BlogRush - The newest, coolest Blog Syndication Network?

It is on very, very limited occasion that I step into the conversation of blogs and codes and blog technology.  Quite frankly, I find most of it overwhelming, confusing and over-hyped by people that are able to manipulate sites like Delicious, Technorati, Digg, etc. to their advantage and I am left with no advantage at all not to mention another username and password to remember.

However, I have mentioned that I love EASY TO USE technology in my recent review of the super easy Flip Video and the Jitterbug phone for seniors Flip N' Jitterbug - Amazing Product Reviews!!! 

A while ago I added this internet guru guy, Andy Beard to my Goggle Reader.  (and, I only read his stuff on my Goggle Reader because his site takes FOREVER to load as I am sure it is filled with all kinds of secret internet coded whatever stuff).  Well, this morning Andy Beard is endorsing a new blog syndication network called BlogRush.  Andy said that he likes the guy who is running it, John Reese (had something to do with Digg, I think) and that he feels there is enough capital behind them to keep them in business for the long run.

Because I enrolled my Expecting Executive Blog under the Parenting & Family category, every time someone opens one of my blog entries, they will see 5 other blog posts relating to Parenting & Family.  I have already noticed that several of the blog entries shown are written by many of my favorite mommy bloggers! 

I watched the video they was easy to understand and helpful!  It really only took me 5 minutes to sign up and install the widget.  They are still in their beta phase so some of the links on their website are under development.

The big catch here is to be in the "first or second wave" of signing up and promoting this product to see a truly significant impact to your readership.  So, hop on board and see if blog guru, Andy Beard is right?!?!  From what I understand, he usually is.

I love simple technology and I just might love BlogRush.  See you there!

Be well!

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