A Survival Guide to Dining Alone

When I first set out on my lone travels, one of the things that worried me was going out for dinner on my own. I was worried about things like what I would do while I was eating? Would people feel sorry me for being on my own? Would I be bored? All of these things seem so silly now, because after a while, eating alone became one of my favourite things to do. If you are worried about dining out alone, here are some top tips to get you through it....more
Dining alone in peace and watching people around could be fun :)more

Travel: Bisons in Traffic & Other Fun at Yellowstone

One of the main reasons to visit Yellowstone, aside from Old Faithful Geyser and beautiful scenery, is the wildlife. From Day 1 at the park, we were constantly scanning the forest, the meadows, the valleys, and the riverbeds for wildlife. We had our hawk eyes on so much that when we got back home to New Jersey we were still looking around while driving, just out of habit....more
Nomadic Lifestyle Thanks! We had an awesome time - Yellowstone is so beautiful, and the added ...more

Am I Still Cool If I Don't Live in a Cool City?

Ready for the dumbest, most unimportant worry you'll hear all day?I've recently began worrying that soon I'm going to lose my cool and won't be interesting anymore. Hear me out—...more
AlexandraDobrov Hi Alexandra! Thanks so much for reading! Maybe you've found something ...more

Traveling Abroad Tips

Happy throw back Thursday! In honor of looking back I am going back to that time I studied abroad in Australia my junior year (woaa throw back)! Also, sorry it's a bit of a lengthy post!...more

Why Should We Buy a Vacation Home?

There are some people who don’t like going on vacation because of the trouble of finding the perfect accommodation. Whether you like going to the mountains, to the sea or simply finding a quiet place and relaxing between beautiful hills, it’s always soothing getting away from daily stress and problems.Have you ever thought of buying a vacation home? Buying a vacation house: the advantages...more

Would You Like Fries With That? How to Eat While Abroad.

The meal consisted of what looked like red tofu surrounded by a red sauce, white thin noodles and herbs (or was it a vegetable?) that looked like twigs. It was piping hot, almost as hot as the air around me, and my lips immediately swelled with the heat of it.I later found out the ‘red tofu’ was actually coagulated blood….and when you bite in to it...it gushes....more

10 Reasons You Should Take a Cruise with the Kids

My family was very lucky that we were able to live abroad for two and half years when our girls were little.  During that time we took advantage of being able to travel and see new things.  In all, we visited 27 different countries.  ...more

A Homecoming

Autumn ColorThomas Wolfe said one can't go home again, and in a sense, that's true. I cannot be a child again....more

A Very 'Fall' Weekend in Connecticut

We just got back from a weekend in Connecticut with some of Mark’s friends, and it’s finally official: it’s fall. Between the rapidly decreasing temperatures, the changing leaves, the apple picking and the abundance of pumpkins this weekend, there can really be no doubt....more

10 Ways to Cope with a Traveling Spouse from Someone Who Enjoys Being Alone

My spouse and I have worked together for many years at the same two companies, but for the last three years or so his position has required him to travel 50-75% of the time. For instance, during one stretch of 4-5 months last year he was in Detroit every week. Sometimes he got to come home for the weekends and sometimes he did not....more

Vacation Budget Tips

A few weeks ago I was on my friend Diana’s (www.PantryOverFlow.com) radio show.  It was so much fun!  You can visit her site and listen to her radio show daily.  She asked me to share some travel tips here is some of what I shared. My husband and I make an effort to go away every quarter, just the two of us.  Early in our marriage we came to know the need for this in our relationship.  Everyone enjoys getting away, my husband especially needs this quality time we spend together.  Quality ...more