Blossoms to Lift My Heart in Winter

This winter I just refuse to do without my, I bought some Amaryllis bulbs, and planted them. The first one bloomed the next day after Christmas:


It is the variety, Aphrodite, and is just extravagant! I laugh and say I suddenly feel richer(a reference to the punch line in the phone commercial airing on TV now)  Lots of petals and soft white blossoms with pinkish red streaks in them that go to a lime green center, and they last a couple of weeks!  The blooms on this one were huge.

The other one that has been in full bloom the last few days is the Crimson colored Gran Cru....what a delight:

I've been really busy and unable to post lately. I'd like to post more photos and elaborate a little more, but this will be a post and run sort of thing.....I want to stop into some of my friends and read their blogs so this will be it for now. I hope all the bloghers who come by are having a nice weekend and wish all a Happy 2012!~JB


"Farm Is Where the Heart Is"