lots of birthday presents, instead they got to share their birthdays with the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus! ...more
Though my birthday isn't ON a holiday, it's two days after Halloween. This wasn't a problem (and ...more

How to Distract Your Father From Your Tattoo

I am not proud of this, but I did it.Yesterday, we were at breakfast - mom, daddy, voldemort, and I - as I laugh at a picture texted from my BFF, a picture of her father standing with a woman who is wearing nothing on her breasts except for paint on her nipples (they're in New Orleans, if that helps with context any), and my father, who I usually remember to wear my fitbit when I'm around, reached out and snags me by the wrist .My right wrist.Which has tattooed onto it in cursive, "all these stars.""What is this?" He says....more

A grateful heart: Nosy neighbors and night time walks

I made Mr. T pull over at the entrance to our neighborhood, hopping out into the balmy 37 degree night. Iwaddled walked toward the house as he tailed behind like a secret service detail, illuminating my puffy down jacket silhouette.We continued down the street for a minute until someone pulled up next to T. I heard loud male voices, and then the car circled around and T sped off toward home....more

wsw for serious, yet hilarious friendship

wswwoman seeking womanfor serious, yet hilarious friendshipage 29-45kids a must2 or more preferredrelative distance non-specific*...more

Black Friday matters...

In years past, I hustled to Walgreens on Thanksgiving morning with the sole purpose of buying a local newspaper -- for the ads. The news in the thicker-than-Sunday paper at the daily price was largely ignored, but inner advertisements, on their slick, shiny paper were carried here and there as children wrote their Christmas wishlists and I wrote my "to do" list, which usually included a few wishes of my own....more

traditionally untraditional. part two. OR why my son shouldn't be allowed to eat the rum cake.

The most bizarre of the traditionally untraditional had to be our dinner conversation. Did we share all the things for which we are thankful?  No. Did we discuss politics- Hillary, the Donald, immigration, or the economy?  Thank heavens, no. Was there mention of deflated footballs, California wildfires or Syrian refugees? A discussion of the year’s best books or most disappointing movies? No. No. No. No. No.  ...more

The Everyday Things We're REALLY Thankful For

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving in my house.  My refrigerator is still packed with leftovers (despite having turkey quiche, stuffing omelets, mashed potato pancakes and cranberry juice for breakfast)…and I’m catching up on all the good Facebook news.  As I read about all of the things that everyone is thankful for in their lives, I realize that…while I too am thankful for my family, friends, good health, job, etc., there are also a few things that I didn’t stop to mention.  And while you may find them a bit unorthodox…in the end perhaps you may find yourself adding to the ...more

Top Ten Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters

Jessica  Thanksgiving Day is here!The best meal of the year is TODAY! It's probably safe to assume that most of us look forward to this meal all year....more

Why are women still regarded as not being funny?

I still recall being horrifyingly disappointed during my undergraduate years when a very liberal and open minded male friend of mine said that female comedians weren’t funny. It seemed to me to be a preposterously outrageous thing to believe, and to publicly express. Luckily, most countries have gotten past the ridiculous idea that women are somehow less intelligent than men. However, it is still socially acceptable, and much more easily forgiven, to say that women aren’t funny. I suddenly found myself in a difficult position....more

Thoughts upon awakening Thanksgiving morn...

I awakened to the scale alerting me I'd gained 1.5 pounds since my last weigh-in 24 hours ago, and it's still before sunrise on Thanksgiving morning. No exercise this morning, just cook, cook, cook -- and overeat. Can't wait for tomorrow morning's verdict!...more

Best Book Gifts for Moms With a Bent Sense of Humor.

Fair Warning: This post is almost completely affiliate links. Not that anyone cares, but the feds say you have to announce that stuff, right? So there it is....more
marciasflawless , I was reading my husband excerpts from "Go the F**k to Sleep", and we were ...more