BlogHer12 rocked!

Hi BlogHer Family, It's been a minute since I lasted posted on BlogHer. After attending BlogHer12 in New York City, I made a commitment to post to this blog a bit more often. So here's my first post for August. BlogHer12 was AMAZING. Check out my four recap blog posts below to learn why. Enjoy! Recap Links: 1) #BlogHer12 Recap #1 – My Best Moment … Seeing President Obama 2) #BlogHer12 Recap #2: Ananda Moderates Podcasting 101 Panel 3) #BlogHer12 Recap #3 – Ananda’s BlogHer Gratitude 4) #BlogHer12 Recap #4: Ananda’s Walk Down BlogHer Memory Lane – 2006 to 2012
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