Conference Corner: Preparing for BlogHer Writers '11

Attending a conference is a big investment in yourself, and you want to make the most of it. You've purchased your conference registration, and taken time off of work to boost your personal work, your future. Now that you've squared away the toughest of the logistics (and bookmarked some fun places to go when you're in town), here are a few homework assignments you might consider doing in advance to get the most out of BlogHer Writers '11....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 30, 2011

Hello friends - happy weekend! Lots to share so I'm going to jump right in... BlogHer Writers '11: In a few short weeks we'll come together for the first annual BlogHer Writers conference, presented by Penguin Group, in New York City. It will be a day full of expert insiders discussing publishing, demystifying the trade and providing small group mentoring. You'll learn about publishing 101, going from blog to book and so much more. Check out the agenda, our list of growing speakers and register today....more

BlogHer Writers '11 - Blog Bling!

The time has come to decorate your blog with some BlogHer Writers '11 blog bling!We've made it very easy, simply copy the code and paste to your blog and voila! the world knows you are coming!See you in New York!...more
@feelingbeachie bling bling bling!!!!more

What Kind of Writers Are Attending BlogHer Writers '11? All Kinds!

Since BlogHer Writers ‘11 is a new conference under the BlogHer umbrella, many people have been wondering what to expect. Our team has been working hard to share some great aspects of this intimate conference -- like the small-ground mentoring sessions and the amazing keynote speakers. BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone explained that the conference is really for anyone who has a book inside their head -- or heart. But who are those people? Well, let’s find out, shall we? ...more
Thank you for sharing. Its interesting to read about some of those who are attending. I wish I ...more

Speaker Spotlight: BlogHer Writers '11 Keynoters

Lisa Stone introduced the BlogHer Writers '11 program, and now it's time to start sketching in the details. First, a little more on the backdrop, which is: volatile! In a recent email, Lisa was listing all the turbulence besetting book publishing:...more
Love seeing our fab BlogHer Book Club authors highlighted like this. :)more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 23, 2011

Hello friends!  Sorry I missed you last week, I was at BlogHer Handmade in St. Paul, Minnesota and I must say it was so much fun.  While I will admit DIY is not my strength, there were some pretty talented people in the bunch. But I'm here today to share with you something that you cannot miss: BlogHer Writers in NYC!...more

BlogHer Writers '11 Call for Volunteers

The Call for Volunteers for BlogHer Writers '11 has closed.  Thank you all for your interest and we will make notifications no later than Friday, October 7.*******************************It is time again that we turn to you, our community, for help. Each conference we have a need for extra hands to help with registration, to mic wrangle or be a live blogger and this conference is no different. If you would like to attend the BlogHer Writers ’11 Conference and receive one of our BlogHerships in exchange for being a volunteer we are taking applications now....more
can't wait to see who got a bloghership!!!more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Writers ’11 Mentoring Workshops

Two hallmarks of BlogHer conferences are the education you receive and the networking you engage in while attending our events. BlogHer Writers conference is no different. If you’ve perused the agenda, you know that we’re offering a slew of sessions geared toward attendees who want to publish books. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve published before, or never a word in your life. If you’ve got a(nother) book in you, this conference has your name all over it!...more
I'm really considering going. I'm going to an entrepreneur conference in Orlando the weekend ...more

Do You Have A Book In You? Agenda for Oct. 21 BlogHer-Penguin Writers Conference

Hi everyone, I want to talk with the writer in you. For seven years, through hundreds of thousands of blog posts, 15 in-person BlogHer conferences, and lo, those many NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo writing exercises, one of the most popular conversations across the BlogHersphere has been and is: "How can I turn my blog into a book?"...more
I hope you offer this again! I write mysteries for Penguin...looks exciting! more


Becky Vinter began her career in publishing at the Feminist Press in 2006, before moving to NAL/Penguin, where she edited commercial women’s fiction. She joined FinePrint Literary Management in 2011 and is currently looking for a range of both fiction and nonfiction projects.

Becky likes the whole spectrum of women’s fiction, from literary to “bookclub” to romance and mysteries. She is also in the market for YA fiction with strong female protagonists. In nonfiction, she likes well-crafted narrative nonfiction, including memoir, current events, pop science, wellness, yoga and food.

Becky grew up in London and earned her BA in English Literature from the University of Leeds. She now lives in Brooklyn.

For submissions, please send queries to becky [at] fineprintlit [dot] com.

Karen Ballum is a freelance writer, editor and community moderator. When asked in a job interview what gets her out of bed in the morning she replied, "Words." She is Community Moderator which means she spends her days reading, promoting other women's words and forgetting to write on her own blog She lives in Ottawa with her husband and cat. They may, or may not, be fake.

Kathy Cano-Murillo is a writer, artist and founder of the award-winning site, She is celebrating her 12th year of blogging! Her art and crafts have been carried by hundreds of retailers, including Bloomingdales, Target, and Michaels. She is a former entertainment reporter for The Arizona Republic, and has authored nine books, including Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing and the novels, Waking up in the Land of Glitter and Miss Scarlet's School of Patternless Sewing. She has been profiled in The New York Times, USA Today and NPR, and now has an extensive Crafty Chica product line. Kathy lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, two kids and four Chihuahuas. Her mission is to spread positivity through creativity.

Kathleen Schmidt has over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry. She has worked with a distinguished list of New York Times bestselling authors such as Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Eric Jerome Dickey, John Jakes and celebrity books by: Prince, Marlo Thomas, Shirley Maclaine, Jenny McCarthy, Al Franken, and Snoop Dogg.

She was part of the team that launched The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and had the privilege of working on The Time of My Life by the late Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi.

Kathleen is also a board member of Women’s Media Group, a New York-based nonprofit association of women who have achieved prominence in the many fields of media. Kathleen has spoken on a variety of panels and forums about social media in the digital age, including BookExpo, Book Blogger Convention, and The Independent Book Publishers Association. She has also been interviewed by NPR, and quoted in national and trade publications such as Business Insider,, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly.