5 Great Tips To Help You Survive Holiday Travel with Kids

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack up the kids, hit the road, book the plane tickets and travel the friendly road and skies. As a parent, traveling during the holidays can be a migraine-sized nightmare if you don’t plan appropriately. So let’s look at a few things you can do to make that migraine turn into an annoying nag that a cup of hot cocoa can easily fix....more
As a former flight attendant, I never understood why anyone would travel with children who are ...more

5 Products to Ease Your Travel Stress This Season

Both sides of my family live in Iowa. Every year, we travel to my husband's side somewhere in the Midwest (with seven brothers and sisters, it tends to be a rotating circle of interstate highway) for Thanksgiving and to my side in Iowa for Christmas. Every. Year. ...more
Love that nap pillow! As far as a favorite I already have, I really like my GoToob. Really basic ...more

A Survival Guide to Dining Alone

When I first set out on my lone travels, one of the things that worried me was going out for dinner on my own. I was worried about things like what I would do while I was eating? Would people feel sorry me for being on my own? Would I be bored? All of these things seem so silly now, because after a while, eating alone became one of my favourite things to do. If you are worried about dining out alone, here are some top tips to get you through it....more
Amy - I'm starting to get better at this too! I love traveling places solo (although not for ...more

Thirty-Eight Candles... (A Reason to Be Thankful)

(Back in July I wrote...)I could get used to this......more

A few things I learned about Chicago

 Downtown ChicagoAlthough my most recent trip to Chicago for the Nat...more

The People You Meet Along the Way

For most people who love travel, the journey to their destination is the least enjoyable part of the trip.The destination, on a trip, is itself the high point. It's what you think about, dream about, plan for and are impatient to get to.  For me though, the journey and the people I meet along the way can be just as important....more

Vermont Real Estate 2014 Overview

Another year is almost at its end and we’re trying to get an idea about the real estate market in Vermont. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Vermont’s total land area measures 9,609 square miles, including 333 square miles of water area. All year round, you have magnificent scenery and lots of activities to choose from, from trekking to skiing.Overall 2014 tendencies...more

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I have a passion for traveling—deep, abiding wanderlust and a consuming love for adventure.I’ve been fortunate to visit 42 of the 50 states, and various places like Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. Two years ago, though, I was finally able to take two full weeks off and travel overseas. Thankfully, I got to do the same thing about a month ago. During those combined four weeks, we visited Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece—with 75% of that time spent in Italy. Heavenly, dreamy, unmatched Italy....more
Anna Lea- good post! I feel the same way about travel. It's THE best time for me creatively, ...more

Hubby Humor-isms: Mossy Rock

Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at the colorful phrases my husband uses. Well, to be honest, I try to stifle my laughter to avoid encouraging him. Otherwise he would never stop...He thinks he's a comedian and often declares "I'm my own entertainment!" ...more

Random Ramblings: On the Road Again

Three states...Two days...550 flight miles...478 highway miles. Sunday Finished up a visit to Florida for Hubby's work. Boarded a plane to North Carolina for our first Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Monday Swapped out t-shirts for sweaters, loaded the "Beast", and set out for our second Thanksgiving in Ohio. Our Dodge Durango (AKA "The Beast") carries our stuff, handles good in all weather, and supports passenger naps (that's me). Doesn't get any better than that. ...more

A Walk Through the Medieval City of Coimbra, Portugal

The original post can be found at http://www.nonstopfromjfk.com/coimbra-portugal/...more

4 Reasons I Love the South (Even Though I'm a Hippie)

 I have done some hatin’ on you in the past, American South, I admit it. Everyone knows you’re a little backwards, bless your heart. But there are also some reasons I love the South, even being a hippie/woman/minority/person who recycles.  And I’m going to share them with you!  ...more
Denise I didn't say there weren't any!!  I said it was a rare day when I saw them.  Especially ...more


My brother is visiting in two weeks, and we are excited to see him, particularly the Boy. He loves his uncle, I think because my brother is at the same mental level as my nine year old....more