BlogHer vs The 2012 Olympics

In August 2010, my twitter timeline literally exploded with people excited to be going to #BlogHer10.  My timeline continued to be littered with tweets, twitpics, links to blogposts about #BlogHer10. I saw lots of fun photos, and decided that I really wanted to go to the next #BlogHer event.

BlogHer then announced that #BlogHer11 would be held in San Diego, at the Marriott, and I literally exploded with excitement.  You see my husband he works for Marriott.  I get a fantastic rate and I thought that it would be brilliant because I'd save so much on my room rate, especially if I shared with someone. But alas, it was not to be. 

Firstly my husband pointed out that as one of the worlds biggest blogging conferences were being held there I probably wouldn't be given the rate. He was right.  No rates for that weekend, or for that week even.  I'd have to pay full price or stay somewhere cheaper, which wasn't going to happen, cause I'm a Marriott girl born and bred and normally will not stay elsewhere.

Secondly the costs of the flights were well over £1000, which is a lot of money.

I priced up the entire cost of going to San Diego, the flights, the hotel, the pass, spending money, and it was nearly £4000.

It wasn't happening.

I vowed a few months back that I would save up and go to #BlogHer12, but over the last few weeks, my plans are slowly slipping away.  Today it was confirmed, there was no way that I'd be going to #BlogHer12. No way at all.

It's either #Blogher12 in whatever city it will be held in or working on one of the most important projects for the Olympic Games in London 2012.  I chose the Olympics.

For me I understand that I can go to #BlogHer13 or in fact any BlogHer after that. I can only be part of the London 2012 Olympics once in my lifetime.

You see, over the last 2 or 3 weeks I've had some very good news, that I couldn't share until it had been signed off. It was signed off today. I can FINALLY share my news.

Let me share the background information.  I work for one of the UK largest and busiest railway companies. We serve pretty much the entire South East of England for commuter and non-commuter services.  Our Parent Company owns more rail companies that any other in the UK, a total of 4. London is in the South East of England. Our network will be the main transport operator for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  We will serve more Olympic venues than any other railway company and carry more passengers than normal during this busy and amazing time.

About 4 weeks ago I applied for a job.  I interviewed for the job.  I got 2 job offers.  The first one was working on a project looking at communication during disrupted services and how to make it more effective. The second one, was one that I hadn't even applied for. In fact, I didn't even know that it existed!

The phone call came to say I'd be successful, and that I was one of the most strongest candidates and as such they had a new offer for me.

I met with the Project Manager, had a chat about the project and it was done there and then, waiting to be signed off and a release date given for my current role. 

As of August 14th, I will be one of three Project Co-ordinators planning and running the transport for the Olympic Games.

I am stoked and excited and it a LOT of work, but I can't wait.

So sorry BlogHer12 that I am having to put you off again, but this event is a once in a lifetime experience and I'll have nearly 80,000 people each day witnessing my work (and hopefully appreciating it!).  I hope you can forgive me and have open arms for BlogHer13, because I am determined to be there!

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