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Bloggers are storytellers. Sometimes they paint you a picture in fine detail, until you recognize every detail; you see it in your mind's eye. The context is clear; the subtext explained, and you know you've been there before yourself. Sometimes, though, you get just a rough names named, no motivations unearthed and examined. And yet a great storyteller can still convince you you've been there before yourself, even without all the gory detail. That's exactly what Carla Delvex from 10% Fiction does in her post, the breakdown of: friendship, and it's why we've named her the BlogHer Voice of the Week.

Kicking off with a quote form Margaret Mitchell that explains the motivation behind the post, Carla introduces us to a friendship that seems both lengthy and strong:

I sit beside my friend.
She asks: How many coffees do you think we’ve had together?
I laugh thinking about the ocean of espresso we’ve imbibed.
She agrees. An ocean. Maybe more.

Friends Having Coffee

In similar stanzas, the friends share coffee and conversations about pregnancy, children, parents...even going into business together. They have a language, a lexicon of friendship. Uniquely theirs, but resonant for us all:

I call my friend.
C’mon. I say. It’s my shout.
I’m not taking no for an answer.
I don’t need to see her face. I know she is smiling.

But time moves on. And friendship fades...until those oceans of coffee are now too much water under the bridge. We don't know why. Perhaps we're not entitled to know. And that's OK. The regret and irrevocability is clear:

I sit opposite my friend.
We are silent, but the air bristles with spiky words. I inhale them. Feel them scratch as I
swallow them down. Digesting them.
We’re looking through the same kaleidoscope.
But she looks through one end and I look through the other.

I once said about my favorite singer that I loved that I always knew she was thinking about and feeling something very specific and very real when she sang. I didn't have to know what she was thinking about. I usually didn't. But I knew she was thinking it, and feeling it, and it drew me in completely. Carla is like that singer. She draws us in to a story we will never know completely, and yet we are completely satisfied. 

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in your nominated posts. Remember to nominate individual posts, not entire blogs, and keep them coming! If you want to check out all these posts, check out the BlogHer Voice of the Week archive.

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