In Honor of Rest: Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone.” – Lin Yutang...more
Jenny Kanevsky  Yo, Jenny!  You bring up a good point about kids being overscheduled, too.  It ...more

Apparently Freedom of Religion Does Not Apply to Second Graders

Barely into this school year and my daughter has already had another layer of innocence scrubbed away. I worry she has donned a layer of protection in its place. Vulnerability leads to some of the greatest gifts of human existence, but it is not always rewarded thusly. ...more
I'd like to offer a little of a different perspective on this if I may. My daughter is six years ...more

Blogger Anna Whiston-Donaldson Turns Grief for Her Son Into Humble Magic

Writer, blogger and mother Anna Whiston-Donaldson—whom I first knew as Anna See, from her blog An Inch of Gray—landed herself the kind of internet fame we've all come to fear. She lost her son, Jack, when he was just 12 years old, in 2011. ...more
I love this review! Anna and her writing - truly treasures.more

Relax feel free live your best life!

Relaxing, feeling easy, not stressing, just letting everything from the universe unfold, being passive has always been an alien thought in our western society. We need to push forward, take charge, control every situation to be successful, or so we have been taught. All that living stressed with negativity, like a tight rope, does is block positive energy that is the power from within, all that is needed to achieve the best life. By releasing stress through relaxing, not needing the negative energy, stress, to live your life, you can be free to be you, the best you....more

When You Tell Yourself You Are Ok And Realize You Are Not

When you are 5, and your world falls apart, your heart learns to protect itself. When your only sense of security shatters, you learn to calm the panic rising into your throat. When the hurt in the frailest parts of your soul scream in agony, you force it to stay inside. You tell yourself it doesn’t matter anyway. You are fine. You are strong. You can manage....more

Brittany Maynard's Right to Die: Is It a Sin?

I can never forget that time in college I had to write about euthanasia. What is euthanasia? The act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering ( As I was doing my research, something about euthanasia didn’t feel right....more
My mom died of Glioblastoma less than a year ago. I am still tormented daily of how sad a death ...more

Had It Not Been for the Lord on My Side, I Don’t Know Where I Would Be

God I thank you for who I am and who I used to be, because had it not been for who I was, I wouldn’t be who I am today to walk in my destiny. Thank you Jesus!...more

Saint Teresa of Avila: Funny, Smart, Holy

I love St. Teresa of Ávila  because she is strong, witty and funny. Although she is a doctor of the Church and one of the three great 16th century Spanish mystics, she is down to earth and out spoken.A few words of wisdom from this smart, witty, holy woman:For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God....more

The Atlanta Ghost Hunters - Part 1


God has a Secret. Do you want in?

The other day driving my daughter home from school, I see a new anonymous face holding a sign on the street asking for money. After wondering for a moment about what happened to the previous man, I began to judge him.Is he really deserving of my $1.00?...more