Blogiversary: Unexpected Lessons from One Year of Blogging

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That’s what’s important. If I get one person who after reading a post says, “Me too,” I am a success in my eyes.

There is a world full of people to whom I belong. I grew up not feeling like I belonged anywhere. Everywhere I’ve gone, I have always been Too Much or Not Enough. Through blogging, I have met people who are like me – quirky, funny, bookish, artistic people who dream too big and maybe don’t want to live life by the book. These people are priceless to me – you know who you are, and I love you all.

I will make mistakes, and that’s okay. I’ve hurt people’s feelings. Not everything I’ve written has been stellar. I am not perfect.

You hear that, inner-voice? I am not perfect.

And that’s okay. I am doing what I love, with people I love. For now, that is enough.

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