BlogHer Voices of the Year FAQ

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You may be new to BlogHer annual conferences and have no idea what the Voices of the Year (aka #VOTY, "voh-tee"). Or you may know what VOTY is, but have never actually submitted content for consideration. Either way, we have answers for you. If you don't see your question addressed here, please email us to let us know!

See this year's VOTY deadlines, categories and judges here.

Who can submit content? Anyone! You are welcome, in fact encouraged, to submit your own work, as well as your favorite online content by others. If you submit work by someone else, you'll be required to provide an email address for that person so we may contact them if they are selected as an honoree.

What is the difference between Voices of the Year and the Community Keynote? All the honorees we recognize each year are known as our Voices of the Year. Within that group, we select a smaller list of people to read, show, or discuss their work onstage during the annual conference. That stage event is known as the Community Keynote.

Do I need to be registered for the conference to submit content or be selected as a #VOTY honoree? No, you don't. Anyone can be honored, conference attendee or not. And we will invite Community Keynote readers, regardless of whether they're already registered for the conference or not, too.

How long do I have to submit? The earlier you submit your posts, the better. See this year's VOTY post for the exact deadline.

What is the date range for eligible submissions? Any content published online in the year preceding the conference is eligible to be honored for Voices of the Year.

Do more submissions of the same thing mean more chances for inclusion? Not at all. We have multiple judges reviewing submissions very carefully, so each submission gets reviewed by at least two people. However, each submission gets reviewed the same number of times, even if it is submitted by multiple people. So one entry per work is all that is needed.

What if I already read during a past Community Keynote? You can still be honored as one of the Voices of the Year honorees, so please submit your work! Reading as part of the Community Keynote, however, is a once-in-a-lifetime honor reserved for new voices each year.

What happens if I am honored, but not chosen to read? We honor all Voices of the Year at the annual conference. Each of the honorees who attends the conference will have specially reserved seats at the Community Keynote and will be invited onstage at the close of the keynote to take a bow and have photos taken. Additionally, honorees will be spotlighted online and during the Voices of the Year Reception immediately following the Community Keynote.

What if my submission is visual or video or viral, instead of words? We love everything that the Internet offers, so we refine our categories regularly to allow you to submit your best work, be it writing, photos or video, or even a hashtag that made an impact. Please review this year's call for submissions post to read about the categories we're honoring in 2017.

Who chooses the Voices of the Year? Winners are selected by a committee of past Voices of the Year and SheKnows Media staff. Please see this year's VOTY submissions post for a list of this year's judges.