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October 7 - Day 1
Time Event
8:00am Breakfast Brought To You by Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread
9:00am Welcome and Lightning Lessons
11:00am Break with Sponsors
11:30am Lunch Keynote | Opportunities to Grow Beyond Your Blog
1:00pm Break with Sponsors
1:30pm Session #1
Social Media Bootcamp | Instagram Photo Styling
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Cookbook Publishing, With or Without Huge Numbers
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Food in the Center of Cultural Conversations, Not Just the Table
In The Kitchen | The Latest on Healthy Eating, Cooking, and Recipe Development
AV Food Club | Creating an Awesome Food Podcast
3:00pm Session #2
AV Food Club | How to Create Great Videos When You're A One-Woman Show
In The Kitchen | A Sample Cooking Class
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Super-Efficient Photo Shoots
Social Media Bootcamp | Building Traffic on Facebook: How to Boost & What to Post
4:15pm Break with Sponsors
5:00pm Evening Keynote: Food and Dish with the Stars of "Smollett Eats"
6:00pm Welcome Reception
October 8 - Day 2
Time Event
8:30am Breakfast
9:30am Morning Keynote | The Pitch: Food Edition at #BlogHerFood16
10:30am Break with Sponsors
11:00am Session #3
Social Media Bootcamp | Snapchat for Foodies
AV Food Club | Learn How To Make Your Own GIFs
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Working with Brands
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Mining Your Data to Segment Your Audience and Target Appropriately
12:15pm Food Excursion
2:45pm Session #4
Social Media Bootcamp | The Perfect Pin: New Pinterest Techniques That Work
In The Kitchen | Live Broadcasting: Dynamic New Ways to Create a Cooking Show
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Productivity and Efficiency: Get More of the Important Stuff Done
The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Grad School for Bloggers: Next-Level Goals
4:00pm Break with Sponsors
5:00pm Closing Keynote: What It Takes to Be a Celebrity-Chef
7:00pm Closing Party: Maggie Mae's


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Hilton Austin

Average Cost:
Call 1 (800) 774-1500 for current rate
Pool, gym, cafe, tavern, and 24-hour room service



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