BlogHers ACT Canada's May Challenge: Greener Gardening!

This month at BlogHers ACT Canada, we're going to be focusing on Greener Gardening.  This month's first post zeroes in on some great web content that will provide any gardener who aims to garden in a more green manner with some great tips for getting started.

Later this month, stay tuned for:

  • Week Two, May 12:  Compost!  We'll show you how to turn your kitchen
    scraps and garden waste into compost, which will immeasurably help
    improve the quality of your soil.
  • Week Three, May 19:  Consumer awareness.  In preparation for
    Canada’s busiest gardening weekend, we’ll talk about gardening products
    and plants that are green-friendly, and those that should be avoided.
  • Week Four, May 26:  Go organic.  What exactly does “organic” mean? 
    In short, it means different things to different groups and different
    people.  We’ll try to clear up some of the cloudiness around this
    definition, allowing you to garden in a more environmentally friendly

Please check us out!


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