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With her post, "If You Have Ever Questioned Where American Feminism Came Out Of, Or Why It Came To Be...", JCK of Motherscribe scoops Betty Friedan and Oscar-contender Revolutionary Road into her own embrace of a stay-at-home life:

"Betty Friedan talked of women feeling trapped in their role as homemaker, and it was as if a casserole exploded across every kitchen in America. Today we are free to talk about this, to question it, but do we?"

With that image, JCK is off, sharing an inner journey that brought her closer to contentment. Make no mistake: This writer is a passionate, happy mother, who chose to stay at home with two children. But that doesn't mean she's always satisfied with her life -- or even always knows who she is, and JCK is willing to own emotions that aren't only unpopular but even disturbing.

That's what makes this post special and real. When Motherscribe writes about the privilege of questioning her reality, we're left with the impression that this act is what allows this blogger to be all of herself. And one doesn't have to have children to appreciate that experience, or the wonderful words that lead her there.

JCK writes:

"It is the writing that has saved me. Opened me up to a creative well that I had only dreamed of, yet never truly attempted - other than my private journaling and an occasional writing class. The irony is that if I hadn't gone to that dark place and muddled about in my own despair, I'm not sure I would ever have started writing. I'll never know."

We hope you enjoy this blog post as much as we did.

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