BlogHers Act: Next steps

"It is amazing what a a woman and her friends can do."

Out of this incredible, intense and mobilizing weekend, it feels like the wind of the windy city is at all of our backs as we move forward on the BlogHers Act initiative to make a difference on global health over the next 12 months.

To re-cap, look here over the next few days for:

1) Research and input we are gathering from leading experts and organizations, including UNICEF, The World Bank and Care, on the issues and approaches they recommend we focus on. If you have an organization or expert you would like us to contact, please leave that information in the comments below or email us at The same goes for types of actions you are thinking about that we could do, let us know your ideas.

2) We encourage you to weigh in once again, as it will be important we do what we can to narrow our focus if possible. We can do so many things but the measurable success will also come from figuring out specific issues and projects as well. Again, please let us know where you would like to go with this project.

3) Based on the input we get, in a couple weeks we will be issuing one more poll - very quick, I question - which will help us narrow down the scope of what you collectively want to get behind.

4) Another way to have input, and we encourage you to join it, is to get on the BlogHers Act listserv. Again, email us and we will add your name to the list. We are inputing names this week and expect to be operational with the list in a few days.

Many thanks, and to those in Chicago, it was an honor to meet all of you.


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