6 Questions Not to Ask During Ramadan... and How Muslim Sisters Can Answer Them

There is nothing as fun as your non-Muslim friends asking you the silliest questions ever while you try to keep your mind off of savory, mouth-watering samosas that await you at Iftari (the evening meal that breaks the fast). You have to keep your patience, no one likes a grump, and you want to set a good example. Doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun right?...more

A Church’s Refusal to Name Racism Gives White Supremacy a Seat in God’s House

The Sunday after the Charleston Massacre, churches all over the country prayed for the victims and their families. Taking their cue from the Emmanuel AME Church itself, pastors, reverends, and deacons encouraged their congregations to seek solace in God’s embrace. In addition, they implored their flock to show compassion and forgiveness. Their message encouraged togetherness in the face of forces meant to divide....more
KeepingItReal You are very right. But even more than unity, we have to address the real ...more

Darkness, Depression and All the Other Things Christians Hate to Talk About

Disclaimer: This is a post that could be triggering to those with depression - though I hope the only thing it triggers is healing <3...more

My Mother in the Mirror: A Legacy of Depression

I remember standing outside my mother’s walk-in closet, listening to her sob for what felt like an eternity, on multiple occasions during elementary school.Pain and tears were something she taught me, quite literally, to hide behind closed doors....more

Giving the Gift of a Good Death to a Good Friend

Today I had the honor to stand by the deathbed of a dear and loyal friend.  Today I had the privilege of being with him to ease him out of this life.  And today I also had the responsibility of deciding that it was time for that life to end.Today we put our dog to sleep....more

It’s Sharing Time!!

“Saw a little girl touch a big bug and shout, "I conquered my fear! YES!" and calmly walk away. I was inspired.”  -- Nathan FillionWhat fear are you willing to conquer? ...more


What kind of life are you spelling for yourself? Mediocre or Accomplished? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Feeling Defeated? Remember Who You Are

 Tell yourself a life story in which you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver rather than a helpless victim. – Martha Beck I had been betrayed by a colleague.  I told him in confidence that I was looking for another job.  He turned around and told my boss.  ...more


Do you want to experience serenity? Stay en theos -- enthusiastic.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Tick TOCK goes the CLOCK

 I have an amazing life. It’s been a journey and it’s been emotional BUT in the end, I can die tomorrow with the knowledge that this life was an amazing Ride. So, now you know I am cool with being Unplugged....more

Focusing on your intentions to live your best life!

Focusing all you attention on you leads to acceptance of the present moment. No longer do you need to or want to compare with anyone around you. You know that in order to live your best you are all that is important. You don't harbor resentment, judgement, attachment to anything. You are free to be the best that you can be. ...more

Transformative Book

His Masterpiece: Prisoner-Turned-Pastor Releases Transformative Book, Empowering Christians to Find ‘Greatness Within’....more