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Ahhhh, road trips, family style. What is it about Americans and our love of the automobile, wide-open spaces, and junk food that defines so many family road trips? Dyke in the Heart of Texas has an answer: High-fructose corn syrup and a certain Southern tradition.

Stuckey's Postcard

Blogger Julya Billhymer tells a classic story in her post, "Stuckey's!!":

"My father wanted to visit his Aunt Mabel, but mostly we all just liked to hit the road. Ottumwa was our McGuffin, you know the term made up by Alfred Hitchcock? A McGuffin was the thing that drove the plot, but otherwise it was a meaningless thing. Why were the bad guys trying to kill Cary Grant? Because of the McGuffin..did we really care about what it was? No. Would my family leave on the drop of a hat for just about any reason? Yes…as long as there was a Stuckey’s on the way.

"I was nine years old and rode wedged up against the back window of the car…like a sleeping compartment. No stinking seat belt needed for me or my sister..."

Forget "Are we there yet?" Much like mine, this blogger's family is fired up by old-fashioned escapism. Kids in the back, doing heaven-only-knows-what, as Mom and Dad escape their four walls and aim for the horizon. And what could be more wonderfully freeing than too much coffee, too many cigarettes and the pecan roll that Blogger Ian at ConfuseReviews calls "snack cocaine"? Just about nothing, remembers Julya:

"My mother almost ran me over on her way to get her pecan divinity roll. She drank coffee and her caffeine buzz, along with the sugar from the divinity kept her going and at the wheel like the Ever-Ready bunny. High fructose corn syrup was like Crack to my entire family and Stuckey”s was our vacation “supplier.” My father would pump the gas, for 36 cents a gallon, then check out the snack bar. I would go sit with him as he drank a cup of joe and complained that the hamburger he was scarfing down was “terrible.” He didn’t like eating out much because he always compared the food and cleanliness of the restaurant to his own kitchens…they never made the grade..."

For her evoking salty-sweet memories without indulging in maudlin memory, and her gift of creating pictures with works, Dyke in the Heart of Texas is our BlogHer Voice of the Week.

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