3 Simple Tips for Better Pet Photography

For many of us, pets become much more than just pets. They are companions, exercise partners, therapists, fur babies, etc. There are those who just want to share pictures of their pets with their friends and family. For others, photographing their pets becomes a valuable source of income. Here are three simple tips to help you improve your pet photography. ...more

Who Needs a Dog? Get a Pet Dragon Instead!

A bearded dragon that is, and well truth is we have three dogs, but I digress. A year ago my parents decided to stop keeping fish in their 100 gallon fish tank and the lugged the dang thing to my house where it fits perfectly in my hallway. I didn’t want to fill it up with fish though; been there done that and was never very successful. We decided to make it a terrarium, and get a reptile. My kids' hearts were set on a chameleon, because who wouldn’t want a crazy reptile that changes color....more
I have a bearded dragon too.  Her name is Shirley and she's 5 months old.  I love her to ...more

How to Keep Pets Safe During Storms and Fireworks

There are only two things Fuzzy hates, thunderstorms and fireworks....more

Crush Your Child's Dream of Ever Owning a Dog (or Pony)! Proven Method

We love birthdays in our family. Or rather I love birthdays and have passed that trait onto to the boys – and my husband goes along for the ride. September starts our “birthday season” which ends in late January. As you can imagine, we are talking birthday wishes, birthday celebrations – all things “birthdays” these days....more

NYC Pet Portraits Giveaway – Oil Painting

These paintings are amazing! If you have a pet or know someone that does, you’ll want this!This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! ...more

I'm allergic to your family member, will you still be my friend?

I am allergic to a lot of other people's family members.  It is a hard thing to live with and I make accommodations in order to have a normal life.  These family members are cats.  I've never had a cat myself but many of my friends consider them part of their families.  Some people I know consider their pets their children.  There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that their children make my throat start to close up.  I get itchy eyes, stuffy and runny nose, asthma attacks, wheezing, coughing and other fun symptoms. ...more

Homemade Hummingbird Food

SourceToday I’m going to give you guys a little bit of a different recipe.I love Hummingbirds and keep a feeder in my back yard. One day I  ran out of hummingbird food and decided to make my own at home. Here’s the recipe I used....more

Breath: The Miracle Cue.

 It might be the word I say more often than any other during a lesson. I know it’s the cue that does the most good. It’s certainly the cue that’s the most natural:Breathe....more

Octobabies and Kittens!

So I've been thinking about getting a kitten--or having another baby (Stop! Don't yell at me!). But, I think a baby would be a bad call since I'm already, like, in full weeds mode and kinda postal by 4 p.m every day. (Also, I'm past the "advanced maternal age" definition, and as my friend said, "Am I okay having a kid with three arms?" Eight might be cool...Octobaby!)...more

The Power of X

Warning: Don’t read this if you don’t want to believe that animals have feelings, emotions, a sense of humor, and, scariest of all, souls. But doing the work that we do here on Locket’s Meadow, we have no choice but to know better. Without further ado, I will tell you the story of X....more

Even Pets Can Have Chores

No able-bodied human or animal would live in my house without contributing in some way to our householdOur pet guinea pig pushed his luck one day when I discovered why Guinea pigs are called PIGS. It is because they eat just like real pigs that’s why.I was losing patience with ours; every time I opened the fridge that little rodent would squeak like crazy, begging for another vegetable....more
I'm sorry to hear that your guinea pig was killed by a black bear. I heard a news that a pet ...more

*Needs Confident Rider*

 *Needs a confident rider*....more

Worst Moving Story Ever?

H and I have relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago and it went the opposite of smoothly.When good cats attackWe decided to fly instead of drive.  We thought it would be one day of stress and hassle versus three days.We thought wrong.It turned out to be three days of stress and hassle with a two night hospital stay, thanks to Magoo....more