Blooming Flowers!

My flowers are making me sad.

 I looked at pictures from last year and they were luxurious and they did not make me sad. This year I'm having to hustle out and buy patches. Not luxurious. I bought some daisies to fill in for the front plantings and lunch today I'm going to go to the farmers market and see if they have anything that will mesh with the plantings on the deck. I must have bought the wrong variety this year and the accidentally bought the right kind last year . Duh. Luck of the draw.

 Sadly, bad draw this year. The seed flowers I planted last winter are perking along, well, at least the not- Queen - Anne's-Lace are perking along, quite frankly they are at a raging boil, the other kinds are more at a low simmer- growing, yes, and they have lovely foliage's but not really doing anything - which is fine, I'm not complaining about growth and development, that's cool, we like that sort of thing but we also like flowers.

Flowers are our friends. I would like to see more of my friends or really, I would like to stop buying my friends and start developing them naturally. I was a GDI for a reason and that was primarily because I thought buying my friends was the wrong way to nirvana. Humph. My front steps do looking great - wild with multiple textures and layers - which is a major landscaping score and that's super and all but would it kill the flowers to bloom? I mean would it be problematic for the flowers to be floral?

I have two different kinds of poppies would it be so difficult for them to, I don't know BLOOM aren't poppies famous for their blooms? I planted a lot of a couple of different vining plants. Do you know how many are actively vining? One! I have one vine! You know when the whole mess will bloom? When I'm not here to enjoy them, while I'm on vacation!

They are going to bloom like mofos and then promptly die in time for me to get home. Last years flowers bloomed wildly and spectacularly until November. I didn't have to buy fill ins, I didn't have to do a lot of fertilizing, I never had to tie them up and they bloomed all season. The only thing I did for them was being diligent about deadheading.

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