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Blogging for Women and BlogHer 2012

Capability:Mom and I went for the first time to BlogHer and it was like a mysterious game in which you don't get the rules to play by. Everyone seems to know the rules, or at least the bloggers who seem to be in the thick of things including sponsors, private parties and swag so it's easy to feel like a loser. And yet, there were 130 sponsors eager to meet bloggers so there is something and someone for everybody.

I personally viewed this as a trade show and it takes me one year just to get my feet wet. I remembered when I started a women's golf apparel company in Los Angeles and exhibited at my first PGA show. My booth was built in an apartment out of plywood, not trucked in by several Semi's like Nike. My booth certainly did not have stairs!!

But what a difference a year makes. I remember my second show was in Vegas and we knew the drill. With one marquee resort in Hawaii as a client, we were able to secure Nordstroms and Pebble Beach. But signing up big clients is a far cry from making a profit.

Which is why I love to talk shop with start ups like Sifteo, Kuyam, and Ibotta. VC money or seed capital? Issues of scale. Dreaming up the next iteration. For Kuyam, I requested the ability to figure out carpools based on connecting schedules with friends. I hope that is on the way. With Sifteo, price point and how to bring it down since the substitute product is an iPod Touch. For IBotta, how to change consumer behavior and who the target customer is.

I will continue to post on BlogHer 2012 because I met some of the nicest people including bloggers and company representatives. BlogHer was NYC to me: overstimulating, huge, overcrowded but also exciting, full of possibilities and optimism. Start spreading the news ... I am leaving today ... I want to be a part of it ... New York, New York!

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