What Was Really Happening With Those Azaleas

Six or seven months ago as I walked to my office one morning, I saw a man from the grounds crew chopping up azalea plants by the sidewalk. My first reaction was horror—those plants were perfectly healthy. While I stood there on the sidewalk with my mouth hanging open, the man turned to me and shrugged. He spread his arms out wide over the wreckage then shook his head with resigned disgust. ...more
TheBlackTortoise Thank you. I hope you see jewels everywhere you look.more

The Exercise That Opened My Eyes to White Privilege

I used to be what I would consider "white privilege neutral." I believed it existed, but I unknowingly had the wrong definition in my head. I thought that white privilege was class exclusive, and that it was really only financially pertinent. ...more
I really loved your post, thank you for being so honest and transparent in talking about this ...more

Same-Sex Marriage: Why Everybody's Right ... and Wrong

Lines have been drawn, the symbolic moral high road taken, and the demands for social acceptance...um... demanded in the latest showdown between Christians and homosexuals in the War on Marriage/ Battle for Marriage Equality. (It all depends on which side of the fence you're on. But everyone seems to agree that they are engaged in combat of some sort.)...more
janespringfield Good point.  And "Dresses for Jesus" is kind of catchy.  And I would definitely ...more

Breaking Free

As I prepare for my lesson on honesty this coming Sunday I keep running into conundrums on how to really explain what it means to be honest.  I mean, it seems like a very simple concept.  But in our world saturated with political correctness I feel that I am in a sort of prison even in defining what is "honesty."  If I say to be honest is to always speak truthfully then I run into the problem of truthful things aren't always nice to say nor do they always make people feel better after you say them, whether you yell it or say it calmly....more

Week 2: It's All About Breakfast!

Chaos Breeds Chaos!  Balance Breeds Peace!The above quote is a common theme in my book the Body Within. In order to create peace in your life you need to create balance in yourself.Hopefully you are sleeping a better after the week one challenge, now its time to wake up and fuel our bodies for the day ahead....more

Taking A Longer View

Okay, so my cousin came and was with me for a few days, and I have passed the hurdle that was my husband's birthday. Among other things, on the day itself we were going to visit an ice creamery and then go to a snooty dinner, but she was not feeling well so we ended up doing a little shopping and having a quiet dinner at home. We went out to dinner the next night, and altogether the visit was a success. I didn't cry (much) and I feel as if this trip coming up will actually be do-able....more

The Greenwich Witch Bottle: self-help seventeenth-century-style

The Greenwich Witch BottleA spiritual self-help remedy dating from around 1650 in the form of an intact witch bottle was found during a recent excavation at Church Street, Greenwich. Amazingly both the bottle and its contents were intact. Intended to deflect evil from its owner, it had been personalised in such a way as to give a more intimate picture of its owner and her life in London all those centuries ago than she could ever have imagined. Read all about the bottle and its hidden secrets.  ...more

Get Inspired

Do you ever get inspired by people?  I do.  I gather these little gifts of inspiration that are passed to me all of the time.  I hold them in my heart.  The inspiration feels like it was made for me and travels into my heart like it has a key to the chest holding my dearest treasures. ...more

Choose To Be Healed. Choose To Be Happy. Wait on God. Your Breakthrough is Coming!

Good morning! Cancel every assignment. Let victory in our voices be heard. Tell every manner of sickness and disease by his stripes we’re healed. Rejoice!...more

Yes we all have choices! Don't give up that power!

How many times have you said or you heard someone else say, I had no choice. I didn't want to do blank but there was nothing I could do about it. That is not the truth, in life we all have choices, the problem arises when we don't like the choices that we have so be decide to be passive aggressive defaulting to doing nothing which is based on fear.  Letting go of fear frees us to see all our choices allowing us to make the best choice at that time for us. Yes for us. Remember only you can decide what is best for you, don't give away your power of choice to anyone else....more