BlogHers Act Canada September Challenge: Back to School/Work/Daycare With Less Packaging

The AWESOME bloggers of BlogHers Act Canada have kicked off their 12-month initiative to make a difference on their chosen issue - the environment. This month their theme is "less packaging."

From the site:

BlogHers Act Canada's 12-months of personal eco-challenges. Each month we'll embrace a different eco-issue we can make changes in our own lives to help the environment. And for September, on this first day of back to school/work/daycare, we are challenging ourselves to do it with less packaging.

About 10% of every one of your shopping dollars is used to pay for packaging of the products you buy. And it's reported that approximately 30% of municipal waste comes from packaging. Thirty percent. I cringe every time I look in my shopping cart that is filled with more packaging than the goods they encase. Packaging that ends up in my recycling bin as soon as I get home.

So, BlogHers Act Canada's is suggesting some of these very cool ideas:

~ Stop drinking water from plastic water bottles and fill up reusable containers instead. We use billions of plastic water bottles each day and most still end up in landfills.

~ Stop buying other single-serve, disposable beverages too like canned pop or juice boxes. Buy the larger containers and pour into reusable bottles to bring along for lunch.

~ Save the world one Java at time. Instead of disposable coffee cups from your local barista, bring your own coffee mug or thermos and fill 'er up.

~ Buy groceries in bulk. Consider "family sized" items that use less packaging or go to the bulk food bins - you'll save money too!

~ Order less Take-out. Pack your lunch or eat in to reduce the amount of take-out disposable packaging. Or, if you do have to eat out - skip the drink lid and straw.

Our eating habits aren't the only place we can make a difference. Here are some other shopping tips for the back-to-school time of year:

~ Look for refillable pens.
~ Use rechargeable batteries.
~ Buy school/office supplies in bulk.
~ Hit thrift stores and yard sales to reuse and repurpose items like funky retro fashions and decor for your college dorm room.

Aren't they so KICK-A? Way to go Canada, this is going to be an exciting, productive, save-the-world year.

On that note, stay tuned, we've got some really, really great actions in the works for BlogHers Act - Maternal Health. We are so fired up to get started! We'll be talking with you soon.

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