5 Unconventional BlogHer '14 Tips That You Simply Must Follow

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DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for a “Are you ready for BlogHer?” post that talks about things that you should do to your website, how many business cards to order, and what types of shoes to pack for the maximum amount of comfort during the conference, this isn’t it.


I’ll be at BlogHer in two weeks. Fourteen days to be exact. I realized this morning that I need to get my act together, and that maybe I’m not the only one. The practical, good-girl blogger stuff is already finished. Now I need to focus on the important stuff. At least the important stuff in my world. So, in bucking with tradition (and by tradition, I mean just one post last year), I give you my new and improved, what-to-do-to-prepare-for-BlogHer-when-it’s-just-two-weeks-away post.

1. Stop Dieting

Listen, we all had plans to fit in to that ONE OUTFIT that we really wanted to wear. I know that when I purchased my BH14 ticket, I had MONTHS to lose a few pounds and fit in to this really adorable dress that I bought. I felt confident and motivated, which is why I bought the dress in the first place. Since I am a speaker for Pathfinder Day’s “The Path to Business Owner”, I felt extra pressure to look good at least for that one day.

However, the stress of selling my home, buying a new one, and moving my family of five took over and it didn’t happen. Things like this happened instead:

So I say to you, “Stop Dieting.” Be happy with the size that you are RIGHT NOW. Wear that dress or outfit that you picked out that you really love and makes you feel good about yourself. Buy some shapewear or say “screw it” and go without. Either way, I won’t judge you. And, if you are like me and carry all of your extra weight in your belly causing you to look like you are 4-6 months pregnant, I promise not to ask you when you are due if you can do the same for me. Deal?

2. Do Your Hair

With two weeks left to go, I’ve got a hot date with Miss Clairol. Yes, I color my own hair. I’ve been doing it on my own for 20+ years, and I’m pretty good at it. Two weeks out is a good amount of time to let the color settle down in to what it is supposed to be and let the brashness of the box color fade in to something softer and more natural. Additionally, and I’m speaking from experience, two weeks is enough time to get in to a salon and have them fix it in case you screw it up. #ShitHappens

The same rule applies for a haircut, although I don’t do this one on my own (unless bangs count and then yes, I’m all in). Getting a haircut a few days before a big event is a bad idea: What if you hate it?What if your regular stylist loses her mind and you end up getting talked in to something that you didn’t want? With two weeks to get used to it, you will be in good shape and over any of the “Holy crap, I need to wear a hat everywhere I go” or “I’m not leaving the house again, EVER” phase and be ready to rock out with confidence.

3. Pull the Trigger

Are you hesitating on getting that latest piece of technology that you aren’t sure, a) you will use, b) you want to spend the money on, or c) that you REALLY need? I say go for it! Don’t wait until a few days before the conference and then pay a ridiculous amount of shipping to get it here (hopefully) in time for you to leave. Treat yourself. After all, odds are that those of us who are moms use the majority of our discretionary income for something Frozen themed and repairs to the house and/or car. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. For me it was an awesome pair of headphones. I don’t fly very often, but when I do I am always envious of those with the beautiful, noise-cancelling headphones. They seem to be oblivious to the craziness of the flight and any people around them. I just gave in and bought them for myself. Aren’t they pretty?

4. Clean Your Clothes

Stop wearing your favorite outfits now and send them to the cleaners. Or wash, iron, and set them aside. Do you really want to be doing laundry the night before you get ready to leave? Or trying to find that perfect outfit because you forgot to send yours to the cleaners and now it is covered in spaghetti sauce / baby vomit / insert gross item here? I’ve stopped wearing my favorite things now because I want to be at my most comfortable when I am surrounded by 2500 of my closest friends.

And in the spirit of wardrobe freakouts, I say to you:

5. Put the Chevron DOWN!

You know which clothes you have that make you feel good. BRING THOSE. Now is not the time to try to stuff yourself in to that dress that’s been hanging in the back of your closet for “just the right time” or that pair of capri pants that you “love but don’t quite fit the right way.” Please, do yourself a favor and BE YOU. Dress like you are hanging out with your best friends for a fun girls weekend. People want to get to know the REAL YOU. Not the Pinterest version of you, or what you THINK people want to see from you. Do you wear really awesome scarves and jeans every day? ROCK IT! Would you rather pluck your eye brow hairs out one by one than be caught in a chevron maxi dress? THEN DON’T WEAR ONE! Please don’t think that you have to change your clothes four times a day or pretend like you are something that you are not. Be authentic.

And if you are a fashion girl who can’t live without chevron, scarves, and changing her clothes for every session, GO FOR IT! The point is to be authentically YOU. That’s one of the things that I love about BlogHer: Getting to know real people whom I read about and engage online with the other 11 months out of the year. Some of my best memories from last year were the conversations I had with amazing people who were REAL. Those are the relationships that I continue to maintain—both with brands and other bloggers.

If you are interested to meet the real Jennifer, I’ll be floating around BlogHer the entire weekend. You can check my sidebar for an awesome array of #BlogHer14 bling. And you can definitely find me on Thursday at Pathfinder Day’s, “The Path to Business Owner”. I’ll most likely be wearing jeans and a sarcastic t-shirt. Because that’s how I roll!

See you in San Jose!!


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