Blogs are the Friend You Can Take in Your Pocket

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Awfully Chipper has a fantastic response to the people who complain that parenting bloggers are out there telling other parents what to do. My experience has been akin to Awfully Chipper's, finding blogs to be a lifeline in a high-stakes task that comes without a set of instructions.  And forget parenting -- that goes for living in general.  I take the advice I want and leave the advice that doesn't sound as if it will work for me.  You never know what will spark an idea.  And beyond that, as Awfully Chipper states, blogs are where we discuss our lives.

Blogs, if you find the right ones, bring your village to your living room. They validate your parenting decisions, they back you up, they open up the world. They give you a sense of perspective, they give you feedback; they are a pillow to scream into and a friend to vent to and someone else who's been there before. Or someone to assure you that nobody has ever been there before because nobody else has your child. 

Please read Awfully Chipper's blog post in full.  How have blogs changed the way (or confirmed the way) you live your life -- parenting or not?


Image: Lara Danielle via Flickr

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.