BlogHer of the Week is now BlogHer Voice of the Week

BlogHer Original Post

After a year of recognizing terrific blogging with BlogHer of the Week, we've decided to continue the program...with a slight tweak.

Introducing: BlogHer Voice of the Week.

Um, you may wonder, why the name change?

We decided to change the name to more accurately reflect what we are doing each week when we recommend a blog post. We actually know remarkably little about the blogger in question, most of the time. We don't need to. And we aren't reading each and every word s/he's ever blogged. This isn't a popularity contest, it's about the words on the page.

And these words require a slight tweak. Because what we are doing is recognizing a post so beautifully wordsmithed that we think you should claw ten minutes out of your week to absorb the words yourself. To read BlogHer's Voice of the Week.

Ta-da! And now with a great new look.

Voice of the Week

So congratulations to all the former BlogHer Voices of the Week. We look forward to reading your nominees each week, please do send them in -- we can't wait to read their words!

Who knows? The next time you hear that voice of the week, it just might be yours.


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