#BlogHer17 Brings Back Food Expo

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Today I’m announcing a new addition to #BlogHer17 this June in Orlando that also affects our Food Conference. We are merging a food focus back into the annual conference this June, meaning we’re introducing everything from a new food-focused program track to a new “Food Pavilion” sponsor area in the Expo.

Eight years ago, with food as our largest content category, we broke out and started the first BlogHer Food Conference. It started as one day and about 300 people, but it eventually grew. Over the past five years it has settled in to a very familiar routine and a very stable size.

But two things happened:

Not entirely unexpectedly, our food community ended up being in the position of choosing between our two major conferences, and their presence at our annual conference waned. This has felt like more and more of a miss in the last few years. If food creators drive so much traffic, interest and engagement, and if food content has been part of the growth story of so many emerging social platforms over the last few years, then food creators seem like a necessary component to serve the mission of our annual conference.

The other thing that happened is that creators have become less niche-ified over the past 8 years. You’ve probably seen a lot of parenting bloggers expand to talk about travel, or food, or crafts, or other topics. The same thing has happened with our food community. More and more general “lifestyle” bloggers are involved because food is part of everyone’s life. And more and more food bloggers are branching into these same broader lifestyle categories.

The bottom line is that we want our annual conference to be the one place where we all come together across interests, across demographics, across platforms… and so this year we’re taking steps to make that happen.

It’s obviously important to us to do this to make the most of our annual conference, but we also think it will turn out to be important for the food community of both attendees and sponsors, expanding your circle to include more folks who will be very interested in what you’re doing.

And we are creating multiple ways to spotlight what you’re doing to make your welcome (back) to the annual conference as fun and easy as possible:

• We’ll be introducing a “Food Pavilion” area in the Expo to feature our food sponsors
• We've already introduced a new Food Photography category to the Voices of the Year, so we can honor the scrumptious work of food bloggers
• We’re integrating food-focused speakers into every track of the existing program
• But perhaps most excitingly: We’re adding a new Food track to the program, and we’re looking for our food experts to be a part of it.

The Food Track:

As of today we’ve opened up a new submission form, and we are looking for our experts in the following topics:

1. Food Photography for Your Blog, for Instagram, for cookbooks
2. Food Career Options: Have You Turned Your Best Recipe into a Product? Or Become a Professional Recipe Developer?
3. The Good, Bad & Ugly of Cookbook Publishing
4. The Latest Success Tactics on Pinterest
5. Un-Bore Your Brand: How to Expand, Evolve, or Just Switch Up Your Brand as a Creative
6. Brands and Bloggers Working Together in the Food Vertical
7. The Future of Food Blogging: Teens and Tweens Cooking Online

Go to this link to share your expertise, pedigree and credentials to speak on these topics (one submission per topic) and we will be circling back to add the Food Track to the program as quickly as we can. Deadline is end of day February 21st, so don’t let that time speed by without submitting.

What else is coming for Events in 2017?

As we make this change to our conference schedule, we are also planning to launch a brand new series of smaller, regional events that highlight all of SheKnows Media’s community-driven initiatives that serve our mission. You may remember The Pitch and Wine + Gyn from their activations at our annual conference, and we want to bring those to more cities, along with our Hatch program for tweens and teens, and even add other targeted events that speak to our core SheKnows content areas that include parenting, health and, yes, food, too.

We’ll be working to release a schedule of all the opportunities to see SheKnows where you are, but we certainly hope you’ll come to where we are this June in Orlando! You can still register with earlybird pricing here until February 28th. 

Come to our Facebook page to discuss and ask any questions you may have.

Or feel free to email the team at conferences@sheknows.com if you have a private question.