Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?

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Young girls are more afraid of becoming FAT than they are of;



losing their parents...”

We are those parents.

-These young women are our daughters, nieces, grandchildren, and the
little girl next store.

-Our collective body image is worse than ever, how can our blogs be a conduit to change?

Our children will grow up and read our blogs...yikes!

-Does the thought of this completely freak you out or make you proud?

-What have you expressed about your self esteem and body image that
you may not want your kids to know?

-Will your words have a positive impact on your children?

-What posts do you look forward to sharing with your kids?

-What posts will you be immediately deleting after reading

Our children are the bloggers of the next generation.

-As the bloggers of this generation we have the power to influence positive change.

-But that change can not happen until we accept ourselves (cellulite
and all!)


-How can we unite on this cause?

-How can we collectively promote self esteem and positive body image?

mamaVISION( will lead this discussion joined by a panel of health and body image bloggers sure to set off a lively discussion! Her blog community is composed of teens and young adults who share their perspective on the topic, which will serve as a basis for discussion.



MamaV ( been blogging on body image and disordered eating since 2006. As a teenage Paris model, she lived every girls dream, which turned out to be a starvation nightmare. This 39 year old  Midwestern mother of two, shares her personal story to be a “voice of reason" to today's youth. Her volunteer work includes the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) speaker/workshop leader, Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Trainer, Girl Scout Leader, and serving on the Women's Fund Communications Committee. MamaV has been featured in The Onion,Parents Canada, REAL Magazine, and USA Today online.

Roni ( her blog to help herself stay accountable on her 999th time trying to lose weight. Now, almost 4 years later, she not only reached her weight loss goals, she became a mother, and left her Assistant Professor position to become a full time blogger. Her mission is simple, inspire and share her weight loss ideas and funny toddler tales in order to help her readers to live a lighter, healthier life. Roni is the woman behind Roni's Weigh, GreenLiteBites, SkinnyMinnyMedia and BlogToLose. These blogs combine her passion for web development, design, cooking,health, social media and communication.


Carla Birnberg (
is an award winning author, bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness expert. Her writing can seen in the
Atkins Nutritional
monthly newsletter,
Life Magazine
,Austin Monthly Magazine and as a monthly health column inGood Life Magazine – plus she is the author of the book The Whole Megillah: Miztvahs, Matzo Balls & Everything in Between(Bluegrass Publishing, May 2007) and
contributes feature stories and advice columns for elementary school
aged children and tweens in the
Austin American Statesmen.




StephanieQuilao ( the voice behind Back in Skinny Jeans, a healthy living blog about getting fit, mind
,body and spirit. She has been very open about her own healing with body image issues and an eating disorder, and uses those experiences through blogging to help others in their journey to living healthier lives. Some of Stephanie's work can be seen in,, FOX News Online, iVillage, AOL Diet & Fitness channel, and She has been featured on CNBC, Glamour, and Women’s
Health magazine.



Claire Mysko ( and Magali Amadei are the creators of 5 Resolutions to Transform the Fashion and Beauty Industries ( and Inside Beauty (, a blog and outreach program that have garnered international acclaim for responsibly addressing the intersections of health, body image, fashion, and beauty. They are the co-authors of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby, which will be published by HCI Books this fall.


Magali Amadei is a model who has appeared on the covers and pages of virtually every fashion magazine in the world. Claire is a writer and girl advocate who has held senior positions at the American Anorexia Bulimia Association, SmartGirl, and Girls Inc. She is the author of You're Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self (Adams Media), an award-winning guide for girls.



Melissa Henriquez (
her blog in an effort to overcome her own struggles with disordered
eating. Between traditional therapy and blogotherapy,she's been an
advocate for women struggling with similar demons. She's been featured
as a guest blogger at Elastic Waist and Back in Skinny Jeans,, as well as two mentions.