#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Pinterest

Social Media Bootcamp: Pinterest

These tools are constantly evolving. This session will explore best practices for building your community and audience, with a special focus on understanding policies in place to keep in mind if doing commercial or client work.

Gaby Dalkin, What's Gaby Cooking
Kalyn Denny, Kalyn's Kitchen

Pinterest 101

• Pinterest a discovery tool visual search engine

pins should be helpful, thoughtful & detailed descriptions (echo keywords from blog) 
beautiful great imagery,  simply text overlay, vertical actionable / rich pins

Hashtags ~ don't really matter on PT, unless if/when working with a brand

Plan ahead (have an editorial calendar) usually built out content three months in advance

Scheduling services ~ you must be using a scheduler, even if it's a premium service. 

PT is the only social media platform where you're saving and sharing simultaneously.  Viral Tag and Board Booster, recommended

Some may use Tailwind, Buffer is also able to schedule, but it's more cumbersome

Lists ~ "Top 5 Dinner Idea" etc pins work well

For mobile use, use hover pin

Pin it button on website


Kalyn Top Ten

1. Sell yourself ~ your Pntereset profile should be an advertisement for your blog. If someone wants to follow you, your profile is your elevator pitch. Make yourself USEFUL. Change the top boards to reflect seasonal changes. Niche content.

2. Cross pollinate ~ include a PIN IT link in other social media post: feature/tweet a seasonal board (get screen cap), share boards useful at a certain time of year, link to certain boards (ie Meatless Monday), repurpose archived content 

3. Brand your pins / include YourBlogName.com and your blog's main keywords in every pin, pins should also include words that "sell" the recipe (ie "foolproof"), pick a font, use exclusively in your content so that ppl can associate your content with you, YourBlogName.com goes in alt tags, too.

4. Create targeted boards / Reach a broader group of followers by having specialized, more narrowly focused board. Gives people an opportunity to pick and choose/follow your content. Some target boards may be better as "group boards."

5. Think outside your niche / use dedicated boards to say 'thank you' and build good blogging karma

6. Power launch new pins / Pin first to your most powerful boards, then schedule pins out as far as possible. Create "secret board" as a pin "staging area" or queue so that you have access to the content you wish to schedule. After initial launch pin, use Viral Tag (schedule subsequent pins).

7. Join the group / Group boards can expand your reach when used wisely. Also more of a "longtail" pin "echo," whoever has the most followers should start the board, etiquette ~ don't' do business in comments on boards. If you want to ask to join a group board, best option is direct email (backchannel). Once it reaches more than 10 pinners, it gets too saturated. Be aware of how many pins per day are the norm for the group. Repin others boards on occasion. 

8. Pin it again / your best content and most popular pins should be continuously looping. If you don't use Board Booster, you can manually visit a board each day and repin 5 things from it. Create a secret board for your most popular pins and schedule those again.

9. Size matters / Long pins embedded in a post are the gift that keeps on giving, 70% more repins for long pins, Google "how to hide a pin," you can also hire a VA to build your pins

10. Love yourself / Don't give more Pinterest time to other blogs than you do to your own


Gaby Top Ten

1. Keep it ON BRAND / make sure that everything falls under your brand umbrella, especially valuable when working with brands

2. Create a lifestyle /aspirational AND attainable

3. Know your audience / age and lifestyle compared to other platforms 

(need to be a Verified. Get verified if not)

4. Expanding your brand / travel, lifestyle, entertaining etc.

Create specific boards that are verticals for brands

5. Make new friends / branch out and find new content creators and support their work

6. Group boards vs individual pins / what's legal in the eyes of Pinterest

You cannot be paid per pin. You must create a BRAND-SPECIFIC board 

Curate a group board

7 Hashtags for brands only

8. Work in a time frame / working with sponsors on Pinterest boards doesn't mean these boards have to live forever 

You can migrate content later

9. Be upfront with your knowledge / let brands know what works for you that's why they are hiring you 

specific colors

"gooey"? ~ more brownies perhaps 

Best Practices

Take into consideration the time, based on who you're trying to reach (ie young moms vs single women at the office

Deleting pins ~ worth it?

Kayln "I do delete pins (rarely, and only when I see a looping board that no longer relevant to your brand). 

Gaby ~ Your follower count will go down in the short term, but long term not harmful (because you're "pruning")

Deleting boards ~ worth it?

Pinterest ranking ~ the more you pin to a board, the better its ranking (Pinscore)

Higher pinscore, means greater weighting for your pins

Guidelines to starting a group project

Ideal number of boards

Be aware of dead links ~ make sure that the content has structural integrity, real content

Pin from ppl you know

Promote your Pinterest profile on the other channels 

Get verified


Q Please describe the secret board process

A When I make a long pin, I use Pin Monkey, and then on subsequent days, I return to the secret board so that they're all in one place.


Q If you are creating content for a brand that doesn't live on your site what can you do?

A You can create the content and have it pinned on the brand


Q When I cull my boards, how do I rebuild my follower count on what's remaining?

A Invest in a scheduling service. That way, you're always in front of people. Announce on your blog "I redid my Pins, come and join me!"


Q How can you tell they're your most "powerful" boards

A Follower count, repines, ratio of followers to pinners to a specific board


Q How do you handle wild fluctuations in your response? repin rates etc

A See if tech is behind it


Q  What's the benefit of using Board Booster and Viral Tag?

A Kalyn, "I use Board Booster specifically for the looping feature."


Q How much time do you spend on Pinterest? 

A About an hour and a half, which includes exploration, scheduling. This is a team effort, though, including cleaning up content, keywords, designing long pins, embedding.


Q How many pins per day do you recommend?

A At least twenty, but as many as 80 (the higher number reflects scheduled, looped, other content). 


Q How do you feel about general boards v specific? Should you split them into little boards?

A Create a few boards that are siloed (ie desserts into brownies, pie, cakes etc)


Q How long should your pins be?

A. After a certain length, Pinterest makes the decision for you 600(wide)x1800(long) (google "optimum size for images on Pinterest").