7 Forgotten Ways It Sucks to Be a Teenager

Two things happened recently that made me question my near-frequent outbursts of nostalgic longing for my youth: 1) I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror (which made me cringe) and 2) a pimply-faced "young adult" who's more than half my age gave me attitude. (Which also made me cringe; honestly, why?)...more
Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for taking the time to let me know. It means a lot to me :-)more

Great Advice My Friends Gave Me About Turning 60

As I approached a milestone birthday, I turned to my Facebook pals for counsel and support. "I’m about to turn 60," I posted. "Do you have any advice for me?" Did they ever! Within 24 hours, I'd received 80 responses. Some were serious and thoughtful, full of wisdom and maturity. Others? Not so much. ...more
Congratulations! I'll add this: exercise daily with less cardio and more weights. Go to bed at a ...more

How Your Blended Family Can Survive the Holidays

The holiday season is only weeks away! If you’re in a blended family, that fact could cause your eyes to twitch and your beleaguered intestines to threaten explosive diarrhea because you barely got over the stress from last year's drama. ...more
I love this article. It's an honest look at the holidays.more

When Wings Will not help you!

Wy Woods Harris...more

Christmas after the kids grow up...

I used to take the whole decorating for Christmas thing pretty seriously, especially when the kids were little. I wanted to re-create for them the magic of Christmas that I experienced when I was a girl....more

When Grief and Absence Decorate Your Holiday Table

 My mother made a Thanksgiving feast each year, with enough food to last us through FDR’s entire administration.  Despite the fact that it was always, always just the four of us, we dressed up and sat in the dining room.   We used antique napkin rings, fine china, and crystal glasses.   My parents and brother came to America from Switzerland, and then I was born.  We had no family nearby.  Despite the fact that I was the only American, my mom did Thanksgiving better than Martha Stewart on speed....more

Day 25 NaBloPoMo: Sleep Deprivation

I'm not sure if this is a smart thing.  I am going to post while sleep deprived.  It is a holiday week and as the snow falls, I'm actually caught up on everything two days before Thanksgiving.  ...more

Around and around we go...

We've just sent the last November issue of the paper to the press, and that leaves four more issues to produce this year. The next few weeks will be filled with shopping, giving, baking, decorating--all things American Christmas.  During the holiday season, I'll cover as many Christmas events as possible. January is time to haul ourselves back onto the wagon of self-restraint.  We'll work hard for a few weeks to set goals, to organize, to lose weight, or stop some bad habit....more

From 40 to 50 at the Speed of Life: Ten Lessons I Learned

Life is seldom fair or easy, but as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.Continue ReadingLiving the second half of life with purpose, passion and pizzazz!www.madgoddess.com...more

How Long Does It Take?

 A comment  on unpickled.wordpress.com yesterday from “BetterWithoutBinging” asked the question that sparked today’s post: “How long does it take to get used to a new identity of being the non-drinker?” How long does it take to get used to a new identity?...more

My Wake Up Call

 Hi Gang!...more

Happy Menopausal Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us....more

Why Truth in Advertising Is Not A “Whatever, Dude”.

Advertising: “Techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way.”Huh. ...more