This Is Not My Body

These aren’t my hips, breasts, calves, skin, or hair. The curves swallowing me whole, the sagging, the structure, and the shape, don’t belong only to me. They don’t tell my story....more
Love this...thanks for writing it!more

Single Men and Women CAN Be Friends!

I never dreamed that I, a woman, would be “best man” at a wedding, but when my friend Thomas asked me to take that role at his wedding some years ago, I was honored. I thought about wearing a tux, but in the end decided on a long, fitted black dress with silver earrings and a silver cuff bracelet. No need to downplay my femininity. I was crossing boundaries just by my very presence in the role. ...more

A Visit To a Cosmetic Dermatologist Convinced Me That I Like My 50-Something Face

I’ve had the same face for, oh, about 50 years and it suits me just fine. But, lately, it’s playing tricks on me. My jaw line is softening like ripe brie. There are new crevices on cheeks that were smooth yesterday. And where did those brown dots on my forehead come from? So, I did what most women my age do: I scheduled a consultation with a reputable cosmetic dermatologist. No harm in window shopping, right? ...more
Great post!  I'm with you - not interested in any surgery to make me "look" younger.  I am what ...more

Ready, Steady

When it comes to the firsts, I’ve never been the best mom. Adam’s first word escapes me, as do Nicholas’s and Erin’s.  I know it was ma-ma or da-da, or some other monosyllabic chant that we appropriated and celebrated as an intentional word. But the details? Buried somewhere in memory, along with countless other things I failed to note in the almost-empty baby books that sit on my closet shelf....more

Goodbye Siri

SadhviI thought Icould be strong and keep my silver Motorola phone with the flip top forever....more

Celebrate the Empty Nest and Empty Plate

 After decades of raising children and preparing them for the realities of the world, most middle-aged women are jubilant when their young adults are without a criminal record, gainfully employed, and off of the family nickel or teat. For us, the empty nest is a positive experience because our children are doing fine on their own.“My son got a job and has a new apartment!” Cheers and toasts....more

Why You Should or Shouldn't Date Out of Your Wheelhouse.

So…you’re messaging now and contemplating your first meet and greets. You’re apprehensive yet excited. You’ve got choices! Or do you? And is it quantity or quality, commonalities or differences that you should be going for?...more

No Really...How ARE You?

I had an interesting therapy appointment last week (of course, I find all of my therapy sessions interesting because my craziness always entertains me). I walked in feeling pretty damn good.  It was a beautiful day outside and I'd just finished a walk with my oldest daughter, around our little main street and to a local frozen yogurt place where we sat outside and looked at the butterflies.  It wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold, and so by the time I dropped her off at home and headed to my counselor's office...I really had no complaints. ...more

The Pause in Menopause: Shifting Priorities to Live with Purpose

As we enter the years of perimenopause and menopause, we're not only older; we're wiser, too. We must value ourselves and realize that we've got a lot to contribute to the communities we live in!...more

Breaking Up With My Best Friend

Three years ago I broke up with my best friend.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done - we've known each other for thirty five years.  I know it was the right decision, but there are many days when I still miss her....more
It's never easy breaking up with a friend, but it's amazing how you realize how toxic the ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Go Hang a Banana

The world is smoldering toward catastrophic self-destruction, so it’s only sensible that I take a brief moment of clarity to offer this lovely tidbit of advice before the final tragic calamity ignites the end of civilization. If you want to appreciate form and function, escape chaos and crisis, and experience inner peace, you should hang a banana....more

Sweatin' the small stuff.

Let's take a moment to talk about sweat.I know, ew. I've used Secret deodorant for many, many years - and recently I've discovered that it may be "Strong enough for a man", but it can't hold a candle to the stank that is menopause sweat. OMG. If there's one thing that mightily offends my scentsors, it's the stink of  BO.I mean, I like the smell of skin sometimes, especially a lover's special scent. But nasty pit-smell? NO THANK  YOU. ...more
Thank you for this post. I will be trying the Degree Clinical Strength.more

Diary of a tatted Mother

When I was sitting in tattoo salon almost 20 years ago, I never thought it would become the first of many times that I would visit ‘the chair’. I can even remember the smell that filled the air. It’s a familiar smell that anyone with a tattoo can relate to. I remember flipping through books, pictures and images of previously drawn characters that the artist had inked. I found what a perfect representation, of me was, at the time. Tweety Bird! But wait. It was my freshman year in college and I was such a fan of Warner Bros....more