Before #BlogHer14, I'm going on vacation ALONE

In anticipation of the assumed chaos that will be #BlogHer14, I flew across the country a couple of days early to be alone.  And to write.  And to think.  And to be alone.   And to write more.  Plus, I knew that it would be crazy to fly 3000 miles just to sit in conference rooms for three days.

So, today is my first day completely alone.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever done something like this.  Usually, someone is waiting for me on the other end of my trip or I plan to meet quickly.


But this trip is different.


My first three days before the conference are all solo.  I booked a hotel in Napa, even though the conference is in San Jose.  I came here for the serenity and the view.  (And before you ask, no, I didn’t come here for the vineyards.  I will not be going on any wine tastings or anything.)  This hotel has a lot of good things for me though.  It’s kind of secluded, and it has good views from the property itself.  There is also a spa and restaurant on site.  This means, I can get everything I need all in one place.   Plus, I love being pampered and catered to.


I was a little concerned about being alone for three whole days.  I am a stereotypical extrovert.  I like people, and I’m pretty chatty.  I wasn’t worried about hitting a word-count for the day.  I was worried about feeling lonely….like I wish someone where here to share this experience.

But, honestly, I came out here for my own experience.  I came here to be alone with my thoughts.  This is about me!


And, wouldn’t you know, today is turning out to be awesome.  My hotel is amazing, and the outdoor area is to-die-for.  I have bounced around on their comfy patio furniture in search of shady spots.  (Dang sun movement!)  I have a great view of the pool and surrounding trees.

Since arriving, I’ve been outside on the patio, soaking up the shade and the delightful breeze.  I caught up with an old friend, cleared out my inbox a bit, and have written.  I haven’t even had dinner yet, and it’s already successful.


The only thing I have planned for tomorrow is a massage.  90 minutes.


I hope I can handle the stress.




Amber is the coach and blogger behind Climb Out of The Cubicle.  Follow her on Twitter.


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