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Sunday, Jul 01 2007

BLOGS are US  - 
@ 11:46:am

Where did the word BLOG originate, from? A guy called
Jon Barger in the USA by all accounts….However we at
”VITA” and my favorite “Bowerbird” have been examining
the use of the acronym and “musing‘ over the word “BLOG”
Absolutely hilarious topic while considering ones
mountain top and what to marinate the kangaroo in...

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Could it be, “Big Ladies on Glass"

Mmmm, transparent indeed and rather vital and very
very naughty. Or it could be an exciting and
thrilling, 'Big Loving Organized Goddess’"
Ah, yes excellent branding for the modern Goddess…
(As opposed to temporary love and disorganization).
I am quite, taken with that acronym, myself.

Given the internet is made of 70 per cent temporary
pleasure for those sadly unable to commit to the
real deal in the human form. Tragic really!! Big real
love could well come back in Vogue....

Or is it "Brilliant Luscious Oral Goddess’s .."
Ah ya ya.... All volume no off button....Others
have felt it to be a far more ordinary concept.

A secret society for those confined to pajamas.
Cyber junkies addicted to their laptop in a new
world of global networking, from the comfort of
ones home office…


Meanwhile Tara popped in from one of my absolute
favorite networks BLOGHER..and threw into the mix
that the vibrant very verbal..“internationalization
(of the blog/internet) is a hotbed of political issues.
that one should encourage local business to flourish.
Then partner and 'hook in' rather than colonizing from
the US around the world”..but I guess it's too late on
the Yahoo/Google end”.

She could well be right on that angle… Alternatively,
one could take charge and galvanize ones networks to
challenge the big end of town.. With venture capital
and commitment within ones networks… Think and BE
local BE inclusive and live globally ….

As a fabulous, Kennedy might well say Do not ask
what the world is doing for one...Ask what one is
doing for the world!

Tara is insigting me to be far too serious at this
hour, of day me thinks. What time is it in cyber
space? Anyway? Being of Buddhist persuasion I am
very vital and inclined to think it is right NOW!

Where is the "jim jams" draw in ones cyber space?
Is their room for the coffee maker... Or do people
BLOG in the N..E?


And what of “Glass: could it well be a new addictive
insidious recreational d…g being pushed on YOU Tube
"MY Space" and "Second Life" ah ya ya….What are all
those people doing over there? One may ask how many
‘besties” does one need? What are they sharing over
on those sites? More on that issue later….

“No time to waste over there”,as my extreme sporting
Goddess friend Scout would say! There are mountains
to conquer and great journeys and climbs to be
“Blessed Loved Ogled & Gripped” at the pinnacle.

However back to the “BLOG” acronym, others with a
wicked sense of humor, have suggested,

“Brazen Ladies on Gin” or could it be.
“Bold Ladies Often Give” (great real love)!
Blatant Ladies on Giraffes”

As an aside checkout Catherine Manuells
new range of beautiful Westgarth created
luggage...It is divine and very much for
the bold “brilliant” very NOW Goddess.

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So what ever the BLOG may be it is here
to stay, no longer a precarious arrangement
of blogging vs journalism. (Such a dull issue)
It is part of a grand and permanent plan in
the 21st century.

So make ones BLOG unbelievable unbeatable and
untouchable. Create a very personal presence
with ones BLOG. By all means, create a beautiful
loving oracle gorgeous space.

“BLOG’s by women will emerge triumphant heard and
listened to. Go forth and have a voice. Be credible
go at full capacity and one will discover the BLOG

BLOGS are a great opportunity to create visibility
vitality vigor and vision, in a timeless place of grace
In cyber space where there is no doubt that we have a
bountiful voice.

Very vital with beautiful luggage (as opposed to others