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The BlogHer '12 Conference in New York is -- counts on fingers, hold on -- three weeks away. If you're not planning to go, you may be unhappy about this, especially the part about how everyone on Twitter is talking about it nonstop, all the time. BlogHer BlogHer BlogHer! New York! BlogHer stuff! Posts! Things!

I know what this feels like, missing a conference. All the tweets about fun and friends and great conversations and food and swag and myriad Instagrams of people having So! Much! Fun! Without me. Boo!

That said, don't be sad. Because we know this, and we will miss you, too. We'll miss you so much, in fact, that we are not letting you go that easily. We want to keep you involved in the conference through our BlogHeratHome Twitter feed!

Way back in 2009, Nic (@mybottlesup) and Jenn (@PrincessJenn) launched BlogHeratHome on Twitter, as a way for people not making the trip to Chicago to get together online, commiserate, build community, and, yes, participate in fun giveaways. After two more successful efforts during the New York and San Diego conferences in 2010 and 2011, these generous ladies offered us the keys to the account this year.

We said yes, of course -- a very big yes, and send a great big thank you to Nic and Jenn, for launching the account and keeping it alive and well for three great BlogHer Conference years. We look forward to continuing the tradition, with your help.

What can you expect from BlogHeratHome on Twitter?

  • Me! I will be your tour guide on the ground in NYC, sharing conference highlights, from panels to the expo floor to parties. I'll be Tweeting, Instagramming, Pinteresting, oh my, from wherever and whatever I think will be interesting to you. I've been around and the conference since 2006. I truly love this event -- I call it my yearly high school reunion without all that awkward adolescent history -- and I am so excited and honored (and I use that word sparingly, honestly, but it's true) to share it with all of you. Mostly because I want you to come next year, but we won't talk about that. Yet.
  • Friends! Twitter friends, that is. If you're bummed you're not going to BlogHer, or if you're just interested in what all the fuss is about, chances are you'll meet like-minded writers, photographers, bloggers, social media fans, you name it, just by following along with the #blogherathome and #blogher12 hashtags. Besides the 4,000 nearest and dearest friends descending on New York, there are thousands more of you out there, believe it, and you know what they say about strangers just being friends you haven't met yet? Yes, they say that. So, jump into the conversation. Tell us about you. Have fun. Hopefully you'll come away with some great new follows and followers, blogs to read, and who knows what else? Great things can happen on Twitter, I believe it, because they have happened to me.
  • Stuff! Because no, it's not all about the swag, but we know you like it anyway. We're putting together some fun and interactive ways for you to get in the running for giveaways from our sponsors, as well as some BlogHer conference bags, and other goodies that we hope will make you happy you showed up from the comfort of your living room (or bed, or front porch, or wherever you're most comfortable).

Of course there will be more, but those are the basics for now. So do not wait one more minute. Head over to Twitter, and follow @BlogHeratHome. The action will ramp up a lot over the next few weeks, and I'll be around every day from now through the conference to keep tabs on all of you as the pre-con chatter steps up.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to check out how two bloggers got ready for what they called "HomeHer 2011" last year, watch this video from Christine (@TheAumsMama) at The Aums and Liz (@sixyearitch) from Six Year Itch. Key points: sweats are totally appropriate party gear, swag may or may not equal laundry, and Liz has inspired in me a new and peculiar desire to "make it rain" business cards.

You can follow along with all of the conference action -- agenda, sponsors, attendees, you name it -- at the BlogHer 2012 conference page. Dive in -- there are so many ways to learn and connect, whether you're going to New York or not. (I promise. It's true.)

BlogHer '12 at Home

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Besides joining us on Twitter, what are your plans for BlogHer at Home? Have you gone before and can't make it this year? Are you disappointed? No? Just curious? Great. Please let us know.

And yes, it's totally fine to talk about shoes.


Contributing Editor Laurie White writes at LaurieWrites. Her photos are on Flickr. 


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