Bloody stupid 'smoking rules' are introduced in the UK

The most ridiculous ruling on the planet has just gone into force in the UK. As from next year, it will become an offence to display cigarettes in any shop; they must all be kept hidden under the counter.

I thought about it, and the more I did, the more ludicrous the ruling seemed. Exactly who was the ruling targeted at? And what did they hope to achieve? After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to two specific groups: (1) potential impulse buyers; and (2) current cigarette smokers.

 Pic.No.1. Some people are addicted to smoking. Hiding the cigarettes might not stop them

And then I got thinking about how the ruling would affect the behaviour of the two groups that I had identified, and I deducted the following:

1. Impulse buyers. Just think of all the people who have started smoking because they have been shopping at their local Walmart / Asda, and just as they were leaving the store they spotted the cigarette counter, stopped and thought, "umm, I haven't got anything planned today, I might take up smoking to fill in the time." ........... Yep, it doesn't happen.

2. Current cigarette smokers. Oh yeh, hiding the cigarettes behind the counter is going to make a smoker give up by accident. Because if they can't see the cigarettes on display, they are going to forget they are addicted and walk straight on by. Just like herion users forget to 'use' if their dealer dresses like Ronald McDonald...... Yep it doesn't happen.

Pic.No.2. Look! Smoking helps you relax. See how relaxed this chap looks

Despite its rocky foundations, this new 'smoking legislation' seems to be the only concrete ruling that has been introduced since the Conservative government came into power.

It's not looking good for David Cameron.

So what do you think? Is this legislation a good thing or not?

Annie (Lady M) x

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