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BlogHer of the Week Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! With her post Out, out damned Bush! Wax on, wax out!, Deb on the Rocks finds an entirely unique (and damned funny) way to pay homage to the peaceful transition of power that all Americans watched last week.

In the form of a letter to Mme. Tussaud, proprietress of the famous Wax Museum, Deb asks whether we can't make the most of the outgoing wax likeness of George W. Bush. For charity, for posterity...for the Guinness World Book of Records.

"I read that you are archiving your George W. Bush waxman (or as you say, Wachsmann) now that he is almost out of office, and that you have already inaugurated your Obama Wachsmann. Good for you. I wish we could already be moving forward as well.

I was hoping that since you are done with W, you would consider sending George to me. I will use him to gather money for charity by holding the world's largest Brazilian wax party ever. I am not sure who holds the current record for group waxing, or what it is (probably the gold is held by the Brazilians, right?) but with your help and your George Wachsmann and the power of the Internet, I can top it, I know I can."

You may say "Hey, Elisa, didn't you just give away too much by quoting the above paragraph?" To which I say: Not. Even. Close. You must read it to believe it.

BlogHer is omnipartisan, and we think this post is too. You don't have to be a member of either (or any) party. You don't have to be a George W. Bush fan or foe. (We're not necessarily advocating Brazilians either!) Sometimes humor transcends politics, and we think the images Deb has forever seared into our memories with this post are definitely transcendent.

And we refuse to be in this position all by go, read, laugh with this week's BlogHer of the week, Deb on the Rocks.

Remember to keep submitting those golden posts that make you laugh, cry, think, sigh, gasp...or just feel really jealous of the writing skill on display. And please remember to nominate individual posts, not entire blogs, because those are the only entries we are able to consider.

Have a great week!

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