10 Things You Need to Learn About Cleveland Before the 2016 Republican National Convention

Forget everything you've heard or read since the GOP announced Cleveland, Ohio as the host city for its 2016 Republican National Convention. As an Atlantic seaboard snob who has now lived longer in Cleveland than anywhere else (26-plus years), and couldn't be happier about it, here's where you need to start your online education about Cleveland - and then share it. ...more

Travel Tips: 6 Helpful Ideas for Infant Air Travel

Vacation planning for couples or singletons usually means shopping for new attire, packing all essentials, planning trips or outings, and checking off items on their must-do lists at the holiday destination. Travel time during flight journeys or train/bus rides is leisurely spent by watching movies, listening to music, or reading books. ...more
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A City Girl's Guide to Glamping It Up in the Woods

Before last summer, I wouldn't have considered myself a "camper."...more
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Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more

Before #BlogHer14, I'm going on vacation ALONE

In anticipation of the assumed chaos that will be #BlogHer14, I flew across the country a couple of days early to be alone.  And to write.  And to think.  And to be alone.   And to write more.  Plus, I knew that it would be crazy to fly 3000 miles just to sit in conference rooms for three days.So, today is my first day completely alone.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever done something like this.  Usually, someone is waiting for me on the other end of my trip or I plan to meet quickly....more

What Five Travel Apps Are A Must Have?

What Five Travel Apps Are a Must Have?You run into many obstacles when traveling: delayed flights, local transportation, language barriers, where to go, and even how to get there. Luckily we live in a tech savvy world, filled with smart phones and apps.  There are hundreds of apps to help you with all your travel needs, however the following five are must haves....more

The Safest Place for the Tiniest Travelers

I don't believe in changing ones lifestyle once children arrive, you adjust and go on with it.  Since having children, we have been avid travelers, even seeing more than we ever did before adding three kids to our lives.  We take every opportunity we can to see new things, travel and share the world with our children.  My daughters have been to 27 different countries and we are always looking to add more (read about all the places we've been and all the things we've seen)...more

A Hike To Mt.Whitney - Never Give Up !

On a walk through my neighborhood the other day, I passed a mom, a dad and 4, count em' 4 little girls between 10 and maybe 6. They had stopped at the steep concrete "hill" under the overpass. The girls had climbed up the hill and all but one had made it back down. The little one was stuck at the top, lacking confidence in her ability to get down. They all waited as she squirmed and turned this way and that, trying to muster some courage....more

My Never-Camp-Without Toiletry Essentials…and Not So Essentials

I was going to do a packing list of essentials to take camping, but instead, I thought it would be more fun to show you the contents of my own, always-packed toiletry go bag. Inside it i've got all the essentials, along with some admittedly, not so essential items!...more

Citrus County, FL is the place for scalloping

Citrus County Scalloping 101Authors note:  There a hundreds of reasons why I love my small town and even hundreds more things that make it unique.  One of the more popular activities in our community is scalloping.  Each summer tens of thousands of people from all over the country descend upon my beloved community to scallop.  If you have never done it or never been here – you have until September 24 when recreation scallop harvesting closes – so get here soon!...more

Camping In The FieldCandy Social Butterfly Tent

We were absolutely delighted to get our hands on a FieldCandy tent for our most recent camping trip. Hardcore campers tend to be a little suspicious of camping gear that looks a bit different, and lets be honest, camping isn’t an area renowned for having high design values – practical and functional is where it’s at....more

Have paddle will travel: Kayaking North Florida

I originally wrote this article as the Jacksonville Travel Examiner for Examiner.com....more

Pisa and Siena, Italy

The only reason one would travel to Pisa is for the Leaning Tower.  FYI: There is nothing in Pisa; just the leaning tower!  But even though you can only spend a maximum two hours there; anyone who is traveling to Italy needs to see the tower and do a cliche pose!  My pose was a little bit out of the ordinary! ...more