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Nancy Hill
Blogs as Women's History We are the first "generation" of women who are approaching the concept of our legacy in an electronic age of global connectedness. Women's history has always been melded into the mix of community and family oral history rather than the more permanent forms of male, political history. As the first women to walk into the sunset on a globally interconnected world, we are blazing trails that could, and most probably will, develop into well established roads and highways. Should we print hard copies or encode our blogs for family histories? What if someone else uses our writing to frame us after we are gone? What does this all mean? Our writings are records that are creating women's history far beyond the family and community spheres where our foremothers shaped and embedded their records through recipes, quilts, and family Bibles. Are there things we should be doing which we are not? Are there wrongs we have created that we should try to right? Is paper memoir more or less important now than it was for our mothers and grandmothers? What impact might an entire generation of women across the world all documenting their lives for the first time ever have upon the world? I would like to have a few women speak about types of archives, about having someone else attempt to define her online, and another woman talk about inadvertent impacts we can have on the world. Then I would like to open up for small group discussions of around 7 people per group talk about how they are or might approach this topic.