BlogHers Review Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candies

Werther’s Original Sugar Free 
Turns out, you don’t need sugar to be sweet!

There are many reasons to cut back on sugar, but there’s no good reason to cut back on taste. That’s why all our Werther’s Original Sugar Free varieties are made with real butter and fresh cream – following the tradition that started it all.

Our Sugar Free Werther’s have 40% fewer calories than our regular Hard Candies, yet consumers have told us they can hardly taste a difference. That’s a huge compliment. And it has encouraged us to craft new flavor combinations like Caramel Coffee and Caramel Mint, providing variety in a candy segment that’s often short of good-tasting choices.

Now we’ve created yet another delicious flavor: Sugar Free Caramel Cinnamon Hard Candies. It’s first coming to Walmart in April, before being rolled out to other retailers later this summer. Give it a try - we hope you’ll enjoy it.

While our Werther’s classic Sugar Free caramels are sold in the majority of retailers nationwide, we’re making it easy to find all Sugar Free varieties. Please visit our website and check out our “where to buy” feature. It puts anything Werther’s on a map for you!

10 BlogHers tried Werther's Sugar free.  Read each of the reviews below for more information, including how they incorporated the tasty candy into their diet!

Melody, of Cheat Day café started a Biggest Loser competition and has been dropping pounds. Read about how the candies fit into her diet plan.

Kendra, of Kendras Keepings, a candy-a-holic, has a tough time staying away from sweets.  She was thrilled when she tried the new Werther’s Sugar Free flavors as it satisfied her sweet tooth and diet plan.

“Caramel is like that perfect little black dress. It goes with many of my favorite things. And to get a guilt-free hit of caramel's richness, knowing that Blood Sugar can't say anything about it, makes this girl smile.” – Said Julie, of Octamom.

Amy, of This Northern Life is not normally a fan of sugar free candy.  Did Werther’s change her mind??  Read and find out.

Gail, of Shrinking Sisters said- “They taste almost exactly like the regular Werther’s Originals, and there’s no icky artificial aftertaste. My fave flavors are the Caramel Coffee and Caramel Mint.”

“Werther's sent me several varieties of their sugar free candies. I love the buttery richness of Werther's so I was curious to see if the sugar free fare would live up. And it did.”- Said Leigh Ann, of Multi Minding Mom.

“I was really excited when BlogHer asked me to be one of the Werther's Sugar Free candy reviewers, because it fit in perfectly with my sweet tooth needs, and my "not eating my own weight in ice cream and Girls Scout Cookies nightly" goal. “ Said Cat, of Wishbone Clover.

Deborah, of Vodka Mom, found the sugar free candies to be the perfect treat as she continues on her weight loss plan.

“Trying to balance a sweet tooth and a healthy diet isn't easy.”- Said Jessica of Oh the JoysFind out how the candy satisfied her sweet tooth.

"Oh, this one's the best." "Oh, wait, no, *this* one's the best." "No, this one!" – Said Liz, of Everyday Goddess,  as she tasted her candies and tried to pick her favorite.