A Survival Guide to Dining Alone

When I first set out on my lone travels, one of the things that worried me was going out for dinner on my own. I was worried about things like what I would do while I was eating? Would people feel sorry me for being on my own? Would I be bored? All of these things seem so silly now, because after a while, eating alone became one of my favourite things to do. If you are worried about dining out alone, here are some top tips to get you through it....more
I really enjoy dining alone . I have started a habit of caring a little notebook with me and do ...more

Travel: Bisons in Traffic & Other Fun at Yellowstone

One of the main reasons to visit Yellowstone, aside from Old Faithful Geyser and beautiful scenery, is the wildlife. From Day 1 at the park, we were constantly scanning the forest, the meadows, the valleys, and the riverbeds for wildlife. We had our hawk eyes on so much that when we got back home to New Jersey we were still looking around while driving, just out of habit....more
Nomadic Lifestyle Thanks! We had an awesome time - Yellowstone is so beautiful, and the added ...more

Am I Still Cool If I Don't Live in a Cool City?

Ready for the dumbest, most unimportant worry you'll hear all day?I've recently began worrying that soon I'm going to lose my cool and won't be interesting anymore. Hear me out—...more
Parrotfish Journey Thanks so much for reading!more

If You Don't Like Our Weather, Just Wait a Minute

It has been said that the state motto of Montana could be, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I took some photos which show just how variable our weather can be - even on a mild fall day....more

Invitation to Rachel's Ruminations

Please visit my blog, Rachel's Ruminations, at http://rachelheller.organd/or follow me on twitter: @annesmoederand/or like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rachelhellerwriter...more

Working my way around the world....

I'm a pretty ordinary person. Ordinary childhood, brought up with Mum, Dad, two sisters one brother in the north then southside of Glasgow, Scotland. Normal schooling, didn't do too badly in my leaving exams (if I say so myself), decided to take a break before further education. Went to College for a year then worked with children with epilepsy and associated learning disabilities in England. Moved back to Scotland, met the Mister, went to Uni and became a Social Worker....more
Sounds like some interesting posts in the future ... not sure I want to see those spiders though!more

Treasures from India: Jewels from the Al-Thani Collection at the Museum of Art

The new jewelry exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains glittering gems. -PJ Gach...more

October Wrap-up of Blog Posts

In case you missed anything from Wording Wonders this October, here's a quick run-through:...more

So you want to live in France?

Dreaming to move to France?Live la vie en rose, be all that “je ne sais qua“, eat baguettes (macaroos, crossiants, choco eclairs) for breakfast and polish your French till you actually sound like Catherine Deneuve.This is a good dream, indeed.A good, yet a difficult dream to fulfill....more

Highlands and Cashiers, NC

  Back in August, Mr....more

Why I Love to Travel to Louisville, Ky.

Louisville, Ky. is a magnificent place to visit. It's an eclectic city filled to the brim with things to see and do. ...more