5 Things You Learn as a Solo Female Traveler

I travel. I travel a LOT. Travel has always been a huge priority in my life, even when I couldn't afford a plane ticket. It is something I hope to continue until I'm no longer physically able to board a plane. Public Domain Image via Pixabay When I think of all my travels, one thing sticks out: I'm almost always alone....more
ragazzadevino It sounds like you've hit the perfect balance of solo and group travel!   I might ...more

12 Tips For Surviving the Airport With Small Kids

Here’s the first video in my series on traveling with small kids! (Can't watch right now? No problem! Scroll down and you'll find a little rundown of what's on the video) ...more
Thanks so much mymommyflies!  It took us a while to learn the ins and outs of travelling with ...more

How To Use Disney's FastPass+ To Have The Best Trip Ever!

Growing up, I remember each and every one of our few visits to amusement parks. ...more
Disagree. Everything is a Fast pass.more

More Weird Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Bella Vida by LettyThis post is even funnier than the last one. More weird travel accessories you didn't know you needed.  ...more

How great are packing cubes? Let me tell ya!

To pack it or not pack it..That is the question.  I started with this thought ten months before I even left. From all the reading, the YouTubing, and Pinning I've  been through in the last few months, I think I've learned you only need the absolute necessary things in your carry on to enjoy your travels. Less is more in this instance. How many pair of shoes can you wear? How many times can you wear a pair of jeans without washing?...more

How to be Safe While Travelling to the World’s Nook and Corner

What is it like to travel to every corner of the Earth? The very thought of travelling the world would make you go mad with excitement. But there are few people around who may not dare to go to adventurous places. They think it is unsafe or it could get them into trouble.Well, that isn’t true. After all, the world isn’t such an unsafe place to live in. All you need to do is get your preparations right, do your homework and start moving only when you are absolutely ready.Here are some great recommendations before you travel far and wide....more

No you can't.

This is a glimpse of the struggles I faced while teaching in the post-Soviet Republic of Georgia. Caught between culture barrier and fierce patriarchy, the simplest things could become great challenges. For more, visit my blog at unsettledvoyage.blogspot.com.Tuesday, May 17th, 3:30pm ...more

5 Must-Have Beach Items for Kids and Families

As the temperature keeps on rising, more and more families will be heading to the beaches of the US, and the world! Some of the best times had as a family are spent at the beach, but major nightmares are also quite common, if unprepared for what the beach can bring your way. Pack your car up with these 5 pieces of beach gear to ensure your day is full of sun and sand, not headaches! Just Bones Board Shorts...more

The best part of vacationing without the kids

You know what the best part of going on a mini-vacation with your spouse is? And by mini, I’m talkin’ a few days away from the home front … without the offspring....more

Photo: Surreal

Another photo from my France travels, this one from the Metro in Paris.What surreal things have you seen on the subway or public transit? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula ...more

10 Satisfying Paleo Travel Snacks

It can be pretty difficult to stay healthy on the road, especially when trying to make good choices when there are a limited number of available healthy options (in the airport or on the airplane).Over the years, I have learned that once I get to a certain level of hunger, I tend to make poor food choices or get hangry....more