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Last week's BlogHer '10 conference reminded me that women are fixers, so many of us anyway. Have a problem? We're here for you -- we want to sit down together, listen, hold your hanky, your hand, your heart. And once you've gotten to a point where you can articulate what you need, we are ON IT -- whether it's a tutu mini-marathon or a picture worth 1,000 words.

What drives us many women into knots of frustration is when we cannot help those we love, as Blogger Robin of The Not-Ever-Still Life wrote in Dark Skies about her eldest daughter:

"She's a worrier, has been since forever and enough so that I've talked to her pediatrician about it and he says just talk to her, just keep on talking to her.

"But sometimes she won't talk."

In her post, Robin shares what's hardest for her: her darling girl is so...familiar. Which is to say, just like her mother -- whose job it is to understand her daughter, to make it better and learn how to make it better by herself. Robin knows from personal experience this road is going to be long-ish at the very least:

"I know she holds her worries close because they scare her. And I understand her words, even as I know that she's stronger than I was and it's not helping her now, because she's more in control of herself than I was, and she knows she can't let her worries out in a way like that and she's holding tight so they don't explode outward with shrapnel."

I won't give away what happens when mother and daughter start walking this road together, but for her insight into her own feelings and the lovely words she uses to phrase what she does not know, Robin of The Not-Ever-Still Life is our BlogHer of the Week!

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