Have You Always Wanted to Speak at BlogHer? The #BlogHer16 Call for Speakers and Ideas Is OPEN!

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*Update: The Call for Speakers and Ideas closed on November 30, 2015.*

A couple of months ago, we announced #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us,  is heading to Los Angeles for the first time! Today, we're opening our Call for Speaker and Ideas—and can’t wait to hear your suggestions.


Have You Always Wanted to Speak at BlogHer? The #BlogHer16 Call for Speakers and Ideas Is OPEN!


What We're Looking For

The Call for Speakers and Ideas lets you help build the conference you want to attend. Let us know what topics you'd like to hear discussed or which speakers you think would be a great addition to this year's roster. You can submit:

  • Speakers: Submit yourself, or submit someone else you think would be a great speaker. When submitting a speaker, use the available bio/qualifications section of the submission form to help us understand why you, or the person you suggest, would be a great speaker... and the topic you think is a perfect match. The more context you provide, the easier it is for us to find the right slot for someone! 
  • Topics: Submit a topic (or an angle on a topic) that you think has been missing from our program, whether or not you're submitting yourself as a potential speaker.
  • A full session concept: Submit a session as you'd like to see it presented, complete with co-speakers (if a panel), takeaways for the audience, etc.

If you're submitting a speaker, here's what we're looking for:

  • Accomplished speakers and instructors who represent the rich diversity of the blogging community
  • Speakers and instructors with relevant experience or success around a topic—even if they don't necessarily have a lot of prior speaking experience
  • Experienced moderators who have experience managing panel discussions

And please note: We set a goal to feature predominantly new voices each year, so if you (or your suggested speaker) has not previously spoken at the annual conference, that's an advantage!

If you're submitting a topic or session, it would be helpful to flesh it out as much as possible. What format do you think would be most effective? Presentation? Hands-on workshop? Discussion panel? Interview? If you're suggesting multiple speakers, think about what kind of diverse perspectives you're including. We don't want a row of nodding heads!

Tips for Submissions

And here are a few more tips I always like to share:

  • Sharing your credentials is awesome, but don't stop there.Tell us how you can contribute something new and valuable to the #BlogHer16 audience (and tell us what that new and valuable thing is!)
  • If you're proposing a panel, be clear about whether this is your pie-in-the-sky wish list of speakers or whether you've gauged the other speakers' interest already.
  • We typically won't do a panel of multiple people from the same site or business. Pick one representative, and then further populate with other interesting people. We like to spread the speaking love.
  • We often receive multiple submissions around similar themes, and we will often synthesize these submissions into new, combined sessions.

Where to Submit

Once the Call for Ideas closes on Monday, November 30, we'll take all the great ideas you share with us and synthesize them to help create the agenda for next August's conference. We should begin announcing programming after the New Year.

Check out past conference agendas to get a sense of what's worked in the past, and what new ideas you add to #BlogHer16. When you're ready, submit your speaker, topic, and session ideas here, and be sure to register for #BlogHer16* now.

Be creative, be imaginative, be original. Most of all: Be part of our annual event!

* If you're selected to speak, we'll refund your ticket, but we get many more submissions than we can put on stage each year, and you don't want to miss Super Early Bird pricing!


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