7 Forgotten Ways It Sucks to Be a Teenager

Two things happened recently that made me question my near-frequent outbursts of nostalgic longing for my youth: 1) I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror (which made me cringe) and 2) a pimply-faced "young adult" who's more than half my age gave me attitude. (Which also made me cringe; honestly, why?)...more
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Great Advice My Friends Gave Me About Turning 60

As I approached a milestone birthday, I turned to my Facebook pals for counsel and support. "I’m about to turn 60," I posted. "Do you have any advice for me?" Did they ever! Within 24 hours, I'd received 80 responses. Some were serious and thoughtful, full of wisdom and maturity. Others? Not so much. ...more
Congratulations! I'll add this: exercise daily with less cardio and more weights. Go to bed at a ...more

How Your Blended Family Can Survive the Holidays

The holiday season is only weeks away! If you’re in a blended family, that fact could cause your eyes to twitch and your beleaguered intestines to threaten explosive diarrhea because you barely got over the stress from last year's drama. ...more
I love this article. It's an honest look at the holidays.more

Day 22 - Saturday Night Dance Party

 What would you tell your 20-something year old selfif you could go back in time..? I'd tell me to stay in shape so I could continued...more

The one where I get a sports car

Funny story that is, the one where I get a sports car, that hasn't happened yet!  I, in fact, am celebrating the one year anniversary of our new Sienna Minivan. Yep last November our family became the proud owners of "BatVan". (The name you ask, well I name my cars, I have had Joan Jetta and Santa Fe Rey!)...more

The Fruit of the Spirit and Late Sixties!

Wy Woods Harris It is Saturday Morning and I have been awake listening to Word and Songs online. I am convinced that I am changing into the person my mother was when she was 69 and counting. She seemed to never sleep at night but she loved to sleep during the day with the television blaring. So I find myself now using my tablet and YouTube to meet the minimun criteria for sleep. I decided that I would record "Change" this day in word and pictures . When I wake up , I journal some pleasant wellness  event or experience....more

I Like the Night Life

...no, I don't like to boogie.  Actually, yes I do.  I love to dance.  Granted, I dance as well as I sing, and know that I can't sing.  Like, at all.  So there you go.  I have always liked to dance....more

Is there an Elf on Your Shelf?

Across the country, schools and homes have elves on their shelves to prompt good behavior.The elves are watching, you see, to see if kids are behaving.  If not, the elves will report to Santa, which means some unfortunate little boys and girls might not get what they want for Christmas.Decades ago when I was a youngster, there was no elf on the shelf.Santa Claus himself was watching us, or the Big Man upstairs. Like the popular elf, they were liable to be anywhere and everywhere....more

Three Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Do you do a million different things knowing the whole time that if you don't concentrate on just one of them, you'll  never become the person you were meant to be?  Well, here's how to figure out what is your one thing now.Perhaps you paint, and you do it quite well thank you.  And you love, love love color, and you love the feeling you get when you have finished a drawing or a painting.  And you've spent hundreds of dollars on art supplies over the many art classes you've taken over the years.  There's only one problem  You don't actually love the act of drawing and painting itself, just everything else to do with it....more

The Best Kind of Before and After

 You know that photo? The one you kept because it’s a flattering shot, but you don’t really like looking at it because it also contains memories of hidden but unpleasant emotions? The one in which you’re smiling on the outside but crying on the inside? You know that photo, right? Go get it. (We’ll wait.)...more

Graduation Day… or, On Becoming a Lobster

Little Man, stepping off into a big, bright future.On June 7, 2014 my youngest child, Little Man, walked across the stage at a local college gymnasium and got h...more
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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

 I had a lot of concerns when I quit drinking, and one that loomed largest was falling asleep.My pattern was to go a hundred miles an hour all day, then skid into home and pour a (fishbowl-sized) glass of wine to relax, a second glass to unwind, one more to ensure a good rest.  Maybe another after that (plus the top-ups in between) because I really really needed to make sure I slept. After all, I had a million things to do the next day! How could I even consider removing that cog from the machine?...more

In the Blink of an Eye

This is a photo intensive post, so please follow the link to read. http://thiscaringheart.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/in-the-blink-of-an-eye/ This Caring Hearthttp://thiscaringheart.wordpress.com...more