Persistence Doesn't Have to Look Like Perfection

When I was in elementary school, as soon as something was boring, I'd stop. Just like that. Despite my teachers and my parents insisting that I was bright, I didn't believe them, because I always grew bored. I thought being bored meant being stupid, and because of that belief, I just stopped trying. I became a quitter. ...more
I totally agree with you about not quitting. Of course a novel after 15 years is better than no ...more

Online Dating: I'm Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

When I was growing up, whenever there was an obligatory occasion like a wedding or a bar mitzvah, we'd all pile into the car and my father, God rest his soul, would say, "Let's get this good time over with." I've thought of that before each of the gazillion dates I've been on since I divorced five years ago (and I use the word “dates” very loosely). It's exactly the way I feel about meeting and greeting my potential Prince Charmings. ...more
Having just reported yet another fake profile yesterday---I grow increasingly annoyed that I ...more

A Letter to My Mirror

I first saw you in the mirror. I wasn't planning to see my reflection, so when I looked, unfiltered truth stared back at me. And there you were, the portent of Age: my drooping jowls. I hated you. The second time I saw you, I was more prepared. I looked you square in the ... I looked at you. I said, “I accept you. I welcome you. You and I have much in common. You are not my enemy.” Image: FranUlloa...more

Mother – She Will Never Again

My mother passed away in 2004 and lately I’m thinking about her constantly. It is like I’ve suddenly, just now, realized that she isn’t coming back.She will never again snap at me for not brushing my hair before coming into the restaurant....more

I’m thinking that maybe we don’t pay enough attention to credence

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.If you’re reading this during working hours, it’s okay. I’ve thought of an excuse a good reason for you. It’s called research. We’re researching the impact of creeds and their effects on our daily lives. And since WORK plays a big part on our daily lives, this is important. I’m even thinking of applying for funds from a government agency and classifying this under R&D....more

You can Save Yourself from Drowning

“You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.” Edwin Louis ColeWhen someone is drowning, it’s incredibly risky for another person to attempt to rescue that person because they can easily get pulled under by the victim. In their panicked state, the victim may unintentionally pull the rescuer under the water trying to stay near the surface, placing both people at risk for drowning....more

Why Stay-at-Home Moms Need Retirement Plans

Being a stay home mom has some great rewards. Not only do you get to care for your children and family, but you also get to be a very active presence in their lives. Psychologically, it is an important part of the healthy growth of children. In the fast paced world where most parents lack quality time with family and especially children due to the constant requirement to be working or on some other errands can be a bit overbearing and sometimes too overwhelming. But that is a matter for another day....more

"Is this tampon a joke?"

My day began in the the arms of my amazing lover across the street in his saggy bed. My bed is too hard so we really can't win when it comes to the spending-the-night thing. But having two separate houses directly across the street from each other is still pretty much a dream. Until I miss him and then it isn't....more

Well of course it's true! I saw it online!

This morning, as I was drinking my lemon water (I read online that this is good for you), I started reading all kinds of neat new tricks for every ailment and flaw under the sun. As the last shot of lemon water sent a sour shiver down my spine, I reached for the coffee, and then started my routine of quenching my thirst for knowledge....more

10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Today I am 43 years young and all week I’ve been feeling so grateful…Grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.  Grateful for my health.  Grateful for my husband.  Grateful for my stepsons.  Grateful that I am happy.  This week I’ve been thinking about 10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self, if I had the chance....more

What's News?

BlogHer NaBloPoMo ~ March 2015...more

Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

mikefoster / Pixabay <...more

February... Made

February was good, yes?...more