The BlogHer Tree: Part 2

The BlogHer Tree Part 2 

Yesterday it was so cold and windy and drizzly that we decided we’d wait until Sunday to plant the BlogHer Magnolia tree. 

Gavins Tree


Gavin's Tree

Hubby announced around ten am that it was time to do it.  I needed a shower before we started, so he planted Gavin’s tree while I was getting ready.  

Holy cow was it cold.  The sun was shining but there’s a cold wind blowing in Big Bend today.  Hubby went and fetched my new gardening scooter to collect and move the rocks, because in Waukesha County, you cannot dig without running into rocks.  Generally you should always bring a pickaxe if you are going to dig a hole around here.  I am fairly useless when it comes to manual labor because of the degenerative arthritis in my spine, I just have to be real careful and digging isn’t on my list of “can dos”.  So I supervised.  Or rather, I intended on supervising.



Michael breaking ground for the BlogHer tree planting

What you don’t see in these photos is the shot where Michael decided to throw a shovel full of grass and dirt at the container in my scooter.  I’m sure he wasn’t thinking he was throwing dirt at me, but with the wind, when the clump hit the empty planter, I got a dirt shower.  aye. 

I ran in the house to find the blowy thing to clean the camera, because of course it got dirt thrown on it too.  I should have left the D300 inside.  I cleaned it off the best I could and left it sitting on the table because there was no way I was taking it back out into the dirt zone.  The rest of the photos were taken with my iPhone.

The Giving Tree in Honor of Blogher

The BlogHer Tree

Till I got back outside, Michael had the Magnolia planted and sent me to get the super starter I bought to ensure I get a 5 year guarantee.  Sometimes it takes more than one year to get a tree to establish, and even then it can die from transplant shock.  I fed her and then Gavin’s tree with the green liquid and then posed for a photo.  WITH THE IPHONE... because the D300 should never ever be around husbands who are wielding a shovel.  

Me with the BlogHer Tree

Me and my BlogHer Tree


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