Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! This day was essentially created in an effort to combat the bad PR black cats have endured (they have the lowest adoption rate and the highest rate of euthanasia at shelters). ...more
Me too, Denise! Our black cat (pictured above) is the first cat we've owned who is recently ...more

Dear Pet Sitter: I Apologize in Advance for What I Am About to Ask You to Do

Dear "Pet Sitter": I apologize in advance for what you are about to have to do. Sorry, sorry, sorry! But you said “yes,” and now you’ll have to suffer Public Domain Image via Pixabay The dogs need to go outside around 7 a.m. GO OUTSIDE WITH THEM AND KEEP YELLING AT GERTIE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT SHE’S UP TO or she WILL jump the fence! So will Ragano, but he’ll come back when you call him. ...more
I love this! It sounds like my instructions except I have to add an inhaler to one of the cats ...more

What to Do If Your Male Cat Needs Perineal Urethostomy (PU) Surgery

Well, a year and a half after I wrote Help, My Cat Can't Pee on BlogHer, my sweet little black cat, Kizzy, almost died again from a total urinary blockage. Thankfully, before he blocked completely, we'd already decided to take the rather dramatic step of perineal urethrostomy surgery....more
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Rita!  My cat, Theo, was just admitted tonight.  Had a blockage a ...more

A California girl goes Falconing with Bedouins

Of all my travels, this was the most foreign place I’d beenBy Chandi Wyanthttp://paradiseofexiles.com “We thought about asking you to wear an abaya and a niqab,” Ali says, turning to the back seat to glance at me. “Because you’re really not supposed to be in our car.”...more

All Dogs Fly...

All Dogs Fly…Posted on August 9, 2015 by...more

Happy Groans

I am continually fascinated by the numerous sounds which come out of Macie’s mouth. Sure she barks, but she also yawns, cries, groans, squeaks, sighs, and pants. Her bark can be soft or a bit firmer. A large and loud yawn frequently is uttered when I take her out of her crate in the morning or when I’ve been away from her for a while and she’s been sleeping in her crate....more

Loving Beginnings

An email came from the breeder, Cimarron Frontier Doodles, that two litters were arriving in April.  This was an unexpected surprise because only one litter was planned.  The breeder had hoped the artificial insemination of Pink Cricket (a.k.a Pinkie) would be successful, but she didn’t anticipate another of her female’s mini-goldendoodles, Wiggle, would naturally mate with the sire, Genghis.  I won’t go into any more detail than that but how exciting to have more puppies to choose from....more

Puppy Exploring and Adjusting

Macie's exploring in her first backyard.Since January, Macie had been a planned addition to our family when I bravely menti...more

An Old Dog

Tibby has been my pathetic companion for eleven and a half years. I met her when I was pregnant with Nora, having just moved to Virginia a few months before. I was working as an adoption counselor at the SPCA. She was so shy that her behavior couldn't even be evaluated. She was a pregnant, thin, sickly stray. She had an endearing habit of snarling submissively. She "smiled" when she was nervous, happy, or guilty....more

One Hundred in Sixteen

I’ve read several puppy socialization articles explaining it's imperative to expose your puppy to one hundred people by the time they are sixteen weeks old.  This could prove to be a challenge since puppies are unprotected until a week after their last set of shots.  Macie just had her last series of shots at 13 weeks old and by next week should be ready for exposure to dog parks and even more public places.  Of course, I am a determined puppy socializer, so I have followed the suggestions from experts and invited people to my home.  Through social media I posted mu...more

You're Either Very Smart . . . or Incredibly Stupid

 Fight, fight! It’s a slippery slope here on the mountain....more

Permission to NOT Ride.