Listen to the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Audio Now Available

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The #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us audio files are here and ready for you! The files are organized in conference order and are also available in the official #BlogHer15 agenda for your listening pleasure.

#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us was our best conference yet, so you don't want to miss any of these sessions. Start from the beginning and don't forget to live-tweet with the #BlogHer15 hashtag to share the session love.



Online Life and Culture: Where Does Personal Storytelling Fit In Today’s Social Mediasphere?

Storytelling Builds Bridges -- I Want You To #KnowMe: Storytelling about Special Needs Parenting and Disability

Social Media Bootcamp -- Social Media Optimization: Which Tools Rule for You?

The Creative Life -- Focus & Organization: Tips and Tactics to Focus on Your Content and Get More of It Done

The Visual Web: Mobile Photo Editing

You As A Brand: Personal Brand for Creatives

Your Business Momentum: Branded Content Long Form

Next Generation: Breaking Stereotypes and Building Self-Esteem, brought to you by Dove

Online Life & Culture: What #gamergate Means for You

Storytelling Builds Bridges: I Want You To #KnowMe -- Storytelling from the LGBTQ POV: It's More than Marriage Equality

Social Media Boot Camp | Lightning Lessons in the Latest: LinkedIn, Google+ Hangouts On Air, and Twitter

The Creative Life: Blog to Book, Your Content, Your Proposal, Your Platform

The Visual Web: Be a Better Instagrammer

You As a Brand: Breaking Free to Build a More Authentic, Meaningful Personal Brand

Your Business Momentum: Branded Content for Social Media

Next Generation: Raising Great Digital Citizens -- Media Literacy and Online Boundaries

Online Life & Culture: When You’re “Too Much” for Your Audience, Be It Your Profanity, Politics, or…

Storytelling Builds Bridges: I Want You To#KnowMe -- Storytelling About Living with Mental Health Issues

Social Media Bootcamp: Lightning Lessons on the Latest -- Snapchat/Periscope/Meerkat; Tumblr

The Creative Life: Crafting a Commercial, *Publishable* Memoir

The Visual Web: Video Content Development and Storyboarding

You As A Brand: Brands on Bloggers

Next Generation -- Gaming: It’s a Good Thing

Your Business Momentum: Viewability and Other Changing Industry Standards

Next Generation: Understanding FOMO, Like-Anxiety, and the Like-Cycle

Online Life & Culture -- Find Your Medici: Building Patronage to Support Your Creative Life

Storytelling Builds Bridges: I Want You To #KnowMe -- #YouOKSis, #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and More. Storytelling from Behind the Hashtags

Social Media Boot Camp: Lightning Lessons on the Latest -- Facebook and Pinterest

The Creative Life: "Kill All Your Darlings" (Editors and Editing)

The Visual Web -- VIDEO: How-To, from Tech, to Promotion, to Leveraging Your Assets

Your Business Momentum -- Partnerships: Identifying Promising Collaborators, Building Relationships, and The Art of Assessing Your ROI from Various Value Positions