BlogHer's Wall of Shame (and Fame): Dooce in D.C., Tiny Tony Montana, Bondage, Booze and the RNC

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Welcome to BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame, where we can't make this stuff up, it's so crazy good and bad. Below you'll find:

Wall of Shame:
Bondage, Booze and the RNC: Whatever Happened to GOLFING?
Bieber Fever: The Popster Won't Stop Trending
VIDEO: Lil' Scarface -- Fake Video, Real Kids
The Game We Really Really Have to KO for our Daughters

Wall of Fame:
Q&A with Heather Armstrong as she Heads to the White House
VIDEO: "Sesame Street"+Lady Gaga=Yip Yip on the Telephone
Bloggers Rally Around WhyMommy, Fighting Cancer Again
Crafty Bits: A New Way to Warm Him Up

And now for the good stuff...


Bondage, Booze and the RNC: Whatever Happened to GOLFING as a Way for Republicans to Network?

RNC Chair Michael Steele fired a staffer who put the "party" in "Republican Party," landing Steele in hot water after spending reports reveal nearly $2K in visits to a saucy nightclub favored by Lindsay Lohan and ritzy hotels.

Bieber Fever: The Popster Won't Stop Trending, While His Manager Is Arrested for "Failure to Tweet"

Sixteen-year-old tween idol and social media superstar Justin Bieber's manager Scott "Scooter" Braun was arrested for failure to tweet fast enough. The end of the world is at hand.

No Honey, You Can't Play the Rape-a-Girl game, You Have Homework

Though it was banned from shelves after an outcry last year, CNN reports that the terrifyingly graphic, stalk-em-and-rape-em (and even urge them to have an abortion) Japanese video game RapeLay is still easily downloadable all over the Internet.

VIDEO: Lil' Scarface -- Fake Video, Real Kids. It's So Adorable When They Call the Tiny Prostitute a B-Word

You see this and first go "Awww, cute babies, and I love this movie" and then maybe "Awesome, an alternative to elementary school High School Musical" and maybe even "OMG cocaine popcorn!" but then you hear all the "motherfudgers" and they sound even sleazier than real swears and you wonder what exactly where these kids' parents are and you start feeling really gross about the whole thing. And then you learn it's a fake viral video whose masterminds are dishing some weaksauce talk about it being "satirically viral." Um, those kids look pretty real to us.


Q&A: Why Heather Armstrong of Dooce Heads to the White House

Women bloggers once again go to Washington to rub shoulders with our country's lawmakers -- this time, Dooce's Heather Armstrong and BlogHer Contributing Editor Morra Aarons-Mele join a forum talking with the Obama Administration about flexibility in the workplace.

VIDEO: "Sesame Street" + Lady Gaga = Yip Yip on the Telephone

Can the mashup of Gaga's "Telephone" with the classic Yip Yips telephone sketch ever be topped? Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. More proof that the Muppets are social media geniuses.

"Army of Women" Rallies Around WhyMommy Susan Niebur as She Fights Cancer --Again

When the Toddler Planet blogger battled inflammatory breast cancer in 2007, she used her fight as an opportunity to galvanize hundreds of fellow bloggers to teach about its warning signs. And with the news that there has been a local regional recurrence, Team WhyMommy is still right there with her.

Crafty Bits: A New Way To Warm Him Up

What to give to the man who has everything? Why, a crocheted penis warmer, of course! (Next up, coochie cozy?)


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