BlogHers ACT Canada's April Challenge: Teaching Kids to Go Green!

April's Challenge has been introduced over at BlogHers ACT Canada. This month, we are teaching our kids to go green! What better message to impress upon kids in the month we celebrate Earth Day?

This first week of April, we're focusing on discovering great books for teaching kids about the environment.

We want to know all about the books you are reading to your kids about
the environment. The book that comes to mind might not be focused
entirely on the environment or eco-living, necessarily, but still
instill awareness of the earth around us. (E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web
comes to mind for me, personally.) This is the time and place to make
an all-important recommendation, and you can make that recommendation
either here in our comments section, or in a blog post of your own,
linking back to this site. Your post might be a book or website review.
It might also simply be a quick little list of books about eco-living
for kids. It could be a story about an experience you’ve had with kids
who have taught YOU something about going green!…It is our
hope that at the end of the month, we will have a fantastic resource
here…a list of recommended books about the environment that parents can
consult from time to time.

In week two, we'll be exploring ways that kids can spread the messages they learn at home to other children.

In week three, we'll be celebrating Earth Day with a contest, as well as talking about how kids can garden, teaching children where food comes from, and the importance of growing food organically.

Finally, in the last week of April, we'll be discussing David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge for Kids.

Please join us in these fun and important discussions, and feel free to participate in our book review activity. It doesn't matter if you are Canadian...we are all citizens of earth and these messages are universal.


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