BlogHer--Why Not Live Up To Your "Empowerment" Tagline?

For a network that purports to advance and "empower" women, BlogHer is doing very little to advance women in science.

In my travels, I connected with another woman scientist that also feels she's beating her head against a brick wall to get BlogHer to feature anything but mindless "fluff," and feature some articles on what women are doing in their respective scientific fields.  Each time we suggest, we are met with, "We'll pass that on :)."  Yes, with the smiley.  Shaking my head here....

Anyway, you people have to realize that women fill more rolls than wife, mommy and cook.  Where are your efforts to advance STEM education and inspire our young women to pursue careers in math, science and engineering?  I see none and you are sadly remiss here.  With the media power behind BlogHer, this is a golden opportunity you are missing.  But the question remains here, are you even interested?

The bottom line is that while a lot of us are interested in sex toys, motherhood, makeup and other such compelling topics, there's more to a lot of women than that.


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