Best Travel Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag

I thought today I’d share some of my all-time favorite carry-on travel items. You know – those things that you always have to have on you at all times....more
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Why You Should Never Do These Things When You Travel

With 2015 under way, now is the time that many people start thinking about their holidays and travel plans for the coming year or even writing a bucket list of things they’d like to do in 2015....more
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My Totally Selfish Reason for Taking My Kids to Disney

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something, it suddenly seems to pop up everywhere? It makes sense I guess; things you never paid attention to start sticking out once they’re already on your mind. ...more
Great post!  We took the kids this past holiday season since we received tickets from my in ...more

Top 7 Hotels In Punta Cana

The sugary golden sand, where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, is where you can find some of the best ...more

Travel via the Internet

I haven’t been able to travel much during my lifetime, so even the shortest journeys are cherished. Existing in a new place offers intrigue and anonymity beyond anything we can experience in our own neighborhoods. A trip is a temporary redefinition of self – of habits and routines, of interactions and hobbies, of views and thoughts. Shift your vantage point and the whole world morphs around you....more

Our Disney Experience

Our family spent six nights at Disney World from February 10-16 of this year. This was our first family vacation at Disney World and although we had an amazing time, there were quite a few things that I’ve learned during our time there that makes me want to go back and do it right or better the second time around. By no means am I an expert on the subject now but I’d like to share a few tips and recommendations from my personal experience that I think may be helpful to those of you who are planning your first visit to Disney World in the near future....more

Why I Told My Daughter She Didn't Have to Go to College

"I'm not sure I want to go to college," my daughter said to me. I guess the look on my face made it pretty clear what I thought of that, and she hastily amended it with, "For the first year, I mean." "You want to take a year off?" I clarified. "Yeah. I just don't think I need to start right away." I chewed my lip, considering my words carefully. ...more
You did awesome. Its easy to respond with what we know best but biting your tongue and being ...more

Flight Cancellation and an Airport Overnight Stay

Last week I spent the night at the Tampa Airport. I got stuck there due to a connecting flight cancellation that occurred too late in the evening for me to find an alternative flight home – or anywhere else. After trying my best to find other flight options, I remained smug and unperturbed because I could afford to stay overnight in a hotel. Also, the Marriott is located in the airport and I, being a platinum elite Marriott cardholder, was certain they would welcome me with a smile and a room for the night....more

Amazing Women: Shannon O'Donnell, 2013 Nat Geo Traveler of the Year!

Shannon leaps the Great Wall!Shannon O'Donnell, author of the blog A Little Adrift, has been travelin...more


In this winter, I went to Berlin for the first time. In my mind, Berlin was a city divided into two with a straight line, thus creating two different worlds. But when i walked around the city for the first time, I understood that the thing that create todays Berlin was not that wall but what happened after the wall collapsed. ...more

My Experience of staying in a Hostel

Picture by Dallaskhl...more

Tips for traveling with your kids - Part 2

Travel season is rolling in again with spring and Easter breaks coming up. Here are a few more tips for traveling with your kids to help make all your adventures and travels smoother and better....more

Let Go Of Your Travel Agenda. Organic Adventure Will Catch You.

Let Go Of Your Travel Agenda: Organic Adventure Will Catch You. -elephant journal I had a passion for seeing this story more comprehensively understood, for the sake of begging the question once and for all: shouldn’t we all just ditch our rigid travel agendas? Isn’t it the bare unknown that is by definition adventure? Sometimes, it's the kids who give us the shove we need......more