BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame: CNN's Talking 'Bout Jesse's "Man Trances" but Kotex Can't Say "Vagina" on National TV?

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Tiger and Jesse Couldn't Help Sleazing -- They Were in a "Man Trance"

Writing for CNN, professor of clinical psychiatry Louann Brizendine blames men's brains for their cheating -- instead of the obvious organ.

Fired on Facebook: Let's Call It "De-Doocing"

A U.K. cookie shop fired a teenage employee by posting the news to her Facebook wall.

Even the Constitution Isn't Enough to Let a Lesbian Put on a Tux

A federal judge ruled that a Mississippi school violated Constance McMillen's rights by canceling her prom rather than letting her bring her girlfriend -- but still won't force the school to hold the prom.


...But Who Should Play Marlboro Man?

News that blogger Pioneer Woman's story is turning into a movie -- possibly starring Reese Witherspoon -- is proof that the Internet wins.

Kotex' New Ad Campaign Is "I'm On a Horse" For Your Period

This commercial was so good we asked Kotex to set the record straight: Yes, all the clips in this commercial are from global Kotex ads. And here's what Kotex has to say about the rumor that three TV networks banned the ad for its use of the word vagina: "While we cannot comment on specific networks, we can confirm that the word "Vagina" cannot be used in a TV commercial, and none of our ads use that word." (Note: Full disclosure: Kotex is a BlogHer sponsor.)

Girl Recites Pi, Balances Books, Solves Rubik's Cube, Rawks

What with Pi Day, Ada Lovelace Day and Tolkien Reading Day and the surge of popularity for booksonmyhead's particular skill set -- March 2010 is shaping up as a fantastic month for girl geeks.

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