BlogHers of A Certain Age Who Aren't "Mommies"

This post about looking for "middle-aged" bloggers got me to thinking. First of all, what the hell is middle-age these days?  I'm almost 40 (less than a month to go!), and I spend less time thinking about age than I do about not being a mother in terms of blogging, as well as in general.  I'm not trying to start a war or anything, but sometimes, it's hard to be a non "mommy blogger" for a lot of reasons (monetary being one of them).  Don't get me wrong. It's been my choice not to have children, a choice I have never regretted, nor do I begrudge motherhood for anyone who wants that for themselves. But as comfortable as I am with my choices--as a single, almost middle-aged woman without children--I am beginning to feel like a real rarity in the America and any place I have to check boxes (like BlogHer).  I also realize that there are many women and men who would like to have children can cannot for various reasons.  And because theirs is not a choice, its not as easy to explain. 

Anyway, I grew up as the oldest of over 60 cousins and was a nanny so know as much about rearing children as anyone can who doesn't actually have one of their own.  That's not what this is about--its about getting stuck when one tries to categorize oneself into neat categories.  I know many "mommy bloggers" hate being thought of as, well, mommy bloggers--as if that's all they are.  I thought this could be a really interesting conversation.  Sometimes I feel like being a single, non-mother is a revolutionary act--at least I hope so the way some people react!  Of course, for me, choosing to be a mother would probably be even more revolutionary, but that's another story! Thoughts about not fitting into neat categories out there?  Did I read correctly--is there a session at BlogHer about being a non mommy-blogger at BlogHer?


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