The Journey From "Just a Mother"

I couldn’t look at her. I saw a glimpse of us in her bedroom closet mirror and the image made me doubt everything I just said minutes before. She was crying those type of tears where she had to stop every few seconds and gasp for a deep breath. And I looked broken....more
dusty_parachute Thank you. It was such an adventure!!more

The Lord Looks at the Heart: When My Son Became My Daughter

I am the mom of the little girl called A.J., who was recently profiled in the Kansas City Star. As surprised as I was to find my family in the paper, I am also incredibly proud. ...more
A beautiful story.more

The Secret Message From a Stranger at the Philly Airport

I sat with a book to my nose waiting for my dog to arrive from California. My ex’s newly found bachelorhood could not accommodate the attention our Jack Russell required, and my new apartment did not allow pets. I was there to deliver her to her new forever human … the woman who would’ve been my mother-in-law.You were waiting for your wife and who I assume was your mother-in-law. We smiled at each other, and I couldn’t help but adore your two daughters playing at your feet....more

WW - Full moon in June

As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to photograph the full moon each month. I'll update this post next week with a picture (if I'm lucky enough to get one - so far this year, the weather gods have been kind). In the meantime, the full moon from April 4, 2015 is serving as the backdrop for this graphic. ~Traci...more


May we be intentional each day about fostering the connections with those we love. Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


My life is filled with files, folders, small scraps of paper, bits of wisdom, ideas, bookmarked links, books and charts all having something to do with either The Goddess or the moon.  Equally obsessed with both, my interest in the ways of the moon began once I understood that I am just as she is; cyclical and ever changing. While the sun and his radiant, life-giving essence belong to everyone, the moon and her deep, inner cycles belong exclusively, deliciously and mysteriously to women. Why is this?...more

I Saw a Deep Sparkle | Sharing your Mindfulness Practice

I started meditating in January and felt the positive effects almost immediately. The moment I knew it was working was in my youngest daughter's room. I was watching her laugh and I saw a deep sparkle in her eye that I had never noticed before. I knew in that moment I was truly present. It brought tears to my eyes....more

the broken fundraiser

i'm just starting this to vent.No need to read unless you want to walk down a windy complicated, normal path with me.  Ive been wanting to write for a year, my thoughts that dont make it to a facebook post because im not out there enough, or want to be the oversharing sort-of-a-friend type, even though I am.  If you haven't figure this out yet, this blog is about me. Plain and simple. conceited, self centered, angry, scared, lonely, glad, honest, content, unsettled, happy, thankful, wanting, and-the-list-goes-on self.Not because Im interesting....more

To My Sister: There is enough grace for this...

Knees knocking, and voice cracking, it was a humbling opportunity to share some thoughts at my nephew's funeral....  ...more

Freedom in Surrender

“I couldn’t fight the tide, so I decided to float along.” – David Levithan...more

Why You Won't Be Happy When...

If you and I were having a conversation about life and all that comes with it and I asked you, “Are you happy?” What would your response be?Will it be a resounding “Yes”?Or will the answer be “I’ll be happy when…”The infamous lie of “I’ll be happy when…” is a trap that intertwines and deceives us to believe that we will finally obtain that happiness that we’ve been looking for when that something we’ve been desiring finally happens....more

I Know it Too ... A Poem

There’s a place between sanity and fear that exists only to taunt me.It brings me to my knees and asks me the questions I don’t have answers to.My pride is standing, trying not to flee, but it’s failing in the end. A mess of a person in it’s wake....more

Borrowed Time

A friend’s husband suddenly passed away yesterday.My hearts hurts for her loss.Life is short – a cliché but real and true.You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What is life? You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears. James 4:14 GW...more