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Today is an "official" holiday, even for BlogHer. And yet here I sit feeling anxious and stressed about all I didn't get done this weekend. Regretting the walks I planned with a friend. Regretting that I read the Sunday Times. Worrying about all I have to do, and all I won't get done before another (short) work week starts, and more gets piled on my plate. It must be fate that it is my turn to write about our BlogHer of the Week, and that this week that post is Fussy's Don't Give It What It Wants.

Riffing on the meaning of a yoga exercise, Fussy (aka Eden Kennedy) gives stress like mine a shape and form:

I realized that when I feel a tiny jolt of anxiety about whatever, a dirty dish, or I had ten things to do in the time it would take to do one of them well, I could think: Don't buckle. That's what it wants. Pause first. It'll back right off and then you can put away the dish with a quiet heart instead of the other. Pet the dog instead of pushing him aside to get at the laundry; pet the dog and then get the laundry. Don't give it what it wants, because what it wants is to be in control, it'll snap you around like a flag on a windy day. Your nerves will literally fray.

It's like she knows me or something!

Sometimes "it" catches you, no matter what you know or try. When it does, Eden posts her solution...and part of it is a visual, so you'll have to go read her post.

I don't do Yoga. I don't have a dog to pet. But I can find my own way to not "give it what it wants." Today that means reading the paper and going for a walk.

Eden, congratulations on being our BlogHer of the Week. And thanks to everyone for continuing to send in your nominated posts. Remember to nominate individual posts, not entire blogs, and keep them coming! If you want to check out all the BlogHer of the Week posts, check out the BlogHer of the Week archive.

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