Gorgeous Travel Blogs to Follow

Spring is here! If you're seeing sunshine, you might also be feeling a touch of spring wanderlust. And if you're dealing with (sigh) still more snow, you've almost definitely got a dream vacation or six in the back of your head. Follow the lead of these blogs for some inspired travel ideas. RETRO ROADMAP ...more
I love road trips.... I am totally checking these out.  Thank you for sharing!!more

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How Did They Just Disappear?

“It’s just like what happened on Lost,” he said.How had I not made that connection?It’s surreal in this day and age, with technology and resources we have available, that it is possible for a Malaysia Airlines 777 plane, carrying 239 people on board, to just disappear....more
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March is for... Women and the Arts

The best thing about March is the annual outpouring of information about women. This year's rich harvest includes some terrific profiles of women's work in photography, theater, and museum leadership. Make no mistake - new ground is being broken here, and we are still seeing many "firsts". ...more
Great idea about the festival. I love it. The amount of female writers/literary artists is not ...more


I’m saying it again : travel ! It’s one of the most important things in life and it can do wonders for you being happy ! We are lucky to be part of a world so big and with so much diversity. The world is beautiful and each person and situation you will encounter can teach you something....more

Trip Tip: Cool Ways to Pack a Cooler

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Lessons from a Road Trip

Something about road trips that takes me back to my single days. I loved getting in the car with my music, my snacks (never forget the snacks), my itinerary and hitting the open road. There was something about the idea of being alone with my thoughts, with God, that just made me feel brave and excited and adventurous....more

Best Places To Take Your Kids On Vacation #1 (Video of my own)

Best Places To Take Your Kids On Vacation #1 This is #1 in a series of posts. If you’re going on vacation soon, you’ll want to look at some of these places. They are great for kids and adults. This video is a view of Myrtle Beach from our hotel last year. Next month, in May we’re going back. This time we found an actual beach house to rent, for not much more! ...more

Travel Planning Step 2.1: Walls are a nice touch

Time to tackle laying out your trip. It’s easier if there are two of you at this point if only because it means you will both have headaches when you go to bed. In our house, because he is good at math, micromanaging and optimistic about making connection times, Mr. Mark is in charge of the transportation....more

Making my peace with traffic

One of the many reasons we moved was to shorten our commute time. So, although I find myself driving less miles, I find that I am in the car for the same amount of time as I used to be (or sometimes for longer). Every morning and evening, I sit in traffic and look at the other cars around me: I see angry, frustrated drivers who are endangering everyone around them by not using turn signals when merging; I see sleepy drivers who are yawning and drinking Starbucks; I see a lot of people talking on their phones....more

Pit Stop: Delightful Day Trips

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Quick Cash Idea for Living on the Road

Need to make some quick cash in your travels?...more

Tapas Anyone??

spaghetti and pigeons in athens, greece

At the ripe old age of 22, I was quite the traveler. At my current age of 31, I can't say the same thing. So I gotsta reminisce on my travel heyday back when I was 22. Oi. One of the trips I took was traveling from London to Paris, Athens, Venice and Florence over the course of 10 days with my friend Jaime who was visiting me for 2 weeks. This trip produced numerous amazing stories but I'm just going to share one with you today....more