A Guide to Road Tripping the American Southwest

The southwestern portion of the United States is home to some of the most breathtaking sights and locations in the world. With major attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas drawing millions of visitors a year, these states can be quite a “hot” spot. To really capture the beauty and vastness of the region, traveling by car to make sure to hit all of the great sights is a must. Here are a few tips on hitting the open road in the great American Southwest....more
I live in the Southwest, and I agree with all of these places (plus, the Grand Canyon ;) ...more

9 Tips for Quick Trips: How (and Why) to Pack Light

Now that most airlines charge to check bags, the words “carry-on only” are becoming more attractive. When packing for a trip, I’m in the “less is more” camp. My packing tips fit my comfort zone and the kind of traveler I am. Will they work for you?...more
I prefer to use backpacks on short trips, easy to carry and keep track of. When kids were ...more

Avoid the Rapids When Canoeing!

Of all the topics that our river guide, Mike, covered before we started our five-day canoe trip on Utah’s Green River, it was the mention of Cataract Canyon that stuck with me the most. I remember wanting to ask him more questions about how we’d know where our pick-up point would be out there in the wilderness, so that we wouldn’t get carried away into some of the world’s roughest rapids. Would there be signs or maybe a Starbucks?...more

Family Friendly Vacation #AllureoftheSeas

I have always loved to travel.  Becoming a parent puts a spin on vacation but I was determined not to stop traveling and not to leave my kids at home while I discover new things.  As I prepare for another cruise with my babies I wanted to post about my son's first cruise when he was 15 months old.  This upcoming cruise will be his 3rd cruise and he is almost three years old.  My daughter will only be 8 months old when we sail.  As a person who cruised 14 times without kids and now a frequent cruiser with kids, I have a unique perspective on how to enjoy this type of...more

Midweek Staycation

Sparking Interest in Burning Man Documentary

Imagine tens of thousands of people gathered in a tucked away dirt heaven celebrating freedom, love, dance, and creativity. If you said Burning Man you are right, plus it’s in my title – duh me....more

Visit the 8th Largest Encyclopedia Art Museum in the U.S. - Indianapolis Museum of Art

I’m rounding out our museum tour of Indianapolis with the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). Ranked as the #1 Thing to Do in Indianapolis, according to Trip Advisor, we were fortunate to spend another quiet weekday roaming the spaces in this free art museum....more

Dinosaur World, Plant City, Florida

Have You Been? Dinosaur World Florida #travel #Florida Disclosure: My family and I were invited to Dinosaur World (Florida) by US Family Guide Blogger Network to share our experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest.  ...more

How to Enjoy a Trip to Chicago With the Whole Family

Image via Flickr by pasfamWhile Chicago has many attractions and restaurants that only appeal to adults, it's also a great city that the entire family can enjoy visiting. If you're planning a trip to Chicago with your kids, check out some of these fun ideas families can do together....more

What’s So Amazing About the Largest Children’s Museum in the World?

Years ago Parents Magazine featured an article of their top ten children’s museums in the U.S. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis ranked #1 on the list. (It’s still ranked #1 on their website.) At an impressive 365,000 square feet of gallery space, it’s also the world’s largest children’s museum, giving families plenty of space to roam, unlike other children’s museums....more

Italian cooking classes with Nonna Marcella in Umbria

The number one reason I love to travel? To experience new foods, cooking techniques, and have a culinary adventure. When I travel, I look forward to eating in the restaurants, shopping at the local street markets, and I always try to schedule at least one cooking class. I've taken dozens of Italian cooking classes....more